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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so what are macros? this is Ben Winters with fresh as fit
trying to stay as fresh as we are fit and today we’re going to do something a
little different so you guys know I do on this channel we have the fashion side
of things wearing like the cool clothes and the
scoop necks and saying fashionable and check then we also the fits on the fit
sizes the bread-and-butter the meat and potatoes of this channel and I’ve been
through a lot of science classes and work and coursework everything from
exercise physiology to biomechanics to science classes and work and coursework
and everything from exercise physiology to biomechanics to organic chemistry and
regular chemistry and regular physiology and nutrition and dietetics courses and
the whole gambit okay from A to B through my bachelor’s in science degree
in health and exercise physiology to my dentistry degree my doctorate which had
tons of different medical classes from human anatomy with a live guitar normal
life cadaver but a cadaver does human body if you don’t know lies in the body
now you also have your biochemistry your chemistry to take physical chemistry and
chemistry and basically it just blows them on how many different science
classes I’ve taken about the human body and one thing I really wanted to create
and a big thing for me in this channel is I like to teach and I like to put
things in an easy laid out format for people to understand who are new to this
type of thing so I know I’m going to get people from all walks of life from
beginners to intermediate people to people who are really advanced with this
and this series is for the beginner so I’m going to call this my beginner
series the freshest fifth beginner series and this is going to go over
everything basic that has to do with nutrition and dieting and also working
out form different types of exercises what are the muscle groups and why and
so the little nuances you might did not know about the gym and I might even do
some basics fashion stuff you know the fresh side of it as well you know about
different workout tops and bottoms and what shoes there’s so many different
shoes how can you choose these or some good alternatives cheaper alternatives
supplements that hold type we’ll go over but today we’re going to start with
something that I think everybody should know and in the fitness world you can go
with 110,000 pounds aways every single day yeah and you’ll gain some muscle
mass but if your diet is not there you are absolutely screwed nothing is going
to happen nothing is going to change so today
we’re going to go over macros so what’s the macro most people that talk about
this are in the fitness sector you probably hear them the if it fits your
macros (IIFYM) crew or just kind of anything but basically there are four different types
of macros three you probably heard and the fourth is a little hidden guy that
we’ll talk about later okay first before we even go into these I’m going to show
you this picture so I’m going to put up a picture right now okay when you see
this picture what do you think this is what are you eating okay this is going
to be a whole different kind of mind altering change here so what you’re
thinking right now is I’m eating a burger and fries okay I’m having a
burger and fries whether is Red Robin or smash burger or Five Guys or McDonald’s
you know you still see the same thing I’m eating a burger and fries okay maybe
you pop maybe a milkshake yada yada so that’s how you think right now so after
this video I want you to think a little differently and we’ll go over that
so the first three major macros are proteins carbohydrates and fats these
three make up the bulk of almost everything you eat and they’re so so so
so important that you know what they are so you can basically mold your diet to
what they are if you don’t know what you’re eating how can you make sure to
eat the right things okay so we’re gonna just start
off right here with protein so protein is going to be the building blocks of
your muscle okay these are the things that break down into think of amino
acids the amino acids get shuttled to your muscle tissue and they help you
rebuild your damaged tissue or grow muscle which is what we want and I’ll
get into all the specifics of calories and percentages and everything else here
this is strictly just to learn macros what are they why do you need to know
them so protein like I said or your lean meats your chickens your porks your fish
your turkey everything like that those are your whole food sources of
protein you also have different way proteins or isolates or casein proteins
or soy protein powders and those are more of your supplemental style proteins
you really want to try and get as much of your protein as you can from Whole
sources and lean meats so like I said we’re going to lean meats and everything
else but I just want you to get a sense of what they are so on this burger the
patty is the protein okay now a lot of different places also have a ton of fat
mixed in with their protein on Burres that’s why you see somebody like if you
have the chicken yet a little fat hanging off the protein fat so most of
the time proteins and fats go together a lot unless you get really lean sources
like your 97:3 ground beefs but at a fast-food restaurant you know
it’s more 70/30 like 70% protein 30% of fat so in that case you’re getting a lot
of fat with your protein but we’ll touch on that here in a second so of the
burger the patty or bacon on top of it if you so inclined to do so is your
protein okay moving on all variety so now that we’ve gone over protein let’s
get into carbs now I know what you’re saying no I can’t
Karnes – nigger make me fat if I eat all bread and cheese I’m gonna get fat okay
this is one of the biggest problem I have with anybody I teach fitness
