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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey, Killer Bs’ it’s Pahla
B from, and on tap today it’s
Day 29 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series, and you guys, today we are all
about that low impact cardio. That means that there is
absolutely no jumping. There is also no squatting, no transitions up and
down from the ground, and no equipment needed. So, when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go! (upbeat music) All right, you guys, let’s go
ahead and moving and grooving, and that means that we’re
starting with our warmups, which is, of course, arm
circles and high knees, and of course I said of course. It’s day 29, you know how this goes, or at least I hope you do. Are you starting to feel the effects of kind of always knowing
what we’re going to do? I’ve heard from more than one B that basically as soon
as you hear that music that you’re like, “Okay,
let’s start the warmups,” ’cause you know, you know, and if you don’t know, hi, welcome. I’m really impressed that
you clicked on day 29 as the first time that you have met me, but let me tell you,
there are 28 other days, in fact, quite a few other days, where we do these exact warmups. This is how we get ready
(sighs) both mentally and physically for a really
great workout today. I am so excited today. We’re just doing, “just,”
doing low impact cardio. It is one of the simplest workouts I think I’ve ever designed, but also, it’s just my favorite thing in the whole world
(laughs) to do, honestly. Let’s do some arm crossers
with booty kickers. I love cardio, I don’t think I
have made any secret of that. I don’t think that it’s gonna
come as a big surprise to you, and I looove doing endurance work. That’s what we’re doing today. I’ve got the handy dandy Gymboss here set for intervals of 30 seconds, and none of those is rest. This, my friends, you could call it lots
of different things. It’s cardio endurance, it is
low, well, it’s low impact, but it’s also, I forget, I know it’s LISS, and I honestly don’t know
what that stands for, but it’s basically long, slow cardio. For me, it’s like a long run. This is the kind of workout
that you could just sink into. You’re not trying to give it
your all at any point in time, and in fact, you’re doing your best to really moderate your
heart rate the entire time, and make sure that you can
get through the whole workout by not going too hard. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes, and as such, it means that
I’m actually not going to have the world’s longest warmup because truly, so much
of our workout today is meant to be taken at
basically a warmup pace. Truly, what we’re aiming for today is a good, nice sweat that never, ever feels
too hard to sustain. And so, we’re actually gonna get started with one of my favorite exercises. It’s a new one that I recently made up that I’m sure it exists in the world, but I just recently started doing it. I call it butter churns which means that our hands
are going up and down as though we are churning butter, but we are kicking out to the side. When your hands are down, one foot is up. When your hands are up, both feet are in. And we go back and forth
(timer beeps) on that kick. So, out, and in. Now, as I mentioned,
these are long intervals. I have a lot of exercises to do. There is no reason to come out of the gate at anything faster than a pace that feels perfectly lovely-ly moderate. When it beeps again, doing something I call reach across, which is exactly what it sounds like. My friends, the reason we
work on cardio endurance, honestly, there’s a lot of reasons why we work on cardio
endurance, (timer beeps) so here we go with reach across, just reaching from side to
side, tapping that foot out. Cardio endurance is great for weight loss, truly great for weight loss. Because we are moderating our
heart rate the entire time, we’re never going so hard
that our body perceives it as extra stress. When it beeps again,
we’re doing toy soldiers, both hands up reaching your opposite hand towards your opposite kicking foot. Cardio endurance is also
fantastic, (timer beeps) here we go, toy soldiers, for heart health, for
cardiovascular health. It is also one of the best foundations of overall fitness. When it beeps again, we’re doing something I
call big arm side shuffles. We are shuffling to the side while our hands are making a big circle right in front of us. Whatever you have the space for. You could actually do this
standing in one place, too. I tend to go about two or
three steps to each side. If fact, I’m gonna scoot over right now, and be ready for it (timer
beeps) when it goes, here we are. So, a big arm circle
with that side shuffle. If you are relatively new to exercising, cardio endurance is absolutely
the first place to start. When it beeps again, we’re doing something I
call punch down switch foot, because we’re punching down while we switch our feet (laughs), one foot at a time,
we’ll tap out to the side while we’re punching down. The first thing that your body
needs to learn (timer beeps) how to do, truly, so here
we go with that punch down switch foot, is to be able to breathe and to be able to endure
any kind of exercise. When you very, very first
