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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m Katie Adams, a registered dietitian with
Decathlon Club part of Western Athletic Clubs. When you’re trying to gain weight, it is important
to make sure that you do it in a healthy way. Just eating as many calories as you can could
have long term effects on your body. One of the most important things you can do is to
have healthy sources of calorie dense foods. Calorie dense foods are those that contain
a lot of calories in a small amount of food. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etcetera,
all have a high amount of calories for a small amount of food. They also contain fat though
so you want to make sure that you don’t make those your primary source of extra calories,
just maybe for a snack. Liquid calories such as smoothies, 100% juices and even milkshakes
made with low-fat ice cream are an excellent source of added calories when you’re trying
to gain weight. Avocados are also an excellent source of healthy fats and high calories.
Add half an avocado to your sandwich. Lastly, make sure that you eat frequently throughout
the day every 2 to 3 hours that way you’re not eating a huge meal all at once where you’ll
be full for the next several hours. I’m Katie Adams, a registered dietitian with Decathlon
Club and that’s how you can gain weight healthily.

100 thoughts on “Diet & Nutrition : How to Gain Weight

  1. 16, 5'10 just over 100 pounds……….pisses me off so much I weigh less than most girls, its so annoyin

  2. I'm 22 and have always been skinny. I am 6'0 and weigh 120 pounds. What's the secret!? I don't have an appetite either.. =(

  3. I hope this works for me…
    Its sad to see almost everyone here weigh more than me. Also ppl need to show respect that ppl have to face this problem on the daily basis and not being able to overcome this issue. To be honest i rather be obese than skinny. Maybe someone can help me….i dont want to expose my weight but i wonder if someone can help me….

  4. 6'3" 250 have to gain 20+ pounds for football. I've been on a weight gain plan for 6 months and have lost 20 pounds… Maybe I'm sick?

  5. I feel the same way. Being too skinny is like being too fat. Im tired of people asking me if im anorexic or bulimic. i try everything and i cannot gain weight. It also pisses me off that guys tell me that would like me if i was " fatter'
    people make fun ofme as much as they would make fun of an obese person.
    I hope that you are able to gaine weight (:

  6. i am super skinny too, if you by any chance get to know a way to gain weight please tell me, and if i find it ill tell you

  7. Yea that works, if u have low metabolism. But my metabolism is way way high….cheeseburger dont even make me fat….

  8. That depends if it does die out by then, ppl tell me im too "skinny" but they dont no that i actually eat twice as much as them.

  9. i hate being me, no matter how much i eat during the day i never get fat. people say am lucky but urgh!!!
    these exercise dont actually help to be honest, maybe its just for me =(

  10. Me too, i eat as much as i can, but i don't gain weight, my cousin says im 'model skinny' and i should take that as an advantage, but my clothes dont look good on me, and hardly anything fits, and im too young to do the weight lifting… 🙁 i hate that

    so your not the only one who has that problem 🙁

  11. it's funny that most of the comments are about the women and not what she is saying lol – on THE POINT, glad for the info

  12. Thanks!! These tips have helped me gain a bit of weigh, especially the part about eating small portions every few hours. Another good thing I've found is making a food diary to watch what/how of often I'm eating.

  13. @pitbullrozh

    It's not just you,I turned the sound off and read the subtitles instead.

    I find it funny how the advice to gain weight is the same to the advice given to lose weight: eat nuts and avocado(sources of healthy fats)eat small meals frequently through out the day,etc :P.I understand the different context and all that of course,but I think people need to be generally educated on the logic of maintaining a healthy body,than be given 'tips' and 'advice'

  14. tried this, didn't work, I came to the conslusion that I can eat what ever I want and never gain weight. good in some ways, bad in other ways

  15. I am 13 years old, 91 pounds, and 5"3. I think I am underweight for my height and age and I would like to gain weight. I also have a very fast metabolism, so eating food doesn't seem to help me very much. :S Any suggestions?

  16. @fcbarcelone3 ehh, just see it as: we are lucky. there are millions of people who would love to eat whatever they want and never gain weight. Just don't try anything stupid with that ideal.

