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My name is Rich Froning. I’m from Cookeville, Tennessee. And I train at CrossFit Mayhem. COMMENTATOR: Rich is just saying, “Finally, finally.” So that’s obviously the sentiment that you’re feeling right now. FRONING: Yeah, happy. You know it has been a long rough weekend so far. So to finally get a W. Finally, uh. Be on top of an event. It feels good. COMMENTATOR: Froning in front. That’s picture perfect pretty much. FRONING: So far this has been the hardest CrossFit Games that I’ve been to. The stairs, the row, just everything. It takes it out of your legs. There’s not real change from, from last year. Or the year before. Other than, I mean people people want to beat you. COMMENTATOR: And Fisher may have actually passed Rich Froning. We’ll have to wait … And he did! Garret Fisher by a tenth of a second over the champ. Right there Rich is actually fighting to get across. Look at the battle that it is to get across the line. FRONING: There’s no real change in pressure. There’s always a target. There’s always somebody else coming. The second one was just as sweet as the first. COMMENTATOR: Here comes Rich Froning. Who can win this event if he keeps this pace. And he is going to crush the time to beat. Rich Froning unbroken and across the finish line. Start shining the gold medal for Rich Froning! FRONING: I can’t imagine what the third will be like. COMMENTATOR: Rich Froning. And Rich Froning is the fittest man on the planet for the third straight year. I’m Rich Froning and I’m the Fittest on Earth.

100 thoughts on “CrossFit – The Fittest Man on Earth: Rich Froning

  1. I love how I see people comment on how because they're not doing strict pull ups that it's so easy. Anyone who says that must have never tried these pull ups to say they're so much easier.

    What also upsets me is that more than half the people who hate on cross fit are people who have never even tried one cross fit workout.

    Hate on success and success will hate on you.

  2. My husband IS a SEAL, to that comment below, are you? Doubt it. My husband can also recognize and appreciate a badass athlete.
    GET UP AND WORK FOR IT, instead of knocking Rich, hiding behind your computer screens.

  3. Well, he will not be bad at any sport or activity, but I wouldn't say he is the fittest man on earth unless he wins a wide range of competitions.
     Who is fitter, the man who can run the fastest 100km or the one who can swim the fastest 10km? It depends on what you care about.

  4. more like fittest crossfitter. most proffesional football player could do this.and i bet brian shaw would make this dude look dumb

  5. I've read a lot of stuff in the comments sections of videos about body builders, cross fit "athletes", martial artists, and professional athletes. I don't understand the bickering other than its easy to get on the computer in front of no actual person and bang away on your keyboard like a little child. Here's the facts, America is full of lazy, do nothing, fat people. The fact that anyone of the above can interest people to get off their asses and actually take care of their bodies is a good thing. It means less medical premiums we all pay for. Sure they may get a heighten unrealistic awareness of themselves, but so what. It's better than the alternative. I personally always exercised for sport specific reasons, when I stopped playing in college, I exercised for functionality and health. I don't cross fit, I don't body build, I haven't done martial arts in 15 years. But it doesn't matter, it's just great to see more people interested in their well being and not McDonalds or any other junk out there. Maybe everyone should consider spreading a positive message instead of comparing apples to oranges and getting all jacked up about pointless crap.

  6. There is no such thing as all-around fit. Fitness implies a purpose or yardstick to measure oneself against. There is no one size fits all test of fitness, because there is no sole purpose for fitness. Fitness is inherently a subjective term. Fit to do what? On the CrossFit website it claims that they "specialize in not specializing", but I don't think that's true. If this competition is taken to be a representation of CrossFit, then CrossFit is exercise turned into sport. Now don't get me wrong, Many people who train in the CrossFit method are incredibly fit physical specimens and CrossFit might help a ton of people meet their fitness goals because of its broad approach. I have no problem with CrossFit or it's practitioners working out however they see fit. Nevertheless, none of their "successes" give them the justification required to call someone "world's fittest man" because the world doesn't have a universal definition of fitness. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone at CrossFit much cares about or even understands the damage done by this kind of sensationalism. Personally, I'm really just tired of companies and individuals thinking it's okay to assault people with hyperbole and exaggeration so nonchalantly as if these aren't just lies by another name. I'd be more trusting of companies if I didn't always get the feeling that they were speaking entirely for their own benefit. It seems people will compromise just about any principle their quest for money. I think CrossFit's primary function is to sell equipment, clothing, and expensive memberships; not to make people more fit.

