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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s hard enough that, as beginners, jumping
into the world of fitness means undoing a lot of bad habits, adding new good, but difficult
habits, and exuding patience for results while staying motivated. But, when we actually sit down and start writing
out goals, things quickly become a bit hazy. Sure, we all want to look a certain way or
be able to physically do certain things. But often, one question fills the mind of
the average beginner: Should you first try to lose weight, aka cut, or build muscle,
aka bulk? Unfortunately, the discrepancy of factors
doesn’t ever truly allow for a perfect answer. The science isn’t exactly concrete, and
often the preferences and work ethic of the beginner play more into the role than anything
else. A safe answer here would be, “it depends.” But even without the concrete evidence, one
can still muster up a clearer, yet subjective take on the matter granted that a reasonable
explanation is given. For me personally, I do believe one choice
is better than the other. In almost all accounts outside of skinny hard
gainers, or people that frankly don’t care about aesthetics, when given the choice, cutting
first is the better option. Here’s my reasoning. Let’s first address bulking. The point of bulking is to lift weights and
eat excess calories with more protein in order to pack on more muscle. However, simultaneously beginners will be
adding more fat on top of the fat they already have. You’re stronger and have more muscle, sure,
but you won’t see it in the mirror, which can be quite demotivating. And if you can’t remain motivated, you might
end up quitting altogether. Cutting first instead, where you’re eating
at calorie deficit, preferably also with a higher protein intake, will be much friendlier
in terms of visual results and staying motivated. One might assume that cutting first means
you’ll just end up looking skinny and weak, but for beginners, that’s often not the
case… as long as they are resistance training as well. The fact is, beginners have the great fortune
of experiencing what we call “newbie gains.” Newbie gains is a provocative and ambivalent
mechanic in its own right, is often described as the period in which a novice lifter is
able to rapidly increase muscle mass and strength. With resistance training and “newbie gains,”
beginners on a cut will at the very least, retain as much muscle as possible. In many cases, they can still experience muscle
hypertrophy, or muscle growth, early on in their cut. The science is not clear in this matter, but
we can hypothesize that since beginners are so far removed from their genetic ceiling
potential and typically have excess stored energy, it’s the perfect environment for
growth even in the face of a deficit for maybe the first week to a month. On top of that, deficit or not, neural adaptations
in strength will still occur, such as improved motor unit recruitment and rate coding. End result, you will become stronger. But one reason that I think, above all else,
makes cutting first better than bulking is… practicing technique. It makes more sense to work on technique during
a cut for a few reasons. One, when starting off, you should be working
with a lighter load to focus more on your technique rather than growth. Not much of an issue during a cut, where the
focus is fat loss. Bulking, on the other hand, benefits directly
from higher volume and intensity, and going lighter in the beginning will cut into potential
growth. Two, when you do start working with heavier
loads, you’ll also end up burning more calories and thus lose more weight. And three, and perhaps the best reason, is
once you do start bulking, you’ve got your technique down pat, maximizing the growth
potential discussed earlier, making it simpler to hit new PRs, tack on more muscle, and avoid
injuries. All the while actually being able to see your
hard-earned results! And that sums up my stance on it. Unless you have a health or personal preference
to bulk instead, cutting first seems to make the most sense. But remember… cutting and bulking should
only be temporary phases. Your end goal, unless you want to become a
bodybuilder, is to find a middle ground that you’re satisfied with and can maintain for
the rest of your life. Balance and overall health is key. Everything else will follow. But again, this is my stance on it. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you! In fact, let me know your opinion in the comments. If you find some holes in my reasoning, then
feel free to let me know! I’m always open to feedback. Other than that, as always, thank you watching.

100 thoughts on “CUTTING vs BULKING – Which One FIRST For Beginners?

  1. Everyone is different. I lost 41lbs to get to my ideal weight. Now I'm starting the process of bulking up. I hope to gain 15-20lbs of muscle in the next two years.
    That will have me at around 235lbs. And I'm 6'2 so it seems realistic.

  2. But wut you do when you find that balance you want…. Do you just stick to the diet and exercise you are doing? Like for lifting weights, do you just stick to the same weights and routine or do you still have to constantly increase the weights.

  3. I'm scared if I'll go bulking I'll look more fat than I am now and if I go cutting I am scared I'll get skinny weak ….ugh why TF did I get in skinny fat category man pls help :3

  4. For me i eat calories to maintain my size. That way, i dont lose muscle mass. Also when i workout, im already losing fat and going to gain muscle.

  5. I'm already cut, it's just genetics but the thing is it's hard for me to gain weight and muscle because of my metabolism. So I don't know how I should bulk. That's my problem.

