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A lot of climbers have the issue, that they
have very strong pull muscles on their back, but their push muscles on the front of the
body are underdeveloped, because they don’t push as much as they should. Today i’m going to show you three exercises
that you should and can do after each climbing session. About 3 or 4 times a week, and you can progress
them from really easy to really hard. Let’s get started. We’ll do each exercise for 8 reps and 3 sets. We start with inclined pushups. Keep your elbows close to your body and once
you can do 8 reps at 3 sets, you level up to the next exercise. Obviously, for pushups, these are normal pushups. Keep a straight body, keep your elbows close
to your body, and when you go up, push a little bit so your elbows lock out. Do not do wide pushups! And lean forward, so your elbows stay vertical
at your forearms. The third level is inclined pushups with your
feet. So, you can basically make them much, much
harder the higher your feet are. The next exercise are stepups. You can start really low. Just stand up. Like standing up from a chair. Make sure though, that you don’t put too much
pressure on your back leg, but most pressure on the front leg, okay? So don’t help, like, with momentum or swinging
up. Also make sure you’re not twisted like this. No, no, no. Stay squared to the place you want to step
up. Do 8 reps on each side. Once you can do that, you can progress to
the next level. And that is basically by making the obstacle
you want to climb a little bit higher. Like this table. Again, do 8 reps on each leg and 3 sets, and
you can rest between the sets for about 90 seconds This is a very important exercise, because
you need it a lot for climbing and standing up. So the last progression is literally without
help of the other leg. Find a very high obstacle and go up and down. This is already really hard, but also very
good to develop leg muscles. The last exercise are dips. We’ll start with negative dips. So take two chairs, or parallel bars. Go up, so your elbows are locked out. Lean forward and try to bend at your elbows
until you go down to the ground. These are negatives, because you don’t press
yourself up again, but you just stop at the bottom. Go up again, and do another negative attempt. Once you can do 3 sets at 8 reps, you can
try normal dips – like this – where you keep your elbows locked to your body, like really
close, and let your feet not touch the ground. Lean forward, and go up and down. Like this. Once you can do that and you have rings at
your gym, you can progress to ring dips. We’ll start with negative ring dips. Obviously, if you don’t have rings, you’ll
just keep doing normal dips. And for negative ring dips, do them like normal
negative dips. Go up on the rings, lock out your elbows,
and then lean forward. And the last progression are normal ring dips,
where you have a straight bodyline. Just dip up and down. That’s it for this routine. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s basically just the 3 exercises, with
three or four levels – and once you can do the last progression, you are at a very good
level already and muscle imbalance shouldn’t be much more of an issue for you. I hope you enjoyed this one! Please subscribe to my youtube channel, give
this a thumbs up if you like it, and we’ll see each other next time, okay? Goodbye!

17 thoughts on “COMPLETE Workout – Climbing & Bouldering Push Routine (no more Muscle Imbalance!)

  1. Just getting into bouldering now and remembered you had a video on this – thanks and hello from reddit.

  2. All the exercises

    1.Inclined push ups
    2.Normal push ups
    3.Declined push ups
    4.Step ups
    5.High step ups
    6.Single leg step ups
    8.Ring negatives
    9.Ring dips
    10. And that's all

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