start working out at all, depending on your general fitness, when it beeps again, we’re doing can cans, it’s a knee and a kick, and then a knee and a
kick on the other side. You might have some general fitness from living in the world, whether you have exercised
or not. (timer beeps) So, knee and kick, knee and kick. But when you are brand new to exercising, even if you have some
general real world fitness, your heart and lungs
aren’t necessarily prepared for this kind of work, for
enduring a high heart rate for an extended period of time. When it beeps again, we’re doing
forward hinge arm flappers, feet stay stable, we’re
hinging forward at the waist (timer beeps) while our arms are flapping. We’re hinging forward
by pushing our hips back and then pulling them forward. So, the first thing your
body needs to learn how to do is to do anything with
an elevated heart rate and an elevated breathing rate. This kind of cardio
endurance is the only way to teach your body how to do that. When it beeps again, we’re
doing swinging side tappers, tapping your feet from side to side, swinging your hands
down low. (timer beeps) (laughs) I do this every time. I try to kick my foot out. I think my body likes to do ding dongs, (laughs) but I am doing
swinging side tappers. And in fact, you know that’s really weird, I didn’t even include ding dongs today, which is truly one of my
favorite exercises in the world. But here’s the thing, some of us try really hard
to jump into HIIT workouts or longer running workouts
or just hard (timer beeps) workouts, coming up right
now is windmill tap backs, hands are wide, feet are wide, reaching your opposite hand
down towards your opposite leg, wherever you can reach
to, might be your foot, might be your shin, might be
your knee, might be your thigh, wherever you can reach to. When it beeps again, we’re doing something I
call push, push, crunch because we’re pushing to the side, little bit of lateral motion, and then coming up over our
heads into an oblique crunch. Awesome job, oh, my
goodness. (timer beeps) So, here we go, push, push, and crunch. Push, push, and crunch. When we do longer, extended,
high intensity workouts, your heart and lungs will
eventually adapt, they will, but the problem is you might
in the meantime burn out, for one thing, or injure yourself. When it beeps again,
we’re doing star bursts, which is where we get little
and then get big. (timer beeps) This does not have to be a full squat. We’re getting little by just
crouching in the middle. Your hips are pushing back, but your knees aren’t
necessarily bending very much. This motion is so much more about getting your hands up over your head to elevate that heart rate. Now, you guys, when it beeps again, this was our entire circuit, and I have chosen to do
something unusual today. We’re going back through
this circuit backwards, which means that we’re actually
doing two intervals in a row of these star bursts. (timer beeps) So, here we are still doing star bursts. If that means that you wanna
slow it down a little bit, (laughs) it’s totally okay. This was a mental exercise for me today to read from the top to the bottom, and then from the bottom to the top. When it beeps again, we’re
doing that push, push, crunch. Also, for all of us, to give ourselves a little
bit something different. I know 29 days in here, I’m
scooting over to the side for our push, push, crunch, (timer beeps) I know, here we are,
push, push, and crunch, I know that some of these exercises, you’ve seen them quite a few times. Some of these formats, you’ve
seen them quite a few times. Some of the workouts you’ve seen quite a few different versions of the same thing. When it beeps again, we’re
doing those windmill tap backs. But here’s the thing, your workout never needs to
get more complicated than this. (timer beeps) So, our hands
are wide, feet are wide, reaching down towards your opposite hand with your opposite foot. Nope, reaching down with your, yes, reaching down with your
hand to your foot (laughs). Okay, so this is definitely difficult for me to go backwards, honest. Coming up next, we’re doing
those swinging side tappers. Let’s see if I can do that
correctly this time (laughs). I get confused in my
own workout, you guys. This is (timer beeps) the real
magic of working out at home. Nobody is watching you, thank goodness. Y’all are watching me, but I’ve long since grown
accustomed to the fact that I’m not gonna be perfect. It doesn’t bother me at all. But you might mind if
you mess up a little bit, and I want you to know that messing up is part of this process. I am 14 years into my exercise
journey and I still mess up. When it beeps again, doing those
forward hinge arm flappers. (timer beeps) Here we go, feet about hip
width apart, woo, hips go back, hips come forward. The fact is, my friends,
there is nothing else that you have to do to lose weight. This is it. This kind of work until you’re
done is as good as it gets. It’s as complicated as it gets. When it beeps again, we’re doing can cans, that knee and that kick. And I know, that that’s
good news (timer beeps) because you’ve already mastered this. So, knee and kick, knee and kick, but I also know that there’s
