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when the insole is in the shoe for a while it starts talking with us how can we help him to stay healthy and fit with my insoles, it is possible to provide correctness we save this now and then we go into production Howdy, friends of cultivated competitive sports welcome back on my YouTube channel after a long time I’m motivated again to do a new video today will be a special edition as a competitive athlete you are always looking for the last 2-3 % and I’m always finding mine here therefore, I also took my shoes today I’m visiting Christoph Trautmann and get the right insoles for the new preparation and my new shoes in my opinion, it is totally interesting and therefore, I would like to share it with you here we go how are you? I’m fine So nice of you to come I’m glad you found the time I also brought my shoes again and I thought it’s time again for some new insoles nice color Yeah, great, let’s do it we start in the running room you can start getting ready Put on your gym clothes so we can take a good look at it right away what are you doing now I’m gonna put you in the system now this is a great new software with treadmill and motion analysis and I create a new user for you now in the database as long as you’re doing that, I’ll go change and maybe introduce yourself hi guys my name is Christoph Trautmann I am a self-employed master craftsman in orthopaedic shoe technology we are located in Schwetzingen since 22 years now originally I come from Baden you can hear that in my dialect the trautmann family business has been in existence since 1889 I have 3 more brothers they’re doing the same 22 years ago I started my own business and ended up here in this region to take care of the feet here we have developed something very special it is only two times available in Europe this one here in Schwetzingen and in the branch in Mannheim it’s a woodway the emperor or king of treadmills it consists of lamellas and provides for a very natural movement in parallel, the whole body is measured with 3D camera and infrared technology the measurement then shows the movements in the joints knee joints hip joints the body’s center of gravity is determined the step length is displayed in addition to the insoles, this technology also gives us the ability to see how the person moves whether in everyday life or as a top athlete based on that we can help them to stay healthy and fit I hope I don’t have to walk too much right now I’m back again you are now in the database and we can now take a look at you you don’t know this yet, right? No, I haven’t seen that before. That’s new. yes, it’s brand new we’ll start with a basic test we record your movement during walking and slowly running to create a rhythm of movement but as a weightlifter you luckily do not have to walk that much I only have to walk on stage and back again we’re barely scraping through this have a seat please and take off shoes and stocks I’ll first like to take a look at your foot last time I was visiting Christoph I still had the adidas boost and they have a really soft sole I directly got a “slap” because that’s not really optimal for the foot maybe I will have more luck with the Nike now have you noticed any changes? Someone told me I have just about every disease like flat foot, splay foot except of foot fungus If he had mentioned it before, I would have put gloves on I’m always good for surprises an incorrect strain would be recognizable by calluses or cornea but your foot looks good your foot has no corneas, so you’re fine get up, please I’m just gonna check to see if I recognize any anomalies by palpating everything here I noticed a small change in the big toe base joint the little toe is twisted in on both sides I inherited it from my mother it’s been around for a long time I’ve heard that’s a beauty ideal. Okay, Max, let’s go. now it’s time for the treadmill just stand there and be comfortable should I run? No, just relax. you are now measured and recorded at this speed of 4,2 km/h you can see here exactly what happens, how you move and what your body does up here you can see what your trunk is doing it shows whether you are leaning forward or backward whether you are more rigid or flexible if you look at the figures above, it all looks normal the next thing you see here is the hip movement this is the degree to which your hip moves freely in other words, it shows how many degrees your hips are able to move a normal value would be here at 20 degrees. So 20 degrees forward and backward this is a value that the hip can do well you only reach 17.6 degree and 15.8 degree backwards there is still some potential to be even more flexible here you should stretch out more so that you can move backwards you know what I mean that means I have shortened hip flexors and therefore I am not able to use the full range of motion exactly your hip flexors are already shortened that’s why you need to stretch to maintain your range of motion and not lose it I like to compare this to a yard gate we’re barely getting through, so we don’t have to open it all the way but at some point, you can’t open the yard gate completely because it doesn’t work anymore it is important to pay attention to certain stretchability and flexibility in order to maintain my mobility it is also important what happens in the knee area left knee has 48.7 