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– Oh, god. – And it angles like that?
– Yup. – There you go. (all laugh) (upbeat rock music) – Okay, so, today we are
going to try couples workouts. So, couples workouts is this trend on the internet where
really fit couples do these just obscenely cute things together. And it looks like it
takes a lot of strength. – We haven’t done any couples
specific workouts before. – It would distract me to work with her. – I feel like if you take
those two things separately, being really fit and being really cute, – Yeah.
– that’s us, but Right, we’re cute.
– Being cute and fit. – At the same time.
– together – I’m not cute when I work out. – Right. – I’m Austin Ray. – I am Julian Dagery. – And we’re from New Orleans, Louisiana. – And we are fitness acrobats. – We blend together a mixture of cheerleading, acrobatics,
gymnastics, martial arts, dance, anything that involves movement. – We tried to find a beneficial way to where we could use one another. – A lot of this stuff involves trust, which is a critical,
critical part in anything. – We trust each other. I would say
– Oh, I trust you 100%. – Right, right, but like, do you trust me to lift
you up over my head? Yeah. Yeah.
– Yeah, No. – Her coordination skills, I’m
a little worried about this. – I’m really bad at balancing myself. (laughing) – I would say that you, on the other hand, are below hand-eye coordination. – That checks out, that checks out, yeah. – Oh no! (laughs) – So first we’re gonna
learn three challenges, which I’m told are very difficult. And then we’re gonna practice for a week, see if we can nail it. – So the three challenges, the first one, we call it the machine. One person is on the ground,
kind of like a dead roach. The person that’s on the bottom grabs, kind of, the shin area. The person that’s on top grabs the ankles. – What? – Once that happens, we’re
going to act like a machine. – Oh no, Oh hell no.
– Oh no, oh no. – I can’t– so I’m gonna be down here like this. – [Austin] You’re also, you’re gonna raise your legs up first. That’s for support
– Alright, I raise my legs up – [Ariel] Oh my God. – [Austin] And her ankles like that, yep. – [Julian] There you go (laughs) – It was hard to have the
strength and just balance to get you up. – {Austin] There you go, there you go. That’s it. That’s it! Yes!
(screams) (laughs)
That’s perfect, that’s perfect Lift your legs up, lift your legs up. – [Julian] Yeah here (laughs) – Oh baby, drop me, drop me. – This is why we’re trying it for a week. – So this next challenge
involves a lot of trust. She’s going to kick up into a handstand, while I catch. The person who’s in a
handstand to do a push-up, while the other person’s
holding the other’s ankles and then they do a squat. – Maybe. Oh my God, I don’t know.
– You got it. (screams) – You have it. – I’m super afraid of doing handstands. – Yep (screams)
(laughs) I need to improve my trust that you won’t kick me in the face. – [Ariel] I generally am
pretty good at handstands. I’m worried that I’m gonna flip over. – I keep thinking that I’m gonna fall and I keep doing it really fast. Go faster. – [Herbert] Go higher. Just get over it. – I can’t, it’s hard. – [Austin] And last but not least, once again the male is on the ground. Lift your legs up. – [Julian] Ladies, grab
his hands, once again. Extend your feet out,
till you’re on your toes. I’m going to push down. – [Austin] Once she does a pushup, I press down as well. – [Julian] And then I come all the way up. – [Ned] I mean (laughs) You guys, you guys. – [Austin] Okay so you’re
gonna do the pushup first and then you’re going to press down. (laughs) Pushup for you. Pushup for you. – [YB] It’s not going down. – [Austin] Then you go and you press down. Yeah now we’re working – 69
(laughs) (grunts) laughs) We struggled. I wouldn’t say it’s harder than it looks. It’s about as hard as it looks. – Okay the main thing was we
were shaking this whole time. So can we not shake. – Yeah I mean, it has to look pretty. We can do it but, you know. – I thought it went great. – I think it was interesting. I think some are gonna need this week to – Yes really need the week
– practice a little bit. – I think Ned and Ariel
can improve more on not thinking ‘Am I gonna
get kicked in the face?’ More positive thinking, more
mental preparation for them. – Herbert and YB are a great match. I think that the biggest thing
that they were dealing with was fear. So believe in yourself. Scratch out the fear and
you guys will rock it. – [Ariel] Hey Ned! – What? – [Ariel] It’s time to get up. – No – [Ariel] We’re gonna go work out. – [Ned] It was tough in the beginning. – We don’t normally work out together. – I think the machine is the most tricky. – [YB] We got the first position down but once we start moving we
get all like wobbly and stuff. So we need to work on that. – In the beginning, we were
falling almost immediately. We went to our gym and
people were like ‘Oh shit’. – Yep, people got really excited about it. – My hardest part was doing the handstand. When I was practicing that,
I fell and hit my knee. (screams) But we kept going. – It’s actually cool. To workout and to do something together. It’s kinda fun. – Okay ready. One, two (laughs) – The most difficult was the machine. – [Ned] Yeah, it’s hard
to hold up your partner for a long period of time like that. – [Ariel] Yeah I feel like the
other part was just strength. – So we got the handstand down and then my next problem was the pushups. – Show me. – Have arm muscles. (laughs) – [Ned] I did a lot of pushups to prepare. – [Ariel] You did? – [Ned] Yeah
– [Ariel] I didn’t know that. – [Ned] And one day, I did 100 pushups – [Ariel] What? (laughs) – [Ariel] I can’t do that many pushups. And really the other two
were very pushup heavy. – I feel I’m improving. Machine looks good. I think now we have to kind of perform. We have to just work on
doing it a few times. Herbert can’t hold the phone
cause his arms are weak. That’s weird cause I can hold
the phone for a long time but I can’t do a pushup. – I feel like our mental fitness improved. Even though we may not have been stronger, we’re more determined not
to let each other fall. – [Ariel] The best part was being able to spend time
together when we work out. – Once we got chemistry,
it got better and better. – Okay so it’s been a week and now we’re going to try Austin and Julian’s three exercises together. – So we’re going to start
from challenge three and go backwards, since the first one is the hardest. You guys ready? – I’m ready. – Alright, let’s do it
– Alright – I’m ready. (upbeat music) (squeals) (grunts) – The machine is going
to be the most difficult. – The most difficult was the machine. – The machine, I think is, it’s gonna be the hardest. – [YB] Ready? – [Ariel] K, ready?
– Yeah (electronic music) – Yaay! – Ah yeah! That was awesome. We did it!
– We did it! – It wasn’t perfect but it was better than any of
the things we did practice. – I mean, I felt more
comfortable doing it. – We got good feedback. (laughs) – [YB] I mean, it was not as shaky. I felt like more steady I guess. Yeah. (laughs) – That’s really all we can ask for is better than it was a week ago. – [Ned] Yep Yeah – After a week of practice,
I think we made some strides. – I think overall, it went really well. I think we definitely improved a lot. – [Herbert] You work
on something together, you have to be on the same
page otherwise it wouldn’t work and so that was pretty cool. – [Ned] It wasn’t easy but
we supported each other. I’m proud of us. – I’m proud of us too. I’m proud of us too and I had a good time. I feel like I got to spend
a little bit more time with you this week. – I would do it again because
I want more challenges. It’s really, really fun to
learn a lot about your partner. – A huge benefit for working out together is that we don’t need to go to a gym. We can go outside and
we can use each other. It’s well worth it and it’s free, so. – Love you
– I love you (laughs) – OK

100 thoughts on “Couples Try Extreme Workouts • Ship It

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