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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys. We’re here at the YMCA about to hit some abs. I usually hit abs two or three times a week just like everything else. I either hit them right after my main workout or I go at a separate time during the day. It really depends on my schedule. Usually takes about 20 minutes. It’s a pretty short workout. Let’s get it.

100 thoughts on “Connor Murphy Six Pack Abs Workout

  1. Bro u are so cool and handsome u are my number 1 youtuber I like connor murphy vlogs more 😀🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  2. Is the part where you flex into the camera for a minute mid work out important? Im tryna maximize my gains, and may replace that minute of staring at myself with a plank instead. Need some advice!

  3. dayum he has a full head of hair here..and if u watch his recent vids half of its gone and its only been a year….supplements or roids sped up the process….creatine also speeds it up

  4. the gymers look at in mirro their muscle body whole day long. They show their muscle body For everybody. It' s bored to them

  5. id like to ask one thing how many sets shall we do ? is it 1 set for all or 4 sets also how much time to rest inbeetwen sets Thx!

  6. Does the exercise where he rotates his body left and right while sitting with a ball in his hand work obliques? Or what? Please somebody tell me

  7. you got some abs but its not beaty my abs like the Legende prince of persia best abs very beauty im sorry for you

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