  7. Possibly the current fittest crossfitter on the planet, but, Rich
    would be completely owned at any other competitive sport.
    Think ice hockey, football, basketball, baseball, mma, boxing, wrestling, swimming, water polo, golf, beach volleyball, bull riding, handball, squash, raquetball, badminton, soccer, lacrosse,
    rugby, aussie rules football, track and field of any sort, and the list goes on, and on, and on…….. That is the absolute reality of
    the matter.

  8. I'd like to see competitive races where the athletes would have to run, swim, climb over a cross country circuit. These crossfit comps are a little strange to me – exercise oriented – and are not all that entertaining to watch for many of us that aren't involved with crossfit. I think the Biathlon's (cross country skiing/target shooting) are cool.

  9. I reckon a full triathlon is harder and would be a better definition for Fittest man on Earth. But not taking anything away from Rich….He does, what he does well.

  10. Fittest, so what is his time for running the marathon? Over rough terrain in full combat gear with pack and weapon, ?

  11. "Physical fitness is now considered a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases, and to meet emergency situations."
                You're right, I agree with what you've said to a point, and it is presumptuous of Crossfit HQ to bestow that title, but it's a business. He can't be considered the Fittest Man on Earth in regards to other sports. In general though you cannot compare him or anyone to athletes of a specific sport, as there is training necessary for that individual sport that is largely specific to it. So if you put Froning, Lebron, Ronaldo or whoever into each others sport they wouldn't be better because that's a specific skill set.
            The same can be said about Crossfit, skills specific to weightlifting, gymnastics and to an extent now, track and field sporting events, are involved. The fact is though that these skills do transfer across into a lot of other activities and the benefits from them do carry over. Rich Froning or any other athlete probably couldn't outlast a marathon runner, but they probably could do fairly well in a Triathlon, but maybe not win it. That isn't the point though is it? Crossfit in General was about being fit and able for everyday life. Froning couldn't outlast a marathon runner but in terms of strength, stamina and endurance, he could. If you put Froning into any fitness test, that rated ability across all boarders, he probably would beat a lot of other people in general standings, chances are his overall standings would show him to be one of the fittest. Ronaldo might beat him in a sprint test or pure endurance, and whose to say who would win in a beep test, but I think Crossfit is more about being a jack of all trades in regard to fitness than specializing in one area, and if testing criteria is carried across through endurance, agility, speed, strength, etc, results will show that there is serious benefit to Crossfit.
                For those who talk about the injuries associated with it, they're right, Crossfit has alot of injuries, far too many its said, but in comparison to what? There are a huge amount of injuries in any sport, or even bodybuilding and weightlifting, but because of the nature of how Crossfit is organized we see it a lot more, you go to a Crossfit gym to do Crossfit, you go to regular gym to do exercises, often with a bodybuilding goal for many people, but because it's done by yourself those injuries cannot be blamed on a body like Crossfit.
              That being said though, most Crossfit coaches are not qualified enough to be coaches, look at the form of numerous game Athletes who are coaches shows that. A good example of a Crossfit coach would be Chris Spealler who has I believe they call it Level 4 certification. Just watching him, it's obvious he has the knowledge comparable to any fitness instructor. Crossfit HQ needs to be more serious with their coaching criteria, the same way Gyms need to be more serious with who they allow to become personal trainers.
            Crossfit, like any fitness regime has its good and bad, I think that yes, Rich Froning cannot be said to be the fittest man on earth without further testing in areas, not sporting, but a wide variety of fitness tests outside of Crossfit HQ's control, but you can't say its not a possibility that through Crossfit, one could become one of the fittest people on earth.

  12. I like how everyone is hating on rich for saying he is the fittest and what not. While the people who are hating aint near as fit as rich is, myself included.

