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Come inside. You’re too kind. [music – “time warp”] I’m William Ivey Long. I’m the costume designer for
Rocky Horror Picture Show. Riff Raff is, sort of, all in
black in the original film. And so we’ve kept him in black. But I made this as, sort of,
an homage to formal wear. There’s a lot of
piecing together, like people sort of made
them out of scraps and bits. But this is five different
black pinstripe suit fabrics. Rock and roll, skin
tight, because they have to go over his boots. REEVE CARNEY: This
is Riff Raff being sort of a henchman,
handyman, grave digger. And that’s why
everything’s frayed. And also my fly is
always partially down. He just doesn’t care
enough to even zip it up when he goes to the bathroom. You know this earthling? This person? Look at his shirt, see it’s
sort of this separate collar but if you can see
through it and? Look at it. Isn’t that terrible? That’s how he lives. Real, old, classic
rock and roll.

14 thoughts on “Designing Riff Raff Played By Reeve Carney | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

  1. The original costumes they use during "I'm Going Home" looks better for me, and Magenta's hair referencing The Bride of Frankestein was great… But it's okay if they chose to go differently, I just think it could be less visually polluted, it's too much.

  2. He totally looks like Todd Rundgren on the "Hermit of Mink Hollow" album cover. Even the blond- on-top of black hair color is like Todd's current look.

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