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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey everybody here, Curtis. 30 Day Ab Challenge, I’m gonna be talking
about top five supplements that you should be considering when you’re doing your
30 Day Ab Challenge, and dieting in general. (pop music) Alright now, so there’s five things, five supplements that
you may want to be using when you are cutting out certain things, when you’re on a diet for
this 30 Day Ab Challenge, as well if you’re dieting in general. So, I would say the number one thing you probably wanna try to make sure that you can put in your
diet is a multivitamin. And that is because you’re
omitting a lot of different fruits and different vitamins from food that you may get when
you’re eating normally, and this is again for a
short term type of diet. Whether you’re dieting to
try to get fast results within the 12, 13 week range, or for if you’re competing, or you’re just trying to
get ready for something in that short term range. This isn’t a long term type of diet. But, you’re multivitamin A through Zinc would be something that you need to replace all those essential vitamins from different foods
that you may be getting. So, it’s important that you
get something like that in, there’s a lot of fruits
that you may cut out, and these vitamins are
found in those fruits, things like that. The reason why you need
to cut out those fruits is obviously because of the sugars. So, it’s something you
should definitely consider. Okay, number two on the list is BCAA, branching amino acids. So, those are very important
when you’re dieting down because you wanna help those
are the building blocks for your protein, to build muscle. It’s important that you put those in when you’re tearing down
those muscle fibers. With all the harsh diet, and
workouts that you’re doing, it’d be weak multiple times a week. Possibly even five days a week or more. So, it’s very important
that you get those in. And they’re something
that you wanna make sure that you’re able to do post workouts, because that’s the
golden hour they call it. Right after you tear down
a lot of muscle tissue, and you need to refuel, replenish the body, and it helps recover the
muscle from muscle fatigness. So, it’s important that you get those in. Okay, number three on the list, I would say you wanna make sure you’re getting that Vitamin C in. So, Vitamin C is important
for the immune system, especially when you start
to diet and loose body fat, you’re gonna be more
susceptible to getting sick simply because you don’t have all the extra body fat and sugar in you, and whenever you’re putting that type of stress on the body, it’s definitely gonna take a toll and you can replace those, or you can at least try to
boost your immune system with Vitamin C. I know those are in multivitamins. But, you could at least
do 500 or even 1,000, at least 500 if you did that a day. At least it’s extra aside
from the multivitamins. Alright, number four on that list. Calcium pills, you wanna
take the Cal-Mag combo. Sometimes they come Cal-Mag Zinc combo. The reason you wanna make sure there’s calcium and it has magnesium combos because the magnesium will help transport that calcium into the body. So, Cal-Mag is the combination
that you wanna get, and the reason why you’re
taking the Cal-Mag pills is when you start to diet, usually you’re gonna be
taking in a lot more protein. A lot more protein tends to
negate your calcium levels, so, it’s always good to… The average I think for
women and children is somewhere 1,200 daily for
calcium levels milligrams. So, you wanna be doing
at least 1,000 or so. Usually a dosage will be about 1,000 or a little more than that Cal-Mag. So that you can make sure
that you’re getting that and with all the extra
protein you’re taking in daily it’s definitely gonna negate a lot of your calcium levels anyways, so that’s definitely an essential that you might wanna
consider into your regimen, into your supplement regimen. Alright number five on that
list is the Omega 3-6-9’s. The Omega 3-6-9’s a good fatty acids, and sometimes when we’re dieting we tend to cut down on a lot
of the fat that we eat, and that is of course to
get rid of the body fat. So, with all the protein
especially if you’re eating very lean protein, chicken, fish, if you’re eating not salmon, just if you’re eating
the other types of fish. Maybe red snapper or tilapia, some of the other ones with no fat, or if you’re eating lean chicken, lean steak, cutting off all your fats. The Omega 3-6-9’s supplement is good because you get those
essential fatty acids that you need for functioning, for heart, and it keeps your body in tune, and while you’re on that lean diet, and not getting those
essential fatty acids in there. So, that’s the five top supplements that I recommend and usually
that I’ll tell my clients and if I’m dieting for a show, I’ll usually get on those, and they’re essential to
keep you where you need to be while you’re omitting those
different things on a diet. And, if you got any questions or anything, don’t hesitate to make
comments or email me. Again, don’t forget to subscribe, hit that notifications update button so you can keep updated on all the videos. We’ll be having more videos coming, and it is day 22. So, we’re moving right along here on this 30 Day Ab Challenge. So, you’re talking eight days, and it’s crunch time just to try to get where we can get to see how far we can get in 30 days. Don’t forget FISHER20 for the ATS Labs. You get 20% off Fat
Burners and your BCAA’s and other supplements like pre workout things to aid you while you’re
on this journey like I am. Alright, until then train hard, eat well. We’ll see you tomorrow. (pop music)

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