Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– She’s so keen. I do find keenness very trying. – Prof. – Of course. She’s the object of your affections. – She loves him, you know. – Who? – Marilyn. She loves Hero. And he fancies her. – Really? – Oh yeah. Always tearing his clothes off in front of
her, showing off his big bronzed pecs and his big whipcord frame and his… Oh, God. – Well, I hope that behaviour isn’t conclusive
proof of sexual attraction. He’s always tearing his clothes off in front
of me. – What? – Usually when some swimmer’s got a touch
of cramp, he’s out of his clothes faster than Clark Kent. – Oh yeah, yeah. He does that with me, too. – Well, there you are. He caught a chill last time. That’s why I’ve got Marilyn tomorrow. Still, I may get lucky. – What? – Maybe she’ll tear all her clothes off in
front of me. [music] – That bloke all right? You OK, mate? Aw, I think he’s all right, Hero. Seems to be a good swimmer.
I don’t think we need… How do you get your kit off so quickly? Look, I really don’t think there is any need to… jump in. Honestly, a tour with you is like being in
an episode of “Baywatch.” – I’m OK, mate. I wasn’t drowning. Really! – What were you doing, exactly? – Going for a swim. I’m OK! – Show me your tongue. Again, out! Yeah, he’s all right. – I’ll just go and get changed, OK? Thanks anyway. – You’re welcome. It’s my job. You mind how you go. – I think we should keep an eye on him. – No, he’s perfectly fine now. I’ve checked him out thoroughly. – No, that wasn’t what I meant. – Ollie, what have I told you about them? – Fatty. – Morning, Prof. – Morning! – Morning. – Ah, Prof. Stan’s off. He tripped in the Pass of Dobley and bruised
his bum, so you’ll be on with- – Good morning! – Marilyn. – Yes. – Again. How nice. – Morning. – Morning. – Prof, a word. My office. Now. – “Prime Suspect” on last night? – You haven’t got an office. – Well, out here, then. – Prof… you’re not doing enough police work. – Well, that is rich! – Look- – That is Christmas pudding, double cream,
and a rum truffle all wrapped into one! – Prof- – That is the most astonishing case of the pot calling the kettle pale ecru I have
ever heard! – Now look- – I am not doing enough police work? Whereas fishing is police work, is it? You’re arresting the fish, are you? You’re bringing the carp in for questioning? Is that it? – Well, I- – Mind you, not that anyone in living memory has ever seen you land anything larger than
an infant stickleback with a thyroid problem, but let’s be charitable and leave that on
the side! – Prof, the inspector’s been going through
the occurrence book. – Has he indeed? Well, since I have been keeping the occurrence
book for the last twenty years, I’d very much like to know what is wrong with the
occurrence book! – The occurrences. – What about them? – There aren’t any. – What? What do you mean there- – There are a myriad of minor instances, mostly concerning injured ducks and swans. – Myriad instances, not “a myriad of”! – The commissioner wants positive publicity. Juicy headlines. Items on the news. Villains with fuzzy blobs around their heads! – I think I’d better go: one, before I say
something I might regret, and two, because I realise I’m keeping you from the fish! Come along, Marilyn! Let us waste no time in bringing to justice
the myriad criminals who pollute our manor! Let us strike a mighty blow against the very
heart of international organised crime which, as it transpires, is situated right here – somewhere
between East Winniesford and Greeve Island! Good morning, crimebusters! – Morning. – Morning. – Morning. – Morning. – So… this is cannabis. Not a lot, is there? – Yeah, but Prof’s informants have seen him
dealing. Haven’t they, Prof? – Uh… yes. – You’ve done really well here, Prof. – And all on your own, too. – Fair dues, I’m impressed. – Thank you. It is gratifying to have one’s police work
recognised. – Yes, well, when the time comes, you’ll have
to make the arrest. – What? – Give this to shoreside? Are you coco? Feathers in our caps. Fat entries in our occurrence book. Blobby heads. You deserve it, Prof. – Blobby heads? – Oh, no, Sarge. No, we don’t need blobby heads,
do we? Aren’t they the tiniest bit vulgar? – What are blobby heads? – He means alert the “News at 10” people. They obliterate the heads. – Oh yeah, definitely go blobby, Sarge. – What was this boat called? – The Sorrento. – Oh! Actually, I was suspicious about that- – boat. – Um, I’m afraid these are ruined, Prof. – Oh no! – Yeah. I’ve done all I can, but now they just seem
to make things a tiny bit further away. – You’re under arrest. – Shut up. There’s nothing to drink. It’s a stand off. – Cheers.

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