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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

are you sir this is 10 I just bought a suit on Saturday at Men’s Wearhouse and I need some activation and I would need it to be done by Thursday would it be possible yeah you bring it over okay I’m gonna come right now then [Music] they want me to do it higher so kind of leave it it’s gonna look a little funky it’s about 4:00 so Friday it’ll go out that way when they do what they do it’ll be like just a little bit off the side all right just you have scissors just like these little hairs and then you want me to do the taper yeah the taper okay paper and then and then clean up moustache and then the hair yes all right now ten days out from the Olympia you know like every Tuesday I’m with my man Carlos here exquisite barbershop in Venice getting my gear dream all cleaned up I guess stay sharp not just a physique but the whole thing hey I cannot be hey sir this is ten I just bought a suit on Saturday at Men’s Wearhouse and I need some alteration and I would need it to be done by Thursday would it be possible yeah okay I’m gonna come right now then no bye thank you thank you sir all right so today know a lot of little last things to take care of before we heading to Vegas on Friday we’re exactly Tuesday I just got my suit you know bodyboarders we got a wait last minute to get the measurements because we’re changing so much so I just got this suit on Saturday Monday was Labor Day so I need to get some alterations done to it I’m gonna go now and today I won’t be training with Sean he has to go see his daughter you know before we head out and I would be training with Chris Kattan today later he was flying out from the UK I think he lands around 1:00 so we’re gonna head out around 2:00 or 3:00 I mean while I got other things to do I’ll also an interview for Eric’s muscle with Dave Palumbo and you know all the good things that comes before the Olympia so just taking care of business right now and getting things done okay German yeah okay let’s do it so put it on and you just alright sounds good well I’m a functional body but listen all right yeah let’s take up the jacket mm-hmm I was started with the best person yeah the plans a little bit or just telling us tonight are you a nasty pump something Express so today I’m getting a showing Chris where was Dominguez offseason you know you’ve seen it on my youtube channel I’ve been doing the same workout same back workout twice a week so I’m just showing him what I’ve done I love it so far because this is very different to what I usually do usually I just go for the bread and butter that Chin’s are bent over rows a single arm rows more like the compound movement but starting with these isolation exercises I can feel that I’m targeting areas of my back that I can visualize that I don’t usually target isolating little portions of your back which you definitely need obviously in the bodybuilding competitor so it’s good I’m learning a few things today so I can apply them and start using them myself you know giving back you know I was learning from him and the more that we think we know the less we know yeah you know after I was training for maybe six years and a friend asking me like some advice are they gonna see the more I learned unless I feel like it’s good it’s a constant it’s a constant process of evolution yeah you know you don’t get stagnant you know you keep that’s also motivating you know people say oh training in the fall it’s like you’re pouring okay we started off with you know wife cooldown to really open up the lats then we did some pull ups assisted pull-up with counterweight I really get that with now we’re going to start going into that thickness with some rowing I like to use the cable because you have constant tension throughout the whole movement after that we’re going to go do the hamstrings high rose to get the meat back thickness and I’m going to finish up finish it up with some behind the neck pull down same things are get the meat back and also the widths of the lights get a chance but I don’t see have got a real tight grip when I hope that crown my life and good in padding all around the mall things are lost the more I found one thing not taught myself to do no matter the problem refuse to lose so you wanna make you can choose if you can’t take the heat don’t light the fuel see I walk it slow and ignite the room let’s fry everything I touch I consume I got just news when you make breakfast when I’m on the move I’m the first one near than the last one now whoever owns the place gotta track me me I try see I smell like success this Eli Muscat everybody be like us we don’t stop cuz the touches ain’t enough I get oh fuck Saints can make you know black me no blush I can’t hear ready to fight on this night you better just I just finished this backward job with Chris time to get my EA’s essential amino acids so I can recover and eat solid meal and according the day our gas is a wrap for today hope you enjoyed this workout stay tuned all the nutrition 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