degree flexibility on the right side it’s 44.1 degree there is a stretch of 9.4 at the left knee here it’s 13.4 this means your right knee is abnormal during walking 0 degrees would be completely stretched nobody does that, because the joint would be stressed too much a slight diffraction of 5-6 degrees is fine the left side with 9 degrees is still ok 13 degree is definitely too much there could be more extension on the right side we will also have a closer look at how this becomes apparent because we have also taken you from behind the contact time is shown here it is equal so far there is a difference of 1 cm in your step length but that does not play such a big role we will see later, how the differences become noticeable while running is it getting faster now? 8 km/h? do you manage this? I won’t be able to walk anymore yes, running running… what was it again? the faster movement what you do during half-time go to the bathroom and get a beer Sometimes, when I need to go really bad, I run to the bathroom I’ll skip the 10 min warm-up first we have to recalibrate the device is just cool especially Look because of its camera technology you can see everything, if you are too far in front or too far behind we are able to have look at you from above on the screen it looks very funny how I walk I could imagine that it also looks like that in reality but it’s not so important since you’re not a runner here we see directly what it looks like from behind and whether he puts his foot down properly or if he badly rolls his foot we’re gonna reevaluate that right now you may now step down from the treadmill we’re going to do another measurement to collect some additional information the more information we have the more individually we are able to adapt the sole to you please go on the two red stripes I used to say dashes for a while then a 68-year-old regular came to me and then I told her Mrs. … please place on the two red stripes then she replied to me: Mr. Trautmann I never thought I’d be on a dash (streetwalking) again at my age Alright max, we now see the ground reaction forces So the pressure that your body puts on the ground this is shown here on the screen left and right foot the dot here shows you the center we now have 50 and 50, this looks fine we freeze the recording now but what we recognize some colorings now there is more red on the left heel than on the right side on the left side the forefoot is less loaded than on the right side this means that you put more load on the left heel and more load on the right forefoot while standing and this leads to a forward rotation of the body but this is already your normal standing posture I also feel the rotation while training when lifting off the floor the bar always moves slightly forward also during squats there’s probably a connection do you notice the back here in this area? no, not really you don’t feel it in the back? just while lifting in training? everything feels like I’m doing it right I feel like the bar is completely straight I recognize it in videos or my trainer tells me to concentrate on the left side but I cannot control it myself I try to move back on the left side but I still am not able to fix the cause it’s only ok for the moment I know that the left side moves forward and I concentrate on it but if I don’t think about it the left side moves forward again but you have to remember it otherwise, you train your muscles in the rotated position and then it will be hard to get the muscles to adjust it is really important to concentrate on your left side and you always have to balance the rotation before each lift to make sure you’re standing in the right position you have to stand properly if you are like this the system becomes more unstable the more weight is used to prevent displacement it is important to control the rotation while moving down whenever I recognize an evasive movement I have to counteract immediately to be able to use my full muscle power and postural strength my philosophy is that everything always starts down at the feet the feet are the foundation of the whole body I can do something right or wrong with every step I take you have to be one hundred percent correct in your foundation you have to stand firmly on the ground here nothing must move here if you’re still unstable, then your knee turns away you’re gonna have to make a stand then energy plays a role here again you’re gonna have to generate lots of energy to keep those knees stable which you then lack in another part of your body that’s why you get the insoles, so this can’t happen I notice I have bow legs Really, Max? Alright Max let’s take a closer look on your walking movement we now watch it in slow motion here we see now the first part of the movement the heel hits the ground the pressure is building up and the tension in the muscles builds up from bottom to top in the whole body this part should take place within a good static and it differs for each individual in your case, the ankle brings you into the bowlegged position you can see it here you start to push your knee axis outwards this is what your leg axis looks like we also pay attention to the foot I zoom in a little bit while putting the foot on the ground your axis looks like this I take the same picture on the right if we look at the same moment and pay attention to the left foot again we recognize this is our