  6. Cut. Always get ripped before bulking. And when you do bulk, don't do dirty bulking. Don't get that "oh because I'm bulking that means I can eat pizzas and cheeseburgers" mentality. The right way to bulk is to eat 5 clean high calorie meals a day. Instead of getting a pizza, get a bowl of tuna and some eggs. Instead of getting some burgers, get an extra bag if broccoli and spinach. Potatoes are really great for bulking. Make a super shake that consists of 2 almonds, 2 walnuts, 3 pecans, chocolate milk and 2 scoops of protein powder. Don't eat unhealthy foods to bulk, otherwise you're cutting phase would have been a waste of time.

  7. I’m really skinny and I have been working out for around 6 months and i don’t see much change in my mussels any tips PLEASE!!!!!

  8. I’m 15 6’2 and was bulking for the past year I went from 130ibs to 175ibs I’m a lot bigger and stronger yes I’ve gained fat However once I thought I was over doing it I started cutting now I’m 165ibs lean and muscular not too big or shredded

  9. guys i have a Question im more skinny fat should i start bulking first cuz i dont have anything to cut i dont even have fat xd

  10. I mean, if you are not newbie you already have a little bit more muscle already and you wont end up looking skinny anyways when you cut xD

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  12. When I first started my fitness journey I cut fat the wrong way by severely restricting my calories and remaining sedentary. This left me “skinny fat” with no muscle or strength. I’ve been bulking now for about 8 months and it’s difficult for me because I do see the fat piling back on but I also see the muscle so I’m hoping when I go through my cutting cycle in about 3 months I’m going to reveal the body of my dreams 😍 until I start bulking again lol

  13. I love how your biggest motto is just a fucking shrug and that “it just depends” you can literally say this with anything.

  14. how do I cut??? I have a bit of fat around my stomach and it's really bothering me. I'm not skinny and I think I'm going to be done bulking. However how do you even cut? PLEASE don't tell me i'd have to spent hours on the treadmill or in the swimming pool doing cardio shit all day

  15. Id recommend bulking for about three months 500 calorie surplus 60m exercise 5-6 times a week then go on a 12 week cut ina 500 calorie deficit. In 6 months you will have a completley new body and be stronger

  16. As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Ryan's plans led me through with much clarity and simplicity [ Check Details Here=> ]. I now work like a pro. That's good!

  17. imo i think it really depends on your BF%
    >15% should be a cut, but if you're skinny and your BF% is less than 15%, bulking would be better
    just what i've gathered from research online

  18. I Cut 16kg Last year and became pretty lean, i dont rly want to Bulk THAT mich because i want to remain more Athletic, and not get buff

  19. I’m 15 and skinny as fuck and trying to get bigger what should I do? I’m 6 foot and around 130 pounds by the way

  20. i cut, do work out , i eat 1 meal a day and fruits, but i still gain the fat/weight as i have very pow Metabolism ever since i had surgery 7 yrs ago that nearly killed me

  21. ok what about me?im a cardio girl eating 600cal/day in almost 2yrs…im 73kg for 1yr not losing anyting even running 15k/day and 24 weekends….and eating 600…until i found out about reverse diet i was able to increase food to 1800 gaining a little its ok…now if im to cut again ill be in deficit again when 1800 is 500 deficit aleady…if ill eat less it will beat the purpose of my hard work..i want to look athletic but what happen to me is a fat gym goer

  22. Bulking is better due to metabolism.
    The more muscle you have, the easier it is to lose weight as your base metabolism/calorie consumption will be higher in order to maintain. So lowering your caloric intake will be more dramatic thus leading to more weight loss during cutting.

  23. I'd say personally, cut then slowly slowly add food on,from personal experience, I gained too much fat as ate too much too fast a time frame.

  24. Your opinion is totally right, I Bulked first and Yes I did gain some more muscle mass and it does make me happy when I look at my arms but after looking at them i look at how big by thighs and Belly is, cut first guys my advice.

  25. So I’m losing motivation because I started bulking first… I honestly feel to quit but once I go back to eating, I’ll start getting stretch marks and they’ll be extremely visible. Though, my cousin suggested me to bulk but after watching this video, I can say it honestly depends on your body type and what you want to see j the mirror. I don’t really want overgrown muscles, but a visible muscle line and abs will be appropriated and that’s what I’ll go for. Thank you.

  26. Basically first focus on cutting until you're about 10-12% BF while doing SOME lifting, and then once your BF goal is achieved go all out with lifting and bluking.

  27. Hey What if I've already started building muscle (at home) a long time ago and want to get back in it? Should I cut or bulk first? Also IAM that type of guy that can it whatever he wants and doesn't seem getting fat but I do especially on my belly but it's still a bit like you want even see it. Can you please help me with that cause I really wanna gain some muscle without having to go to the gym just by doing it the right way

  28. OK, pros and cons

    Easier to do when you start
    You have to eat less
    You can't eat favorite foods

    You are strong
    You get a boost at the start
    Most people associate abs with strength
    You need to spend much money on food

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