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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Weight loss, the most sought-after fitness
goal of the modern world. Rise of obesity is going bonkers, bringing
along with it a slew of health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease,
and weight-based stereotypes. Regardless of the reason why you or anyone
else wants to lose weight, no doubt that finding the best way is just as much of a struggle
as actually doing it. The common understanding is that you have
to work out hard and eat healthy. But between exercising and dieting, which
one will help you lose weight most effectively? Let’s look at the physiological process
of weight loss first. Generally, weight loss occurs when net energy
expenditure exceeds that of net energy consumption. Simply put, burn more energy, measured in
calories, than you consume. Energy expenditure occurs mainly through three
factors: The one that accounts for most of the energy is your basal metabolic rate, or
BMR. This accounts for all the bodily functions
during rest, such as your heartbeat and brain functions. Another factor is thermic effect of food,
or the energy used during digestion. And the third factor is physical activity,
determined by any type of movement you perform, including cleaning, walking the dog, and of
course, exercise. Of the three factors, physical activity is
really the only thing you can manipulate in any appreciable manner. You just have to do… well, more physical
activities. Energy consumption, however, is completely
under your control. You are responsible for what and how much
you eat. Some might doubt this, but as far as the research
goes, losing weight generally comes down to eating less than you burn. So, exercise burns more energy and dieting
decreases energy intake. Now, we simply compare which one does their
job better. And DIETING, seems to be the easier path. Take a hundred calories for example: With
dieting, that means eating only half of that chocolate bar or take one less bite of that
burger. With exercise, burning 100 calories means
running a whole mile or walking the dog for half an hour. Increase it to 250 calories, and that’s
skipping the whole chocolate bar or a handful of fries versus a whole hour of weightlifting. Unless you’re a fitness freak, eating less
will almost always be easier than exercising more. And even more so if you focus on eating low-calorie,
nutrient dense food which will make you feel more full instead of the high-calorie junky
type which makes you feel like reaching for seconds. So, does that wrap up the argument? Just diet and not exercise at all? Well, not exactly. The goal of weight loss shouldn’t start
and end with the sole focus on seeing the number on the scale go down. Exercise, although not as effective as dieting
for weight loss, per se, it still comes with a lot more health benefits that everyone should
have. Now, for people that are extremely overweight,
simply losing weight is already a huge health improvement. If just dieting works for them, then that’s
perfectly fine. For people capable enough, exercise most certainly
should be part of the plan. The obvious benefit is burning more calories
and giving you the green light to finish that chocolate bar. Exercise will also improve your overall heart
health and lung capacity. Some even benefit from the therapeutic high
of certain exercises along with the awesome benefit of burning more fat for energy granted
you are eating enough protein. And one thing about only dieting for weight
loss is that your body will eventually adapt to the changes. The longer you diet, the more your BMR lowers
and your body becomes a clingy fat lover. Muscle protein breaks down often, stress hormones
elevate, and your appetite gets shaky. Less energy ends up being burned and you will
need to eat even less than before to keep losing weight. Adding exercise, however, makes life a whole
lot better. BMR might still go down, but much slower with
exercise than without. It will also slow down muscle breakdown and
and increase fat breakdown to provide the muscle energy. It also means looking more lean and getting
stronger as you lose weight, especially for beginners. With just dieting, you simply end up being
a smaller version of your pudgy self. But keep in mind that exercise still requires
an overall calorie deficit to lose weight. The saying, “You can’t outwork a bad diet”
still rings very true. Now weighing diet and exercise with all the
added benefits considered, exercise might be the overall better approach. Sure, you lose weight slower but you don’t
have to starve yourself and become healthier, stronger, more muscular, and, most of all,
happier. Doing both in tandem will probably be the
best, but if I had to choose one, you can find MY answer at the gym. What’s your thoughts on exercise versus
dieting? Which one is better for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Please like and share the video if you enjoyed
it, and don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “DIET vs EXERCISE – The BEST For Losing Weight

  1. please help me. I am 16 and really intrested in healthy food however, my family cooks unhealthy food full of oil and calories and mostly high sodioum. my moms cook us extremly delicous so i often eat large quantities. What should I do.? is it to eat less of that food or try to save or eat food that doesnt require cooking?
    hope somebody could answer

  2. I've always found exercising easier than dieting.. Which means I've accumulated a good amount of muscle, but always struggled with my bodyfat%, until I started doing lowcarb. Lost 60 lbs and pretty happy with current physique, but dieting is a STRUGGLE imo. Exercise is therapeutic, both cardio (hiking) and bodybuilding.

  3. its not calories in vs calories out 😂😂 i eat 2400 calories BMR is 1800 and im cutting weight its more about carb intake

  4. yes I have finally realised eating nutritious food for weight loss and exercise for cardiovascular and respiratory health

  5. Thank you so much for mkaing this channel. I'm tired of seeing bulky people telling me cheap ways that won't make THAT much of a difference, they wont go into the science and facts (meat heads?). You however, go into the science behind your videos, and have this cute little animated guy that I don't have jealous of because of his body. Your channel is refreshing and I wish you the best. You've got a sub and a very sincere Thank You.