anybody I talk about diet with anybody I talk about anything with especially
female ding ding ding alert if you’re a female right now listen to me okay
carbohydrates are not the devil and they are not going to make you fat that it’s
been proven so many times scientifically research articles everything else okay
whew anyway in-ring carbohydrates these are a piece of your diet that
normally consists of breads whole grains Rice’s etc etc so what is the
carbohydrate what does it do for your body so as a protein we talked about
that builds them also going to build yourself and build everything else
carbohydrates are your energy source or one of your energy sources but your main
energy source so basically what happens is these carbohydrate molecules get
broken down into glycogen and sometimes like sugar very basic sugars and
everything else it basically feeds your body it gives you the energy it shuttled
the glycogen to your muscles to make them fuller and to give you power to
work and have energy to play and hang out and do things so if you were really
low carb how do you think your energy is going to be you got it it’s going to be
tanked so that’s what carbohydrates are so important and they’re not the devil
most people that do diets and will get into the diet that I I want you to do is
most people are high carbohydrates their carbohydrates are more than anything
else more than protein more than more than fats they eat more carbohydrates
every day than anything because they want to keep their energy level up
I have energy for the gym when I have an energy for the day you have a long day
you don’t want to be sitting there not having any energy so that’s what
carbohydrates do so now let’s talk about the different sources of them so I told
you we have the grains and the rice and the bread and the potatoes and
everything else and those are your whole food sources of carbohydrates your good
refined sources that are pretty healthy for you
and then you also have kind of the more negative size and I’ll tell you why
tough carbohydrates and those are your sugars your candies all of those type of
things now there are some sugars that are good like fructose you know you know
from fructose from your fruits and things like that and those are good
sugars those are you know they have fiber except in them to to make you full
but the problem with those are there still carbohydrates there’s still
calories but they don’t have the say da ting factors of the whole carbs so if I
eat a cup of rice I will feel full it will expand on my stomach and then I
will feel good and I’ll have that same energy because it takes time to digest
it it’s almost like you’re only letting a little bit of water trickle out at a
time so that energy is steady going through whereas if I eat a bag of Sour
Patch Kid or you know couple some reps gets the same amount of calories as a
cup of rice however many that is the problem with that is it jumps in all at
once with what a floodgate so you have all this energy at once and that spikes
your insulin levels and and causes a bunch of havoc on your body and kind of
almost tells your body to store fat and then you have a crash because you have
the flood of energy and then you shut down so that’s why those type of
carbohydrates are bad those are you know obviously you can have a diet well you
can but you can’t helpfully have a diet of all those type of things and expect
to have a good healthy body and lose weight or getting my
whichever you want moving on that’s carbohydrates we’ve gone through
proteins carbohydrates and now on to the big daddy of them all fat and set also
have gotten a negative connotation in the past where we had this whole craze
of zero fat that zero fat dish you know all this type of things but fats are
also not bad guys that also can give you energy as well and they can be used as
an energy source in the body although your main energy source is carbohydrates
also they provide you with a lot of essential vitamins like AED m’kay just
overall health of your body so you need fats every day you don’t need a ton of
fat every day do you need facts every day and once you get up to that level of
fats every day you don’t really get the benefit that you would from a
carbohydrate so let’s say I can get all my vitamins a day with 50 grams of carbs
so if I use those fit our 50 grams of set by apologize
so if 50 grams of fat that comes through now if I eat an exponential amount of
fat past that will I get a huge energy increase in an energy boost but I would
if I ate that many more carbs no I wouldn’t but that’s why again high
carbohydrate is the way to go because it does exponentially increase the more you
eat carbs the more energy you’re going to have to eat a hundred grams of carbs
and then you eat 200 grams of carbs a person ate tuna grams of carbs can have
more energy especially if they’re those healthy kind of slow releasing energy
carbs that’s why that is important to you it is not the end-all be-all and you
should not substitute your fat for your carbohydrates in my personal opinion now
there are a lot of people that do the ketogenic diet which means you have a
very low carbohydrate and you have a very high fat intake and there’s a
couple reasons why I don’t like them we’ll go through that in the diet video
this is solely just to let you guys know what macros are so one of the facts skip
back to the carbohydrates really quick what are the carbohydrates on the burger
so we’ve got the protein what are the carbohydrates that’ll be your buns
french fries etc etc you’ll also have some refined sugars and things in the
ketchup our barbecue sauce those are also carbs
you might not have even thought those recovers but yeah those are cars as well
sauces have a ton of carbohydrates in them and not the good type so anyway
some of the carbohydrates now back into the fats
