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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

In today’s reverse Diet update for my
client Vivyen she has started creatine so I talked about how the reverse is
going and what you should expect with regards to weight gain when starting
creatine. Hey this is Colin DeWaay if you want to master your metabolism and
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notification so you don’t miss anything. Alright this update should be pretty
short and sweet but there are some valuable things I do want to talk about
with regards to Vivyen’s reverse including the introduction of creatine. If you’ve been keeping up with the series you know that we haven’t really made any
changes in the last couple of months and that she’s been in a pretty steady
surplus which is what we’ve been looking for now as she tries to focus more on
building muscle. Based on her body weight we want to keep her weight gain to
around a third to a half a pound per week on average to make sure that she’s
sufficiently in a surplus to optimally build muscle but not so much that we’re
causing an unnecessary amount of fat gain. And since we last left off at week
30 if we look at week 31 she saw an increase of 0.37 pounds for the
week so a pretty good spot considering what we want to accomplish. But one thing
to note about this week as noted she did start creatine so the date you see in
blue is that she started creatine and anytime you start taking creatine
there’s a pretty decent chance you’re gonna start storing more water in your
muscle cells and therefore see an increase on the scale. Which that’s what
about reason 732 we can’t get too stressed out about the scale and there’s
a lot of reasons we can see it go up and down and not all movements is always bad. In fact this weight gain is actually good because your muscles are holding
more water and that’s only going to help you but it is something to consider
because it’s pretty common to see maybe about 1 to 3 pounds of weight increase
from introducing creatine into your system. And to be perfectly honest I
think pretty much every lifter should be on creatine unless you have some sort of
medical condition like some kind of kidney dysfunction where you wouldn’t
want to take it. It’s easily the most tried-and-true the most researched backed
supplement there is and there’s practically an endless amount of
evidence to support that it helps with muscle size, strength, power, and work
capacity. And that goes double for vegans or anybody who doesn’t get a lot of meat
in their diet because you’re not gonna get a lot of creatine and from your diet
sources, and I seen some pretty incredible results in vegans who start
taking creatine. So the real question is why wouldn’t you take it and the only
real answer anybody can ever seem to give is they don’t want to see an increase on
the scale but you have to understand this is literally just a number and it
has absolutely nothing do with body fat. Anyway I typically find
it takes about one to two weeks for the muscles to saturate and show up on the
scale if it’s going to and that’s basically what we see with Vivyen here
as we look at week 32 she saw a bigger increase of about 0.72 pounds for that
week but we have to factor in creatine. Now Vivyen is actually close to testing
her one rep maxes here and she mentioned that she was feeling crazy
strong this week with all of her lifts. No I’m not gonna sit here and say it
was all because of creatine but it certainly didn’t hurt, but of course her
diligence to the plan, being out of a deficit for a long time and into a small
surplus and all that type of stuff did most of the” heavy lifting” so to speak
but the creatine certainly didn’t hurt. And that’s something else that I wanted to
talk about here because all these lifts that you’re seeing are conservative
maxes for her as we get ready to do the actual testing but all three lifts are
lifetime PRS for her. I’ve talked about it before and I’m gonna continue to talk
about it, it is so important to focus on things like performance-based goals when
going through a reverse diet so you don’t end up going crazy just focusing
on how you want to lose weight. So appreciate the things like increased
strength and energy and do like Vivyen has done and make all the gains during
the process and I’m really excited to finish off this block with her and see
what happens when we go through the mock meet. And let’s all take a moment to give a
huge congrats to Vivyen for hitting the big plate Club on benchpress, just
look at that reaction, this is what this lifestyle is all about. Enjoying the
process and making yourself proud. Anyway as I’m sure you’ve figured we’re gonna
hold macro steady here as she continues to be in a bit of a surplus. And we’ll just continue to hold them as long as her body is appropriately responding
which as I mentioned last week I have a feeling there’s gonna be quite a while. By the way if you want to discover how to build muscle without storing extra
body fat make sure you check out this video and I’ll walk you through how fast
you should increase your calories depending on your goals. If you’re new to
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5 thoughts on “Creatine Weight Gain – Reverse Diet Update

  1. Tank you Coach. You know? I have been taking creatinine for a long time. I was wondering, if there is a way to find out, if it actually works for me. I guest I should stop taking it and see how it feels, right? 🤔 is it worth to test it?

  2. It's defo true about creatine I came off it for about 2 months Colin and I've just gone back on it and the feeling of being strong and being strong is back after only being back on creatine for about 10days MINT

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