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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Next, I’m going to show you a variation of
the bicep curl. We are going to use a reverse grip. It’s going to work the outer end of
your bicep as well as your forearms. Grab yourself an easy curl bar, light to moderate
weight. Grab it in an over hand grip (reverse grip). Bend your knees, back straight, protect
that lower back at all times, neck neutral with your spine, and just curl it straight
up here and down. Curl it up nice and strong, work the negative up, down. Breathe normally.
Elbows pinned into your ribcage. Don’t swing the weight. Don’t lockout at the bottom, squeeze
at the top. Reverse Grip Bicep Curl is going to work your forearm and the outer end of
your bicep.

10 thoughts on “Curl Exercises & Upper Body Fitness : Reverse Grip Curl Exercise for Your Biceps

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