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Dallas McCarver.. A younger bodybuilder but tremendous gobs and gobs of muscle.. I think he represents one of the newer breed of bodybuilders. Some of the mass monsters of the present day. I really thought he had the potential to really go somewhere as far as where I could see his physique going. He’s a young guy so he’s obviously not even come close to meeting and tapping into where he’s at. He’s got a long way still to go. We could see him 30 pounds heavier on stage. The potential is there for him to be much bigger, much fuller.. He still has a lot of room to fill out his frame. I think a guy like that makes the show exciting. New blood. But new blood that’s HUNGRY. At a young age I developed a desire to be great in this sport.. And that desire was greater than my urge to go out and party Or waste time eating junkfood or whatever.. I wanted to be pro. And I sacrificed a lot to get here I was in the gym I was eating right I was fighting to get where I wanted to be. He has continuesly been working. When you see the work ethic put forward by guys like Dallas McCarver They are not taking it lightly.. So they made the sacrifices And they are continueing to make those sacrifices to come in there and give an extraordinary show. This has pretty much been my soul focus and soul drive for the last 10 months.. Is bringing it into this show bigger, better and leaner. When I see what he had done I kinda had an idea of what he had been doing to get there I knew from the get go that by putting everything together By having his body really balanced out We could see something very very unique That we had not seen happy maybe since Ronnie. If I can do it right, I’m gonna do it.. And I’m not gonna shy away from advancements just because it’s a number that somebody else feels uncomfortable with. I’m not somebody else. When I watched him train You HAVE to believe that this kid is a 100%. Like everything he does. And there were so many reflections of Ronnie. The greatest of all time.. He’s somebody that pushes us. He’s somebody that has an indirect influence in our training. The risk reward ratio.. Is it there? Sure, but I believe and Dallas believes if we’re not risking the award is not gonna be as great. When I look at Dallas And I think to myself where he could go The possibilities are so endless for this kid. It gets me excited. You gotta be messed up in the head to want to get under 600-700 pounds 2-3 times a week.. And rep it. It’s due. I think truly regardless of your genetics you gotta have that mentality. There is no shame in losing in anything.. The only shame in it is losing because you gave a sub part effort Or anything less than the best effort you had.

100 thoughts on “Dallas McCarver – NEW BREED MASS MONSTER – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Congrats to Dallas for runner up and Cedric for winning the Arnold Classic!
    ''There is no shame in losing in anything, the only shame in it is losing because you gave a sub part effort or anything less than the best effort you had.'' -Dallas

  2. this guy was sick. His mind. 4 times bigger heart, liver, kidnies 😀 This guy show how i never want to be and look like huge pig. There is nothing beautifull. All his body is to much big and ugly.

  3. Apparently he was so filled with gear it’s pretty certain that’s what caused his death. Body building is no longer a sport (if it ever was) … it’s now a self mutilation freak show.

  4. Such a paradox that that amazing body and all that exercise looks the epitomy of good health whereas it is actually so unhealthy it killed him at age 26!

  5. This guy would of won the Olympia for sure if he didn't die ! An amazing perfect physique ! What a waste …..RIP man !

  6. Sad that he wasted his life.. Never won anything. All these idiots that think he was the next big thing, hardest trainer, etc. Lol. Just another drug user in the "fitness" industry.

  7. Dude's genetics were great for bodybuilding, but the excessive drug intake didn't work out so well on his organs, particularly his heart & arteries. Very unfortunate as this guy had potential.

  8. There's no dount in my mind he would have been Mr Olympia multiple times, he was even near of reaching his potential and was already the most massive guy on stage even Ramy wasn't that big and at such a young age, he was an even better person a gentle giant if you will, till this day i still miss him rest in peace Dallas.

  9. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who knew the risks but said ”Fuck it”. I feel more sorry for his family.

  10. Fisico magnifico…. Ma il conto da pagare arriva sempre… Nn vale la pena perdere la vita così. Lo dico da ex culturista io mi sono fermato prima

  11. All on gh and steds, and fuck you all who think I'm picking on him as I train last 20 years and take sometimes test as well.

  12. You would think he had a true friend to say hey bro you gonna kill yourself taking all this gear in the name of vanity

  13. His organs had to have been crying. I wonder if he got bloods done? He may have had a ore existing heart condition. The amount of test found in him was actually outrageous and complete overkill though so who knows

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