  6. muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass. doing cardio and counting calories only affects your calories in vs calories burnt on a day to day basis. putting on muscle will burn more calories every day for the foreseeable future.

  7. I hardcore dieted, ate around 1500 calories a day, low carb (Because I was a huge pasta and rice freak). And I lost 30-40lbs. Then I started going to the gym, but with a back injury is was pretty difficult but I keep truckin. I've lost a few additional pounds but my skin and firmness of my body has been amazing. I'm okay with the extremely slow weight loss if in turn gets me away from cottage cheese thighs and ass

  8. diet AND excercise! Do both. Counteracting one with the other isn't effectively​ progressing your life.

  9. I started my Weight Loss by just excerscicing, eating whatever I wanted and I see notable results at week 2/3, so Go Excersice!

  10. Weight loss has been really slow for me at the gym. I have lost 4lbs in a month, but my friend who's on a diet plan already lost 8lbs without exorcising.

  11. Not mention that if you skip the candy bar, not only are you saving money, but also time spent at the gym! I prefer to eat only calories packed with nutrition combined with shorter Hiit bodyweight workouts. Thanks for the vid!

  12. Another problem with exercise is that when you exercise, your appetite increases, so you're number of calories tends to increase. Also, how effective a diet is strongly depends on the diet itself

  13. Why not do a good diet and exercise, they both can go hand and hand and make you lose weight weight.

  14. Sooo i thought id ask, because im curious, and because i think this should be a video… Simply "where does fat go when you burn it?". Ive just red that is it exhaled and removed in sweat and urine, but i personally dont sweat alot with heave resistence training, but i do have severel bathroom breaks… despite only drinking 1 liter of liquid while training. I hope you make a video about this! 🙂

  15. The reality is, if you workout you still have to eat, better or worse but you still have to, in order to live, while you can be on a strict diet and don't do any physical activities and all it will give you is skinny look with no energy. Everything in moderation, working out 3-4 times a week and just avoiding sweets, fast foods, and fizzy drinks – that's all it takes to look and feel good and enjoying your life.

  16. It all depends on your goals.
    With a diet, you won't be able to go below -1000 calories/day. With excersize you can go much further, if you have the time and physique to do it.
    I went from 100kg to 93 in a week, while eating ~3000 calories a day. This was during a trek in the mountains, carrying a 20kg+backpack. Turns out moving a 120kg (264lbs) object up and down mountains require energy, and if you do it all day, every day, you will lose much more weight than if you simply eat healthier and less.

    However, dieting is a very time efficient way to lose weight:
    It takes me roughly 4 minutes to eat a chocolate bar, but only 0 (sic!) minutes to not eat it, whereas trekking for a week takes me a full week.

  17. I do both since 6 months and still got no sixpack but my belly got flat and my skin got a little bit thinner :S

  18. In case, like me, you’ve also been wasting your time searching for a weight loss plan that works, Google "sowo hope site. ” I have dropped 12 pounds in 1 week. I’d recommend this strategy to anybody who’s seeking for a really useful plan.

  19. after watching this and other picture fit videos 7 weeks before I started dieting and lifting this really helped me I've lost 8kgs . thank you picture fit

  20. I'd say dieting is harder to start doing. if you're used to salty, sugary, buttery etc. foods then you'll go through a withdrawal from dropping all of it.

  21. Having to come back and get motivated. Not eating bad diet foods like I used to. I worked out but gained fat and muscle. Now I fixed my diet and it's been 3 days qnd I feel better already. I miss the toned body I never had more than carbonated drinks

  22. Anybody already exercise simply by breathing, average person walk around 3000 to 5000 steps per day. Going to gym or not is only is 2ndary. The key is calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. Eating a heart healthy plant based whole food and cut out high fat and cancer causing animal protein is the golden key. Intermittent fasting is the natural way to increase our body's growth hormone. Finally, cutting out all processed food. There is a wonderful saying. Don't fuck with mother nature!

  23. I workout 5 days a week and eat around 2,400 calories a day. Doing so I lose weight. I weight about 160 lbs. It's not hard for me to lose weight at all.
    I changed my diet a few month ago. I loved junk food like all kinds of potato chips, chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, ice cream, pop corn, etc, you name it. What do I eat everyday now? Oat meal. Every bodybuilders eat oat meal. I started to eat that. What did I notice? Feel like that shit is zero calories to me. (Sorry about my language!) I don't know what oat meal is, really. It's like a magic food or something. No wonder every bodybuilders eat that shit, good shit, I mean brilliant shit. (Sorry again!)

  24. To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More. The New York times published an article with that title.

    I agree…If your goal is weight loss focus on your diet and don't overtrain in the gym.

  25. Diet- People exercise then eat chips, candy bars, energy drinks, slurpees . And then wonder why they're not losing weight.

  26. For a future episode can you talk about spirulina and dose that benefit are health & improve are workouts.. some are saying it benefits us cos it's a superfood and then some say it's not healthy for us…?

