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Hello, i’m MYLEE This time we’ll try to dance to “7 Rings.” This choreo is easy and sexy. Let’s try your best for three time in a row Then let’s gitit! GoGo! First action I’ll take the left foot and turn the pelvis back four rounds. Hands over head, Ready~ Once more To the right double left double Wave to the left, large Right Once more Let’s hit the hair. Turn around. From right foot Take right foot forward with hands Now fast Okey, Right Overhead fast For the first time Right Let’s go left. To the left Right side Right Right foot fast Right side Right side slowly to the left Now we’re going fast. Jump Right side to the right fast Now it’s over once. Do you still do it? bigger Make a big move and more sexy? It’s still okay. It’s okay. From the first action Left direction Right side Right pelvis twice left Let’s hit the hair. Right foot fast Right side long For the first time Right side twice Left direction Right side left Once more head Turn around. Right foot going head fast Right side Right side pull Right slowly left Now get ready to jump Pull from the right Right side Come on, it’s only one time left one time left I want you to finish it. cheer up! let’s go It’s the last time. Are you okay? Let’s burn it Now burn fat. Burn From now on Ready Feeling head beautifully Sexy You know you’re going to your right foot, right? Hand fast long okay sit down To the left Right side okay good fast You ready to play? okay Right okay fast Oh guys oh ~ Thanks, third time You were all in line with “7 rings” Congratulations Do it once a day Appointment Meet in 4th Bye~ Bye~ Unplanned haha~

57 thoughts on “[Dance Workout] 7 rings – Ariana Grande | MYLEE Cardio Dance Workout | 마일리 다이어트 댄스

  1. 여러분 이번 마다댄(마일리다이어트댄스) 어떤가요? 몇번의 수정을 통해 만들었어요 너무 어렵지도 너무 운동처럼 딱딱하지 않게 재밌고 쉽게 할수 있도록 만들었는데 어떤가요? 댓글도 많이 남겨 주세요 댓글 하나하나 소중히 보고 있어요💕💕💕

  2. Thank you so much for all these videos… It's really good practice to stay feel as well preserved our dancing desire ❤

  3. wow! primera vez viendo una de tus vídeos y me ha encantado !!! Muchas gracias sigue así ! saludos desde México ! 🙂

  4. Don’t say good bye! This is only the beginning of your talent! Please do the whole songs more just like this one if you can. Eather way, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! And plz reply! 💕💕💕💕💕

  5. so hottt !! i imagine that i am in the state and it's super inspired :3
    by the way, correct my english grammar if it's wrong :>
    thanks for a really helpful video <3

  6. you did great while dancing and talking very clearly, i'm surprise you are not running out of breath
    clothes & jewelry is bling bling ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

  7. Ooh I love when trainers actually do the workout with you the entire time instead of just hitting it up once and ending the video.

  8. Boa tarde que bom ver que a sua coreografia é bem fácil e muito divertida parabéns pela sua energia e boa motivação quero chegar lá como vc com um corpo incrível e um jeito de menina.e vamos que vamos.amei

  9. prompts to you, gurl. You just made me dance quite alike the video and usually I end up frustrated in this kind of excercise. I want more choreos like this!

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