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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Next, I?m going to show you a proper execution
of a wrist curl. I?m seated on a physioball. Again, it’s going to force me to maintain
my balance using the muscles in my core, my abdominals, my lower back, and obliques. Again,
wrist your forearms, wrist your elbows; excuse me, on your knees. Let that weight roll right
down and just roll it up with your wrist and curl it up. Just squeeze there and back down
and up. So, let that weight roll down to your fingertips and then curl straight up. You
can, also, do this if you like. It is a bit more effective and a bit more challenging
if you let that weight roll all the way down and then curl it back up. Again, this is a
weight bearing exercise. I can’t stress enough to keep your neck neutral with your spine.
Up and back down. Just a couple more. There you go. That’s your wrist curl seated on a

18 thoughts on “Curl Exercises & Upper Body Fitness : How to Do a Wrist Curl Exercise

  1. The stupid thing with ivanko dumbbells is that they do not rotate when executing an exrcise, where they should do !!

  2. Actually, exercises like this will help you break plateaus you hit doing those compound movement exercises.

    I'm reaching failure prematurely not because the major muscle group is giving out, but because I literally cannot hold onto the weight for another rep. Power cleans, Pull-ups, even bench press exercises are all being held back by more forearms, not by the rest of my body.

  3. I get that slight cracking sound when I do heavy tricep workouts. Consult a doctor, after seeing the doctor I found out there was a small possibility that I might have a dislocation.

  4. hmm maybe rather than doing heavy weighted wrist curls try using a forearm developer like a gripmaster or gripmaster pro! Would be easier on the joints i would think? eh who knows!

  5. is there is a small cracking sound it is usualy gas in the joints escaping due to the movement you are doing in the exercise. eg bicept, shoulder, wrists. its just like when you go 2 the physio and he pushes down on your spine and you hear large crasks thats just the gas escaping the joint.

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