part of you that’s like, “Well, it’s a little bit boring, “I’m wanna try something new, “I wanna do something different. “I wanna try the latest, greatest.” And I totally, I get it, I do, I understand that shiny object syndrome. When it beeps again, we’re
doing punch down switch foot. But here’s what I wanna
tell you about that: Let yourself master the
basics. (timer beeps) So, here we go, punch down kick foot. Let yourself do things that are too easy. Let yourself do things that don’t feel like too much of a push. If you are spending your time focusing on trying to work out harder, trying to get more muscle,
trying to do different workouts, when it beeps again,
we’re doing toy soldiers, you’re actually missing the
real key to weight loss, and that’s eating the right
number of calories consistently. (timer beeps) Toy soldiers,
hands up, reaching our opposite hand towards our opposite kicking foot. When you are chasing shiny objects, new workouts, different things, you’re kind of distracting
yourself from the boredom, and it is boredom, I know. They’re distracting
yourself from the boredom of doing the same thing over and over. When it beeps again,
we’re doing reach across. But here’s the thing about doing the same thing
over and over, (timer beeps) that is how we lose weight. So, reaching across and reaching across. And, frankly, weight
loss is a long process. There is truly nothing you can do, and yes, I did see and hear my
cats running out of the room. They’re being cuckoo
again today, it happens. That’ll be the thing that
helps distract you (laughs) from the boredom of the workout, right? When it beeps again,
we’re doing butter churns. When your hands are down,
(timer beeps) one foot is out. So, churning that butter,
hands going up and down right in front of you as
though you are churning, one kick out to the side, as though you are kicking
away what, the chickens? I don’t even know, I don’t live on a farm. But hey, you guys, we’ve
made it back to the top of my white board, and now, oh yes, now
we get to go back down for the third and final time. I know I don’t very often
have a three round circuit, but this was a good mental
exercise for me. (timer beeps) We’re still doing butter churns, yes, indeed, I know, I know. I’m illustrating a lot of
points here, my friends. Doing the same thing over and over, you can mix it up a little bit, you can read from the bottom to the top, but you’re still gonna be
here doing the same thing for a long time, for some long intervals, for some endurance intervals. When it beeps again, we’re
doing those reach across, just reaching across
(timer beeps) right about shoulder height, woo,
right in front of you. Now, at this point, you’ve
noticed that we are sweaty, you’ve noticed, too,
that this is cardio work. Kitties, be nice, oh my goodness. You’ve noticed that even though the work, the individual exercises,
didn’t get harder. We’re still doing the same thing. When it beeps again,
we’re doing toy soldiers. But it’s getting harder to continue on. It’s getting harder to stay engaged. It’s getting harder to keep
your heart rate at this level (timer beeps) without
letting it go up any higher. It’s getting harder to moderate. This is absolutely a metaphor
for your weight loss journey. Each and every day, you’re gonna come to the
work and have to do the work. Each and every day, you’re
gonna have to think about it just enough to be able
to do the right thing. When it beeps again, we’re doing those big arm side shuffles. And, my friend, here we are
29 days in, (timer beeps) and I feel like you’ve done a great job. No, I don’t feel like that, I know, I know that you’ve done a great job. You’re doing your best to get
through this whole series. You’re doing your best
to eat consistently. You’re doing your best to drink
the right amount of water, to sleep enough at night, to think about your stress level. When it beeps again, we’re
doing punch down switch foot. And I want you to know that
that’s all you ever have to do. (timer beeps) So, punch down switch foot. This work isn’t harder on round three. It requires a little bit more
mental work to keep at it, to keep making sure that
you’re doing the right thing at the right time, but the work itself,
still totally manageable, totally manageable intervals,
totally manageable work, and we’re not on quite the home stretch, but we are on the third
of three. (timer beeps) When it beeps again, we’re doing can cans. That’s knee and kick, knee and kick. Now, you’ve probably found that you have some favorite exercises. Here on round three, there
might be one of those things that you’re like, “Oh, that’s right, “we’re gonna do that one more time,” but this is the other part
about working on endurance, my friends, you have
learned how to endure. There have definitely been days this month that maybe you didn’t love,
but you did them anyways. There have definitely been
exercises, (timer beeps) here we go with those
forward hinge arm flappers, definitely been exercises
that you didn’t love, but you endured it anyways. There will absolutely be times
on your weight loss journey that you are doing things that you don’t have a lot of
enthusiasm or motivation for, but you’ll endure them. When it beeps again, we’re
doing swinging side tappers. I’m gonna thing about
that real hard right now. We’re swinging our hands from side to side and we’re tapping our feet (timer beeps) together on one side. So, together and together, there