  13. Man, they are fit, strong and everything, but whats up with the shitty "pullups" оr swing ups dunno how are they called 🙂

  14. профессиональное угондонивание сердца ИМХО! без срача

  15. Didn't Rich get cut from his university baseball team and then started lifting hard because he couldn't make it to the next level in any other sport? Fittest in the world I'm not sure about but I'd say he has the right to call himself "The best at working out"

  16. People here trying to compare this man to any Special Forces branch operater dont understand anything at all. Rich Froning focus is on one thing, which is being the best at a couple of disciplines and do it as fast as possible. The man is rested, well fed before competitions and his training. A special forces operator, I see some guys talking about SEAL's so lets take them as the example. A SEAL compared to Rich Froning, has a 1000 disciplines more to master, and he has to master them all at the highest level there is. A SEAL has a mentality that can make him keep going even though he has not slept or eaten for 2-3 days and succesfully accomplish his mission evne though it required an insane amount of physical work and focus, you can not compare these two types of men. Rich Froning might just be the type of man that quits the second you force him to stay in water untill hyperthermia hits in and tell him to run 20 miles afterwards. I see CrossFit talked about having some SEALs attending and I wanna bet you, that if you took the fittest SEAL out there and made him comfortable with the tournament disciplines and tells the two that there is no winner untill someone quits the SEAL will win.

    I personally dont think you can name a man the fittest man on earth just because he can accomplish 3 laps of disciplines faster than someone else. I would say the guy that can complete the most laps before he quits, no matter the timing is.

  17. Doesnt help to be fit, if you dont have power, or clothes, this guy probably believe, that he is going somewhere with his hobby, i respect his needs, i hope he does, cus i im souless!

  18. must be pretty hard to alwase be the best, must take a heavy toll on his well being.
    To alwase meet the expections that never drop ! damn what a man

  19. All these ignorant comments from all these haters. Instead of complaining go out there and try to do these things. You should complain about yourself instead lol!

  20. I thought Bear Grylls is the fittest man on Earth. Just the number on wildlife man? Ma vs Wild! Anyways, kind of hard to measure being the fittest man on earth…right?

  21. So apparently the "fittest man on the planet" can't even do an actual fucking pull up. fuck cross fit and fuck you

  22. All these haters on here. Y'all have no clue who this man is. He's a great man. Humble, man of faith, patriotic. Unlike most assholes in most sports today.

  23. All this stupid criticism is like calling a marathon runner slow because they are not going as fast as a 100m sprinter. Crossfit movements are about utilizing any muscles you can to complete (albeit arbitrary) movement goals. It's just a different goal. "Strict pull-ups" are simply not efficient at pulling yourself up to the bar. They're not supposed to be. In fact, they are LITERALLY SUPPOSED TO NOT BE EFFICIENT. Strict pull-ups are very efficient at training you back and bis. Different goals. Well-preformed kipping pull-ups recruit more muscles and are sustainable for a longer time. Different goals…

    So next time you see an Olympic gymnast kip up onto a bar, make sure you scream at them that the "should" be doing a strict muscle up.

  24. No one person is the fittest on earth, but if you're looking for a style of exercise that produces the most all around fittest people it's NOT crossfit. It would have to be calisthenics,

  25. If someone combines triathlon (swimming, cycling, running), powerlifting, and MMA, and excels in all 3, there he is! The fittest of all who ever lived! :3

  26. No he is not he is not the fastest or quickest ,strongest or the most mobile in every sport or martial arts. Except crossfit.He is well rounded. Plus crossfit does not have excersise to my knowledge in the world. One does do a set of workouts and sprints and declare him the fittest by does workout and be fitter than any human being on the planet. He is the fittest in all of the crossfit, but the world no

  27. True fitness can be measured by VO2 Max levels (look it up). That's the level of oxygen(g) per decilitre in the blood. It's basically a level of how much your body can take before your muscles fatigue.

    It's not about how efficient your most important muscle in your body is. The heart.

    I can guarantee you that this lads V02 max is no where near that of Top cyclists/Endurance runners or Cross country skiers.

  28. This guy could have put all that potential and become a world champion in a sport…but he chose to have a handstand race instead.

  29. Bull$h!!…..want to see THE real fittest man alive…….See David Goggins……..and you'll know THE FITTEST MAN ….

  30. If I was this guy I would be embarrassed to say that…. This dude is only slightly above average. The typical person that does cross-fit is a below average athlete that's why they avoid the big boy gyms.

  31. The fittest man on earth lol. Let him compete with NFL players and I bet they would make him feel like a girl. Crossfiters are not the fittest athletes in the world they are just fit for CrossFit.

  32. To you dopes griping about not doing "proper pull up".
    It's not a pull up contest.
    In the summer I enter a lot of Marine Chin up challenges and even though I'm 74 years old I usually kick all the kids asses and sometimes I "cry" if someone doesn't do a perfect dead hang chin.
    But I may have a right to cry or bitch because it's a CHIN UP CONTEST.
    John C. Anderson
    aka JCA of the QCA
    aka Master of the Mississippi

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