reference during further movement as soon as the whole load is on your left leg your lower leg moves to the right and at the same time the arch of your right foot gets instable on the left side did you recognize it? the instability here that looks kind of weird this tilting of the foot which takes place here builds up unnecessary tension in the whole body on the left, you see what your foot could actually do and on the right, you see where it, unfortunately, moves to now we have looked at everything in detail we move on to the interesting part the footprint you’ve been looking forward to this the whole time yeah that’s a little ticklish take a seat quite in former times, one has still made footprints with plaster but for 25-28 years now it has been done this way the foot is only measured here we start with the left one its’ like do you know this weird thing where you put in your head or hand and then it’s printed it’s the same here pins are coming up right now and then you see the relief of the foot the foot is scanned with it exactly this is done while sitting because the foot has to be relaxed in order to measure its natural shape fine pressure sensors are used to scan the foot based on this scan we will make the insoles later now we start, now it will tickle I’m already used to it. if we now take the foot away you can see how the shape looks this is now being digitized and printed every footprint is as individual as the thumb that’s it, thanks I can imagine that in the production of conventional insoles it is assumed that the left and right foot are looking the same and then you get the same sole for both sides but this is a huge mistake sure you are right but often even a layman notices if the insoles were specially made for him or not for example, if he puts the insoles next to each other and notices that both have the same shape that is definitely wrong then an easy method to find out if you got shit insoles or not in my opinion, they look the same they look fine there is a small difference on the left side the course of the arch is different there’s a measuring pin that didn’t go all the way up on the right side you stand a little lower here these small deviations are quite noticeable here but that’s okay here in front, your foot is very strong and it needs the power as well a good basis for weight lifting sounds good we’ll save this now and then we go to the workshop I’m gonna put some clothes on and if you look around you’ll see a lot of stuff hanging here for example Manuel Neuer’s shoes or the ones from Sami Khedira or Thomas Müller many jerseys of famous footballers as well as of track and field athletes lots of people have been here already and now you and now it’s me these are the insoles of Matthias Steiner with them, he won gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing he has worn these for 5 years that’s what makes the quality of such an insole it remains stable and firm and withstands the strain for such a long time he wore these insoles on the famous video where he won? now we go upstairs and do our best for your insoles analysis is in the books now now we’re trying to save what’s salvageable we will now go to the workshop so I’m here because I’m an athlete but I’m sure you have regular customers, right? yes grannies come and visit but also young kids lot of kids it is very important to recognize malpositions already at a young age that’s not only an important topic for athletes this is also the reason why there is the room with all the jerseys they used to hang in the entrance area but then “normal” people felt always out of place because they are not athletes and can therefore not give an autograph I can only provide family photos sometimes I told them: you can also bring me something and I hang it up then they said: would you really do this? and I said: yes, of course and bring a cake that happens from time to time could be worse, not? So not only athletes are allowed to visit even “normal” people can come and get advice from Christoph if there are orthopedic complaints everybody is welcome when you ask Christoph for google reviews he always replies I have an extra room for that quite impressive espresso is very important, right? so that one also remains fresh in the head just in order to be on the same page I just have to check my flask just joking athletes don’t drink alcohol but let me take this opportunity to quickly introduce you to my instagramer my daughter and her boyfriend they take care of my Instagram account I’m too old for such things but they started now with our account Einlagenmanufaktur_Trautmann and now we are also available on Instagram and share our story welcome to the 21st century but Max you don’t have to make a big talk, you also get support with your Instagram do you have to say that now? thank you for supporting me you’re welcome, it’s fun if you do well, you can also do the job of my cameraman asshole one more crack like that and you’re out on recall enough espresso, let’s get back to work first we have to go to the milling cutter we now select the suitable material it depends on the pressure of your body on the material the material must, of course, withstand it well does the footprint or the system tell you which material to use? no, it’s just experience I have been here for 14 days and therefore I have a huge experience in selecting the right material you