it is, no kicking (laughs). You guys, I actually
have a mnemonic device for every single exercise. I have words that I say to
myself and usually to you for how to do each of these exercises so that I don’t forget. (laughs) When it beeps again, we’re doing windmill tap backs, hands are wide, feet are wide, reaching your opposite hand
down towards your opposite foot, which (timer beeps) may or
may not be your foot (laughs). And that’s exactly how I think about it. My hand going to my foot,
my hand going to my foot. My friends, we are really close now. This is definitely the home stretch. When it beeps again, we’re
doing punch, or not punch, push, push, crunch, and really we only have one
final exercise after that before we are done with this circuit. This work got sweaty today, it really did, and I do hope (timer beeps) that you have been able to moderate it. Here we go with push, push, and crunch. Push, push, and crunch. I hope that you have come up with mnemonic devices in your mind, not just for the exercises, but for being able to get through any part of your weight loss journey. Having a thought model, a
way of making it routine is absolutely key to making it easier. When it beeps again, we’re doing star bursts for
the very (timer beeps) last time. We’re getting
little and getting big, kicking one foot out at a time. It’s not a squat, it’s just a little bit of
a squeeze in the middle, and in fact, oh, yeah, speaking
of squeezing in the middle, when it beeps again, we are done, we’re not finished (laughs). I know I’m not surprising
you with that anymore, but I still love to say it. We are going to do a single
sided standing abs exercise. I’m gonna start on my left foot. We’re doing an oblique crunch paired with a cross body
crunch. (timer beeps) So, we’re gonna have our
hands on our shoulders. We’re crunching on the same side, and then bringing your opposite
elbow to that same knee. The standing leg stays
standing the whole time. Of course, you can tap
that flying foot down. I’m not even trying to call
this balance for the whole time. This is much more about
squeezing to the side, squeezing in the middle, squeezing to the side,
squeezing in the middle. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do this on the other side, standing on, (timer beeps)
what is for me, my right foot. So, squeeze on the same side,
squeeze across your body. Same elbow, opposite elbow. This is definitely easier for
me standing on my strong leg, oh, my gosh, but so much
more difficult to coordinate with my left leg and my left side. Really feeling this, but, my friends, when it beeps again, it’s the last time it’s going to beep. This, woo, is the end of our finisher, and you have done a
phenomenal job. (timer beeps) That was it, oh my gosh. Okay, I’m gonna tap a little bit here while we’re bringing the heart rate down. Even moderate workouts,
they’re still workouts. I know you’ve noticed that all month long. 29 days in, I don’t think I
have any surprises left for you. Let’s go ahead and do some arm circles. And that’s the good news. My friends, you don’t need surprises. You don’t need new, and shiny, and fancy. You just need to keep
doing the same things over and over, stay in your lane, stay consistent, keep doing the right thing, and you’re gonna get every
place you want to go. Ah, making sure that you’re
taking a nice big, deep breath. I’m gonna really slow this down. Now, I wanna bring my heart rate down. Oh, that felt so good today. I love cardio, I’m not
shy about saying that. I love endurance work. You will find that endurance work, it is the foundation of everything else that you want to do in your life, and it really is a good
mental exercise for you as well as a physical exercise. Let’s go ahead and do some arm openers. Stretch out that chest. Get a nice deep breath. Ah, and then arm closers,
give yourself a big hug. Oh, congratulations on making
it through another day, big pat on the back. And open it up, and close it up so good, it
feels so nice to cool down, bring your heart rate down, and just give yourself a
little bit of self love and self care. If you have the time and
the inclination, my friends, I absolutely have a
longer cool down for you. I keep these fast and
efficient on the daily, but for my friends who
like to stretch more, make sure that you click, there’s a video here on screen for you, and it’s also in the description below. Also, on the other side of the screen is all 29 so far, and what will be all 31 days
of this challenge series. That way you have them all in one place that you can access again,
and again, and again, as long as you need to while you’re on your weight loss journey. On the bottom of the screen,
there’s the letter P. That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge
from you can help me make free workouts for all of us, and thank you so much if you
choose to support that way. On the other side of the
screen is a picture of me that’s actually a subscribe button. Make sure that you click that
and the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video. Thank you so much for
working out with me today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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