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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. I want to talk to
you about an amazing food beverage called cultured whey. Cultured whey has been used
for thousands of years. Actually the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used cultured
whey. He called it healing water. Cultured whey is actually the runoff when you’re making
cheese curd. It’s just like a golden liquid. The same stuff you’ve heard “Little Miss Muffet
sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and her whey.” So whey has some amazing health benefits
and a lot of people today have heard of whey protein powder. A lot of those bodybuilders
today have a lot of issues in protein powder today. Trying to put on muscle, get more and
get proteins, use whey. And whey is the most highly absorbable protein known to man. It’s
found in women’s breast milk, cow’s milk, goat’s milk. So again, whey protein has been
consumed for thousands of years. But I want to talk about specifically cultured
whey, that runoff of way we get that’s separated from the cheese curds. That golden liquid,
when it’s fermented, it’s full of vitamins, minerals and other super nutrients. I want
to talk about a few of them. Cultured whey is packed with probiotics. Probiotics actually
help support the immune system. In recent studies at Stanford University,
probiotics have been shown to help your body lose weight. Also, it’s full of B vitamins.
B vitamins are so important for energy levels, helping your body utilize sugar properly and
cellular function. Also, cultured whey is packed with calcium and other electrolytes,
specifically potassium and sodium in perfect ratios. Actually, a lot of professionals and
Olympic level athletes today are consuming cultured whey to increase athletic performance
and endurance. So again, cultured whey is great for that. The other thing it’s amazing for is your digestive
health. I know people that have started consuming cultured whey. Because of it, they have seen
their eczema clear up on their skin, they’ve noticed their psoriasis get better, they’ve
also started eliminating and getting better digestion. People with constipation have noticed
having healthier digestive tracts. So there are a ton of health benefits there. So again,
it helps your digestive tract, it helps increase energy levels and also it helps keep you hydrated. Remember this, water is very important to
keep you hydrated, but what’s more important is a combination of water with electrolytes.
Cultured whey is the perfect combination of liquid and electrolytes like potassium to
keep you hydrated longer. So try and find a great source of cultured whey. I know I’ve
been consuming it every single day. I think you’re really going to like cultured whey
and you’re going to see some amazing health benefits. Hey, thanks so much for listening.
This is Dr. Axe.

19 thoughts on “Cultured Whey

  1. Great Info! Thank you!
    I do culture my own kefir and frequently have cultured whey as a by product, which I drink.
    Question please, I do not have access to raw milk, but do use milk without growth hormones and it says no antibiotics. How beneficial is this, comparatively speaking?

  2. Regular whey gives me gas.. avoid it. Maybe if it's fermented like this, better? Maybe just maybe I'll try it.

  3. Is my homemade cultured whey (made from my grassfed jersey milk kefir) with added essential oils comparable to the Beyond Organics product?  what would be the difference?

  4. @HeavenlyMinded&Healthy, check out my video and article on pasteurization.  Raw milk is ideal, but low-temperature processed milk is the next best option.

  5. Can Kefir and whey Fermented cure children with food allergies? Can I drink the whey as is without cooking it?

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