  27. I say even. Like you said, if you just diet without the workout, you have to eat smaller and smaller, and you'll still look pudgy because the body isn't being toned. Eating smaller is just hellish to us food lovers, and most of us want to lose weight to look good with health being the 2nd. (Most people, not everyone) I say both.

  28. guess I'm a "fitness nut" but it's easier to workout 30 minutes to an hour then it is to deny myself food 24 hours a day. Sometimes weight loss boils down to being realistic and I think that's where most people fail.

  29. My extremely overweight friend can't really exercise. Only walk. She always eats a lot. She's finally cut out sugars and carbs after years, and she's already lost 5 kg in 2 months time.

  30. Eh, I'd argue that BMR and the energy expended on digestion can be manipulated just as much as physical activity. In fact, for some people (e.g. bedridden people, or those with very tight schedules) adding more physical activity might be harder.
    Now… the thing is, the easiest way to manipulate BMR and thermic effect is… with your diet. For example eating less fat and more carbs and protein will increase thermic effects (since storing the latter two is more expensive for the body). Especially in conjunction with intermittent fasting, as this means more of your food intake will get stored before being burned. Those who eat throughout the whole day will spend less energy on converting carbs/proteins to fat, as they'll burn most of those directly from the bloodstream – which ultimately lowers energy expenditure of the body compared to first storing then burning fat.
    As for manipulating BMR, it can be lowered by starving yourself and being physically inactive… but if you want to increase it to lose weight faster, you have to do the opposite – eat plenty and work out. Now… the tricky part is how to eat plenty without also increasing your energy intake. I don't know what exactly causes the body to go into 'starvation mode' and decrease BMR, but probably a good way to prevent it is to aim for a reasonable caloric deficiency (say, eat 20% less than your expenditure, as opposed to half of it).

  31. I mean hey i bike everywhere i go plus in the evenings i do like a 20 min workout of cardio so like biking the whole day plus a 20 min workout at the end i am super supperr skinny. By the way i have a horrible diet. I guess it depends on time also. I have tons of time to bike everyday.

  32. I am currently 109 and my goal is 100. Does anyone have a guess at how long this could take? I plan to workout daily for 30 minutes to an hour and I eat normally as in I dont eat snacks in between. I just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only that, but I dont eat fast food for one of my 3 meals so it's just homemade cooking.

  33. I read somewhere that dieting is most important for getting the weight to come off but that for keeping it off exercise is king!

  34. I actually love exercising(I play basketball on a team 3_4 times a week and lift 2 days a week) but i struggle big time with my diet

  35. ive been on a diet for 2yrs…2 freaking years and ill tell you im never ever gonna return to it..after the reverse diet im not gonna fuck my self up ever again…im more happier with weight lifting now..i can now sit back and relax😂😂😂

  36. Tbh I disagree like if I don’t eat that chocolate bar I’ll lose weight fast and easy if I endlessly workout I will get bulking and lose weight EXTREMELY slowly.

  37. 1.Cut carbs and sugar completely
    2.Get into ketosis
    3.Start exercising 1 day cardio second strength
    4.Start doing IF slowly 3 meals 2 meals then 1 meals
    5.Drink alot of water
    6.Consider supplements of vitaminsand minerals and protein powder (low carb)

  38. I have lost around 17 lbs of my very own fat just after I utilized this kind of “Yamzοkο Weebly” dietary regimen (Google it).It’s magic to experience a potential outcome from this. This gets results truly quick and I adore it. There’s a huge difference in how that my garments fit and also just the side by side shots of a 6 day change! .

  39. Great video. IMO diet vs gym is dependent on the individuals goal. Let's say you are suffering from metabolic syndrome, then of course diet is the winner. However if you want less fat and a leaner look then gym would outweigh diet in the general sense. If you want a lean body then diet makes sense on a macro level….ingest more protein taper carbs and fat. I suppose you could say "it depends"

  40. I dont have the most perfect diet in the world (i eat burgers, drink beer, etc) but I maintain my shape perfectly fine by lifting. And all the people I know who have had weight issues have seen better results from lifting than dieting, the ones who just dieted ended up relapsing like a month after losing the weight and gained it all back.

  41. I've dieted off and on for years and never make any progress. By the time I make any appreciable weightloss, my metabolism slows to a crawl and I'm on a starvation diet of 1400 calories and only barely maintaining. I've flipped the table right now. I'm on a high protein diet, 2500kcal, and lifting every other day with an hour of cardio in most of the off days. I've lost a couple of lbs in 2 months, I've also made huge strength gains and assumedly added a decent bit of muscle. I'll clean up the rest of my diet as I go, for now I'm just happy to be healthier and stronger.

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  43. I really wish I had learn the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a long time ago. I dropped 12 lbs in three weeks so far. There is still need of exercise routines even only a couple of times weekly and the food to consume should be best. The actual result shown to me is astounding. Certainly, this is strongly recommended and I do hope this would work to you too because it did to me. .

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