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If you have a choice to be natural or do steroids – stay natural Don’t be fooled They don’t make you a champion If your choice is to go down that road don’t sit and think that nothing gonna happen that everything is great I know for a fact that doing what I’m doing is going to cause damage It’s all part of it it’s all part of this whole process My body exploded like never before like that some of the best growing I’ve ever done So I told guys, supposedly young guys DON’T DO IT, DON’T DO IT! Dude unless you got a making living at it unless you feel that you can be a true champion unless you really really will take a RISK The strong bodybuilder from Canada Greg Kovacs You’re drastically changing the course of advance in the history of your health That’s REALITY I have made a choice and I’m willing to deal with that Why are all of these guys using the drugs? because they’re training harder, longer to get bigger, faster Andy Münzer! Mohammed Benaziza! I’m willing to take those chances I’m willing to roll the dice…

100 thoughts on “DEATH In Bodybuilding – The Price Of STEROIDS

  1. SAD AS F*CK to think MOST of all these deaths happened with these drug atticked bodybuilders under the age of 38. Doing drugs (Steroids ARE drugs) over living a full drug-free life in BB is wacked. You dont live long, just like an alcoholic. GOD rest their souls

  2. Steroids did not kill them. Diuretics did. No water. No fat. Body shuts down. By the way, anabolics are a legitimate medicine.

  3. Hello, I'm doing an experiment for my own studies.

    I'd like to ask you if you think of a person any differently if they are taking steroids. If you do, please like and write in the comments on why you think this way. If you don't, than you can write on why it doesn't affect your view on a person.

    If you do so kindly, I would also like to know on why you started to exercise to begin with. On other terms, what is your long term goal. Thank you for your time and i'd like to hear all of your responses!

  4. I'm not convinced that steroids is what killed these guys. They also drank a lot of water. Perhaps they died of too much water.

  5. I wish in the future that there will be a substance like anabolic steroids that is perfectly safe to use and no negative side effects..
    In that case, people who wants to become bodybuilders will not be having a tough time anymore regarding health factors and obviously, aid their goals in building muscles. The reason why I do not approve of the use of steroids is that, it is largely detrimental to our health and that is it. If a substance like steroids which is safe and strong is created. Heck, I'll get it.

  6. If you have a problem with steroids then simply refrain from them, don't come on YouTube and speculate just because you're speculating about men that "may or may not". Hate to have you people on my jury:/

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  8. I am greatly saddened that so many fine looking men sacrificed themselves like this for nothing. I have said it over and over: what good is it to have a body like this only to have it end up IN A CASKET????

  9. "You're gonna die anyway". So does that justify ruining your body and health??? I am sure their loved ones and family members would not see it this way.

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  11. Fuck roids! I’ve been working out for 8 years now, and I’m bigger than most of the guys who have used steroids! #proud

  12. Yes steroids doesnt make you but with the hard work diet sacrifices achieve your limites then take steroids only if you gonna accept the risk and keep doing it healthy and we all die one day so do it now or never

  13. Taking steroids (along with other PEDs) is like choosing to be a professional boxer or a competitor in extreme sports.
    You know the danger to your health and your life but you deem it worth the risk.

  14. What a video creativity all the beats matching with poses and motivating me plz more videos I watch all videos of ur

  15. My view is. If those bodybuilders never did steroids you would never have heard of them. They would be alive but cleaning toilets for a living . But taking steroids gave Their short life meaning. Being the biggest and best in the world . Immortalized them.
    Nobody is going to give a crap about you and me going to the gym nat

    FAKE STRONG, WEAK INSIDE, FAKE STRONG OUTSIDE…FEEL SORRY FOR UNINTELLIGENT PEOPLE LIKE THEM, AND IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD AT ALL. THEIR CHOICE! Difficult to feel sorry for people that knows what they are doing and knows the results. I feel sorry for people with Cancer, Leukemia, Good people that have real diseases and are suffering and praying to get better…

  17. You idiots! Arnold Schwarzenegger took a lot of gear and is still alive! Franco Columbu is still alive! Ronnie Coleman is still alive! Lee Haney is still alive! Samir Bannout is still alive! Frank Zane, Dorian Yates, Kevin Levrone, Tom Platz all alive, how many more you want me to say?

  18. I did 8 years of wrestling profesional , been champion several times and wotked verry hard , sometimes , before competițion , two workout per day at high intensity , cardio, gimnast,strenght and techique and i never looked even half of that musclemans.but i can say i had the power of ă bull and the agility of a puma without taking not even one pill, only natural protein and vitamin . My friend growing muscles in 1 years duble then me but after they quit workout theyr muscles is melting wile mine is still in shape after so many years after quit sport. I only doing physical job and that help me but thats not a sport .
    So the conclusion, eat healty and have ambition to do sport without steroid. Not all can grow without steroid, only ă campion can do .


  20. The Heart has a limited capacity of regeneration. Pumping Iron and using steroids simply breaks the Heart and the Liver. Incredible that I have lasted longer than many of them.

  21. his face 0:50 and 0:55 he looks like a old men, becouse the steroids and he looks sick, you can see the death in his face…. crazy…. i must crying and i am a adult men

  22. Steriods ain't it yall. That temporary feel good for just a few years is not worth it. Working out naturally year in and out, bulking and cutting. Experiment with your macros, this is the real hard work. Roids is the cheat codes to bodybuilding.

  23. I respect those who died for this sport death or living weak normal lifestyle
    Some fucking haters will say you are a loser if you do steroids no its not like that its a choice done by them it made them happy even before death so shut f up

  24. Там от диуретиков побольшей части все умерли. Диуретики это настоящий яд, который убивает большинство бодибилдеров и не только.

  25. I wish that 1 day the judges will banned or disqualified any body builder that had used steroids and make it a all natural bodybuilding competition.

  26. Ok dead guys, so you rolled your dice and now your women who were getting horrible dick for years found some natural skinny guy and is having the best sex of her life because you wanted to be buff and fake.

  27. To those saying to close down steroid manfacturers, im just here saying that some people need steroids because doctors says so, steroids have medical purposes too

  28. Funny thing is that all those bodybuilders died except Arnold. It makes me wonder why 🤔🤔🤔

  29. Head line says price of steroids, these guys are way beyond steroids. If all they took were steroids they would all still be alive. All the shit these guys take to get up on stage are actually worse than the steroids. Way more people die every year due to preworkout, energy drinks, dieretics and fat burners.

  30. Sohel(Soel)Nouri (Grand Prix Italy /Spain/Switzerland Ifbb 1991 ) passed away in 2009 at 50(cardiac arrest apparently)

  31. This isn’t a sport, in a sport drugs are banned. Unfair advantages are cheating. The talent is displayed in front of the fans not 8n a private gym then show us the results after. This is in human, I’m sure I don’t understand huh. How bout this……..extreme bodybuilding is an addiction as dangerous as alcohol and cheating on you wife, because having the perfect body is the goal that won’t ever be reached, the euphoria is in its impossible chase. Ban extreme bodybuilding sports! Wack ass shyt.

  32. You all should know why people do this because they want it the perfect body also it deals with your self-esteem people who do this have low self-esteem i know i know people say no i don't but really deep down inside we really do i know this because i had the same feeling thats why i workout to keep the perfect body and keep doing it if you want it you work hard for it but mainly what im saying is please do it in a healthy way i know sometimes we be unpatient or just don't have enough muscles and we want it now and we take drugs for it thats the thing thats going to mess you up lol in this world things that be easy comes with a price this one comes to death buddy

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