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Now I am going to show you how to properly
perform a hammer curl. Now you want to grab the weight here. A hammer curl is going to
attack the out head of your bicep as well as your forearm. Take the same position that
you took in the basic bicep curl. Again, back is straight. Abs are nice and tight. Keep
your back neutral with your spine and your shoulders squared and stabilized. You just
want to bring that weight right up. Squeeze at the top of the motion and back down nice
and slow and then bring that weight right up here. Squeeze at the top and again keep
your abs nice and tight. Breath normally as I showed you in the last segment. A variation
of this exercise is to hop onto of a physio ball or a stability ball that is a little
bit more challenging on your core. Again, the hammer curl, up and down. Keep those elbows
pinned in. One thing you want to watch out for is if you find yourself swinging the weights,
it is a sign that the weight might be too heavy for you. So again, don’t swing the weights.
Shoulders stable and elbows pinned into the rib cage. And there you go. That’s your hammer

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