  17. @fcbarcelone3 im 13, very skinny, 95 pounds. my problom is.. i have digestive probloms so i have to be careful about eating alot, im affraid to wear t shirts, i need to get my digestive system back to normal agian before i can eat regulary,

  18. hi i always eat 4cup of rice and chicken for 7 month because i'm working at k.f.c but on that 7 month i never gain weight what should i do i want to gain weight even a fat only plss helf me thnks ^_^

  19. @Jazzxoxo3 I know they are so dumb they are moving away from the issue she is talking about because they are obsessed with peoples looks. Listen to her it dont matter what her eyes looks like people think everyone is perfect you wait and see when they find something goes wrong in their own bodies one day then they will get a shock.

  20. @magicpwnage WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN?? It's none of your business regarding her eyes shes talking about weight gain.

  21. @msgyaan I bet if we could see you we get more than a zombie look…….I bet you look more scary hey? stop insulting people on their looks no one is ever perfect and things can change through out a persons life.

  22. @guinealand840 You can try these tips, but when you are that young your body isn't completely developed yet. You can get into athletics and build muscle if you want to.

  23. Hey, I have a really good metabolism I am fifteen, In year eight & I Am 47 Kilos Or Pounds, Im not sure what one. My doctor asked me if I have ever had an eating disorder,… And I have never had problems with eating, I eat so much food..
    and when i try eating more It dosnt do anything. I lived of chocolate for a week.. ZERO RESULTS!! Any tips??

  24. @magicpwnage I didn't see anything wrong with her eyes… ? What's with people being so judgmental about other people's appearances?? Seriously… She looks great!

  25. @TheCarlacat I'm not an expert or anything, but when I was fifteen I was probably around 50 kilo's and I was very healthy and exercised like 3-5 times a week and ate a lot! But when I turned sixteen that's when my thighs and butt gained weight and it happened really fast! I was still what people considered skinny although I was 58 kilos at age sixteen, it's just DNA. Still I would always try 2 eat more n more to gain weight. Today when obesity is so common people think it's abnormal to be thin!

  26. @TequilaAssassin4eva hello, make peanuts and almonds a part of your snack, i gained 10 pounds. but dont eat a whole can in a day wont work. Takes 4 weeks, youll see fat, buts its healthy fat.

  27. @TequilaAssassin4eva YEH, they work well.. try to get the no salt ones. They are low in carbs to, but the fats high in them, great protein. Sea salt peanuts are great to the mixed kind. I eat them a lot
    Good luck, =)

  28. @edonkulationable any are good, the planters mixed sea salt nuts are very high in fat, and are a good snack. But, try to watch out for all the sodium, they have regular peanuts with out salt which are also great and work!!! ALSO try to gluten free almond crunch peanut bar eat one every morning and looking forward to it!!! they are the best!!!

  29. Eating 6 meals a day might actually make you skinnier and leaner. Everytime you eat, your metabolism is kickstarted. So you would be having a fast metabolism and would'nt gain any weight.

    Its better if you have 2 or 3 meals a day, no snacks in between. Eat LARGE portions at every meal. Metabolism is slowed when you skip meals, so you gain weight if you eat larger portions.

    Also eat healthy sources of protein. No junk food!

  30. i live off top ramen and tea, weight – 85 age 16….any other suggestions? is this video saying i should eat avacados? im not a vegetarian, after a while i crave meat…like pork chops r hamburgers…but like i said mostly i eat top ramen noodels

  31. @TheCarlacat well.. if u live of choclate for a week.. your depriving yourself of essential vitimans and minerals.. eat balanced meals… calorie density matter…. but trying to gain or loose… nvr forget "fruits and veggies"

  32. @guinealand840 ok… apple pie empanadas at Taco Bell… eat one of those babies everyday.. its insanely calorie dense… and its fruity…. and greesy

  33. @Julieanne I beg to disagree with you, it really works for me and my colleagues we did the diet plans from WeightLossAction.Info and it saves me from my losing my hope to be thin again..

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  35. I'm 20 5'3 and only weigh 112 i was 117 recently /….ughh i keep going down and up and I never make it to 120. I want to reach atleast 130. Please help. ITS SO HARD TO GAIN WEIGHT THEN IT IS TO LOSE

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  41. Yes! not sure if it was you but the advice about not
    puttting fork down really works well for me because i would eat then start feeling full and then would put fork down and start doing something else but if i start getting that full feeling i just keep fork in my hand and it keeps eating on my brain..This morning i finished 4pancakes with jelly oatmeal with brown suger glass of milk and orange juice!! Now to complete the task of eating 2-3 hrs through out the day!!

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  43. Gotta lift weights/resistance train to gain mass in certain areas
    Or else it will all go to where your body sends it
    Generally around the hips

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