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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, this is Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution
in South Beach, Miami, Florida. In this clip we’re going to talk about how to make a weight
gain shake. And one of the things to remember is that when you’re trying to gain weight,
you want to gain healthy weight. So you want to use lots of healthy ingredients, lots of
healthy fats, and protein and healthy carbohydrates to help you gain healthy weight. So in terms
of making a shake here, we’ve got a few things to start with and you can feel free to add
many more things, just keeping along these lines here. I’ve got a protein powder here
that we’re going to use and that’s of course just to add some protein in so that there’s
extra muscle building going on. And I’m going to start in this case with milk, or you can
use coconut milk or something of that nature with the base rather than water to add more
calories. And this is whole milk, organic. So I’m going to add somewhere around a cup
or so of this and I’m going to add my protein shake, my protein powder. Trying to get it
all in the smoothie and not outside on the counter. And you can, although I’m not going
to do it today, you can add something like nuts or nut butter again, adding more calories.
I’ve also used avocados, which are really delicious in a smoothie. You can add bananas
as well. These are all great foods. But for now I’m going to stick with my frozen fruits.
These are some raspberries and some strawberries and some blueberries. And we’re going to see
how this turns out. There we go. Here it is and you can see it looks rich and delicious.
This is Rachael Richardson and this has been how to make a weight gain smoothie.

56 thoughts on “Diet Tips : Making a Weight Gain Shake

  1. no i been doing weights and been using suppliments for years. the protein will make your mucles bigger if you dont us the protein powder your still gaining weight but your mucles arent growing your just geting bigger.

  2. not that expensive just get the whey protein at walmart. i use peanut butter, oatmeal and egg on my shakes. they seem to work wonders on me. 😛 bananas dont forget your potasium and work out dont just gain but WORK the gain 😛

  3. I usually have some fish oil with my protein shake =). One question though – i heard it's very common to get salmonelosis (a disease) from eating raw eggs. How do you manage to avoid it? Any tricks?

  4. the info for this video is a lil messed up lol
    "Gain weight quickly and easily with these weight loss tips from an experienced dietitian"

  5. i agree with bandidjor on the peanut butter and banana. i use these along with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, full fat milk, and a teaspoon of 'milo' chocolate powder (full of b vitamins and malt). i'm a girl who doesn't work out btw and it still works. i put flaxseeds in too when i can afford them.

  6. oh, another good tip i found was to drink plenty of water, which is essential if you're increasing protein, and never let yourself get too hungry, if at all. you have to think and eat like a fat person! lol (just don't eat piles of junk food)

  7. a dietitian recommending a diet w/ protein powder. new statistics have proven that they mess up ur kidney even in low dosages. Eat some egg whites instead

  8. i would really like to see the study, and I`m not trying to be rude.

    I see a lot of people against protein powder with the same quote, but for me to drop something that helps me so much to get muscle, i would need to see the real thing, not only talk.

    again, im not trying to be rude, its just that I was never able to find none of these studys

  9. u shouldv left out the protein and just used the coconut milk instead, loads healthier and still has loads of protein from the coconut, it'll make it easier to drink too.

  10. pfftt i got you're 33 gram protein shot right here baby all 33 grams in just a teaspoon of salty mushroom sauce.

  11. what are yall talking about, its not a fat shake. Its not even a weight gainer shake. It's just a simple protein shake. whole milk, protein powder, and fruit. Even if you add nuts (or peanut butter) it adds good fats, not bad fats moron.

  12. Ehhh…how does this differ from a protein shake??? A weight gaining shake would have had nuts/protein powder and whole grain rice or something along those lines, not protein powder and fruit.

  13. for people like me, eating doesn't help me gain weight. No matter how much i eat it doesn't make me gain weight. So for some people you can't just eat and start gaining weight.

  14. Lol protein wont become muscle unless it has to. If you aren't lifting weights you wont gain muscle. Protein is needed to maintain your body but unless you are increasing the need for recovery you don't need that much.

  15. When it comes to gaining weight you should have mentioned bananas being an excellent choice for energy and calories along with low GI (healthy) carb ingredients. When I'm in my gain phase I tend to add 150g of dry porridge oats in with 30g of protein powder, works a treat.

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