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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Nous voulons changer le jet,nous allons le faire sur une salle de gym appropropriee ou quelque chose come ca La musique D’accord ,nous allons essayer la gym Suis-je juste ,oui,cest ce que je pensais La musique Browney gym Visite de la salle de gym D’accord ,les gars vous remercient pour 50k Cest un a abonne de 50,000 abonnes J’etais content quand j’avais 6k Cest fou et je sais que je le dis beaucoup ,mais je le veux vraiment et je vous j’ai egalement eu une video de la barre de traction J’ai eu la barre de pull up de l’Allemange et j’ai ete vraiment Pompey pour l’essayer et je me suis emended jusqu’a minuit pout le metre en place Backlever Merci beaucoup pour 50k J’ai eu un nouveau bandz et de nouveau poids et c’est fou et je vais faire une video complete sur mon equipment La route vers 50k vient de se terminer parce que nous avons find de Pendergast a vela ,#roadto100k Merci d’Ivoire regarde et frappe ce bouton

100 thoughts on “CRAZY Home Gym Transformation! (50K SPECIAL) – Calisthenics / Weights Workout

  1. Do a video on plateues and do a video is sugar affectig your weight loss to much or not…you are awesome and your vids too keep it up 👍

  2. congrats man. im new here and i love it already. also would you mind possibly doing a video on your regular work out routine. i imagine maintaining your physique is quite difficult.

  3. subbed when you had like a couple hundred subs when you collabed with tomplushiscat, well done man I'll stick with you

  4. i subbed around 42k but that was only January. BTW have you ever googled yourself? your on celeb birthdays and google images.

  5. I've been subbed since you had only 200 😀 I found your account through twitter and it definitely was a good choice to stick around. Congrats on 50k

  6. so glad you got fifty thousand subscribers now it is only half-way to one hundred thousand subscribers #Roadto50k

  7. Congratulations man, I've been a subscriber ever since you did the transformation video. First of all because you were the first "skinny fat" transformation video I saw, which was exactly my situation. And the fact that you're from the Netherlands because I lived there for like 5 years when I was kid and I will always cherish that country with all my heart. Cheers from Ecuador, and keep doing what you're doing!

  8. Can you have a 1 week challenge when you just USE weight on pull UPS and after the week you SEE how many you can do after just Training With weight pullups

  9. Congratulations for your 50k subscribers, but hell yeah, you deserve much more, keep working, dreams sometimes come true… Good luck buddy!!!✌👌

  10. WOW. I cant believe you spent 50,000 dollars on that. I could build my own commercial gym for that much…

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