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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi this is Rachael Richardson with Nutrolution
in South Beach, Miami Florida. In this clip we are talking about how to eat to gain weight
and so the question is that you should ask yourself what type of weight are you trying
to gain and I think that most people who are viewing this video are looking at gaining
more lean body mass. So if that is the case that you are wanting to build more muscle
then what you need to start working on is consuming more protein and probably some more
healthy fats too especially if you are working out a lot. Some extra carbohydrates is good
too and just focusing on the very healthy forms. So just starting with some more healthy
proteins, looking at consuming organic eggs every day, some organic if possible free range
meats and they don’t have to be fat free or low fat when you are looking to gain weight
so free range beef, free range chicken, fish, foods like that as well as healthy fats like
coconut milk, avocado, nuts and seeds. This is Rachael Richardson and this has been how
to eat to gain weight.

6 thoughts on “Diet Tips : Weight Gaining Tips

  1. I am 21, 1.85m tall but weight only 65kg
    I eat well… Some of my friends are fat but eat much lesser than me… I eat healthy food, fats, protein and all… I do exercise… but I dont know why I just cant gain a single kg no matter how much I try… its same as eating half of the current diet… Im really sick of this
    If an ordinary man would eat as much as me he would get fat as hell :-s … damn

  2. @DritonGusia same with me to i thikn skinny people r neglected in this society by everyone nobody cares about helping how to gain weight …just how to lose weight
    almost all tips are freakin not working i hate when that happens … i can understand your feelings as i m skinny 2

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