can do very much right but also very much wrong if you take it in your hand and move it, you notice how strong the material is so if I need flexibility I choose more flexible material but in your case we need a very stable material from the findings of the analyses how you move how your feet behave how much pressure you exert on the floor and with my experience I choose the right material for you let’s clear the table here what do we need now safety glasses coat safety shoes a pencil I already have a pencil here you can start warming up don’t hurt yourself then we’ll start right away but you need safety glasses and coat I’ll get you everything Pencil that’s me you have to speak louder, I can’t understand a word that’s the whole point what are we going to do for you milling the milling cutter is now calibrated then it drives directly onto the block and cuts out the foot while milling cutter is running we’ll do something else I almost forgot gluing materials, right? exactly earlier the question came up what is the difference in the insoles that is not only interesting for me to know this is now the original nike sole these are the insoles that Nike provides with the romaleos 2 this is my old insole made by Christoph it looks pretty used already you can already see a deformation here when the insoles are worn for a while they lose their strength over time and sink because a lot of pressure is put on them this is now the original insole from nike if I now measure the relief of your foot here I hold my hand here as a counter-pressure so that the pins can take over the shape this shape I now put on here and you directly see what this insole is not capable of if your foot is now supported here and stands well and you use this sole afterward it becomes unstable and tips over this then continues over the ankle over the knee over the hip down here is the boat that moves and the one that sits on top has to stand pretty firm so that it doesn’t turn his stomach they are small things which have a big effect on the top if you just compare these two shoes just basically If you would like to lift with such a shoe you would fall over it provides such high flexibility and softness and therefore can’t support you during lifts did you hear that? if you lift with such shoes you would fall over so this is not recommended there are actually people who squat or lift in such running shoes the shoe is designed for running let me show you something the shoe has only a small contact surface if you lift weights with it, you can fall backward the same can happen because of the small contact surface to the front so you’re swinging this should not happen to a weightlifter and therefore he needs a shoe that stands firm this is the area it is clearly longer in the back and stable so if you go down, you can’t fall backwards but stands firm the material is stable, even if I push it in, nothing deforms here to compare the running shoe the material is deformed just right if you run you wouldn’t be able to walk with these either special weight lifting shoes are optimal running shoes are not recommended at all what if I lift barefoot? I have no clue who came up with that idea there are just a few people who have such a perfect foot that nothing can happen but these are people who live in the jungle and still walk around barefoot here where we live you are on asphalt or flowing our foot is tired and can’t perform as it would be necessary we sit for 8 hours at work and in the evening we go to the gym and do barefoot squats you would not be able to hold your body in the right axis because your feet would collapse down there at the bottom this continues up to the knees and hips and as a consequence, you train a wrong posture they walk like that then that’s a load of bollocks we always need the right footwear running shoes for running weightlifter need weightlifting shoes that’s it barefoot is bullshit, it doesn’t work well then we would have cleared that up by the way, if you are looking for lifters I know a good address to shop it just got the message that the insoles are ready so milled we’ll check them now and then comes the next step: gluing what are you doing now? I now cut the insoles out of the mould so that we can process them further left side is always done by the master craftsman right side is done by the apprentice not sure if I’m doing it right well, I think I have to press a little harder from time to time you get as much muscle as I have on the arms then it also works with the first attempt I’d send you to a dope test first espresso dope you can also break it off well max the camera is not that light either stop complaining it’s all about concentration is it correct? yes, of course well done we have milled the rough shape well looks fine, right? yes now the next step is to sand the edges all around and refine a bit more so that it fits well in width and to improve the raw shape, of course afterward, the insoles are glued By the way, we’re not just doing this because you’re here today each insole is made by hand there are no prefabricated insoles but for each foot, an individual insole is manufactured At first, I felt honored I thought that only I would get such a handmade soles apprentice where are you I’m here boss I don’t need them anymore, right? nope we’re supposed to put them down like this as we now start gluing this is an adhesive layer from italy? and this is spray glue like the good espresso, everything made in italy like the espresso machine we start from here now pressure builds up and then the glue is sprayed just joking we let that dry now and then we put it in the oven to activate so this has to dry first? yes exactly, this is still damp now and must dry out first now it is flexible and soft and sticks to your finger now the layer can be applied from front to back stay in the middle to make sure the gears are glued on the back if it is well glued, it is also dark air is not allowed under the layer so you have to press them well while everything is hot now there is an intermediate step: the polishing the insole becomes very fine and there is nothing rough contained maybe it would work without polishing, too it’s already very flat but my demands are different I feel small differences I don’t know if the person wearing the soles will feel it I don’t care, but I feel it and therefore I polish the stiffener is put here on the left because otherwise you would break off to the outside the material won’t move evenly the left side will be stiffer but the right side will still stay flexibe this is how we counteract the outbreak I grind it even thinner now that feels thick exactly, a harder material I’ll work on it off-site for now which will make the work easier later and then it is also glued on now the stiffer material is applied the green material now provides stiffness this stabilizes Max during weightlifting and prevents him from breaking outwards now we put the last layer on it, the color surface now we put it in the oven again some materials shrink together and are suddenly small now it has the right temperature again how many insoles do you produce per day? 20-25 per day that’s quite a lot what do you think? does this work? asks the expert I have no other choice now try to put something good on it now it has to dry for a while we use the time with? espresso? correct how is the internship so far? I haven’t had time to look at my phone yet this is what a good internship is like I don’t know how it look at the Bundeswehr but… when I’m at the Bundeswehr I’m always at my phone refueled with espresso now we can move on the blank is now ready now the real work begins the insoles or lumps will be sanded again so that their shape, height and bottom fit to the shoes do you want me to do it or would you rather do it yourself? here you can press and nothing happens this is instable and can be squeezed even your old insole is stable the sanding makes it a little softer I’m doing the left one and you’re doing the right one good idea we’ll see who can do better. he does everything by feel your girlfriend would be happy if you felt that much, huh? max what do you say as an old expert max what do you say as an old expert are doing okay that was just the trial round do you still have the bar and platform here? so I can test them right now or I’ll test them on the treadmill have a seat please this is not a shoe-tying service but I want to see how the shoe fits you have to be careful not to break the shoelaces it’s already squeezing the blood that’s how my father tied my shoes and then it started tingling pretty tight like plugs by “Fischer” bombproof other side the lacing tells you if a shoe fits well on the foot if the lacing is nice and even it is good yours looks bad I didn’t lace it up this is how it should look like you are a good example you should wear shoes with velcro straps all white alright, this is the finished insole now how long did it take 20 minutes 3 espresso over 5 hours, I guess but as we all learned it is high-quality handwork it fits perfectly in my lifter I think I have to get used to it during the first training sessions but such a sole also needs some time to adapt but this is gonna be really good the video is slowly coming to an end it was a very instructive video this time you can’t just buy these insoles anywhere there is always a movement analysis first then everything is personalized in the end you have a very high quality sole we’re standing right here in said room I think it speaks for itself lots of athletes and also lots of athletes who are much more professional than I am visit Christoph and get their insoles done and not to forget, non-athletes are also coming thank you very much for the insights I’d be glad to! it was a lot of fun I will let you know how it feels during lifting if you notice anything let me know and we’ll do some fine-tuning you can give me the apron back I forgot all about it arms up and out at once I’m a little bit sad that you have to give the apron back but if I get into trouble in the workshop I will call you yes, just call me I hope my internship certificate doesn’t say, “was striving continuously” as in all my recent thank you I need to say thank you was much fun good to hear it’s nice that you were able to get an insight into how such insoles are made and how much effort is involved I really liked the way we did that your work should definitely be appreciated if you liked the video: thumbs up if you did not like the video: thumbs up tell your grandparents if they have some issues with their feet and shoes I know where they find help They just have to visit Christoph Trautmann in Schwetzingen and he will make them fresh new insoles see you soon

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