what are the facts on the burger and this is where it gets a little tricky
because you have to really know your stuff if you want to know what facts are
so first off the beef is probably a higher fat percentage thief because they
want you to like it it’s very tasty as you see it it’s addicting and so it’s
probably a 70% protein and 30% fat meat so the meat has fat in it sometimes your
bread and other sources like that can have some fat added in help with
preservatives and shelf-life and all that type of things those can have
fatten unless you know their whole grain or their you know rice that has not been
enriched or touched then it could have some facts in it the different sauces
can also have fat in it branches very high in fat barbecue sauce
has a lot of fat other things like that French dressing things all of that
nature Thousand Island all have facts in them so you have to really kind of know
your step over time to figure out what has fat and then you may say Oh french
fries God is those are potatoes those are
carbohydrates we went over that easy but what does the cook it in that probably
cooked it in oil a canola oil or god knows what a while
fast-food industry so shout out the peanut oil chick-fil-a but anyways so
those were facts anything you cook like well why was fat butters are fat
cheese’s and dairies are fact so the cheese on there is fat bacon is a very
high fatty meat so that also has fat so now we’re going to get into something
very important so now you’ve seen that picture throw it up one more time and
now instead of looking at this I want you to look at it as this is not just a
burger fries these are proteins carbs and fats this is what I’m eating I’m
eating a lot of carbohydrates here not very much protein at all just a
little burger patty and a ton of fat because the fat is probably everywhere
in the meat and the oils in the sauces and everything and I’ll tell you why
that’s so important right now if we look at the 3 we have a carbohydrate we have
a fat and we have a protein now you keep
saying grams this and grams then I don’t understand that I thought we were
counting calories that’s true and that’s why it’s really important to know in the
basic exercise physiology nutrition Dietetics world you have to know how
many calories are in one gram of fat one gram of protein and one gram of carb so
protein and carbohydrates are both four calories per gram ok so if I ate one
gram of each of those I just consumed four calories now this
is where it gets a little interesting and why having those high fatty foods
isn’t such a good idea one gram of fat is so dense that is actually 9 calories
per gram double little protein in a carb is that means I could eat double the
size of my carbohydrates as myfax ok and I would still have less calibrating the
cars so really kind of beat that into your head right now I can have lean
chicken and 2 cups of rice or a cup of rice and go to 5 to 7
calories okay but if I’m switching out that chicken with you know a fatty beef
patty like that and I switch out the whole grain rice or white rice to french
fries and oil with some ranch dip I just shot up from 500 calories 2,000 calories
because it has so much fat in an emphatic so calorie dim and that is
where Americans really get into trouble because they have high carbohydrate high
fat low protein diets and that is the absolute worst thing you can do for your
body because if you have a ton of carbohydrates and a ton of energy and
your body is perfectly fine on that and you have a potted fat diet then once
your body going to do with all that back it doesn’t need it because it’s got so
many carbs for energy so what would you do you would award it you’d keep it you
would save it for a rainy day and that’s how you get that so whenever you look at
your meal if you see high carb high fat low protein ding-ding-ding you’re in the
danger zone and unless you really experience that tracking your macros
then you’re in for some trouble all right so we’ve gone over the three
protein carbs and fats we know a protein is for carbs for and a fat is nine but
wait then didn’t you say there’s a force a little sneak hanging out in there the
fourth guy sneaking in there the last thing you would think about when you’re
counting it and I want you to think about this and answer this question if I
threw a beer in front of you what is it instead of car the fat their protein
technically got a little bit of all three in there but there is a force one
as well and that’s alcohol so knowing just the fact of knowing that alcohol
has its own separate macro and just to let you know the calorie wise it’s
between a carbon or protein and effect so those are four this is nine and
alcohol is actually seven calories per gram okay and what that
means is it’s pretty dense and as you know how call it’s pretty easy to
consume so you’re consuming something that is dense in calories very quickly
now what does it all do for you well it actually does nothing good for you at
all because it’s a toxin and it can decrease protein synthesis and stop
muscle growth it just causes you to feel real crappy mostly because of
dehydration basically stops all your bodily functions just and shifts them
over to getting the toxin out of your body it makes you feel like crap the
next day so your workouts might suffer you might feel lazy and you’re tempted
to eat bad foods afterwards it’s just negative all around so just really
quickly I wanted to throw that in there and let you guys know that so the main
three are your bread and butter where you’re going to be experiencing every
day but I just want you to know when you pop that cronin you start drinking that
you got to realize that that’s in there too and sometimes those are the ones
that really kill you because you might not know it’s there and it just is like
you’re consumed you can easily consume 2,000 calories and alcohol really quick
I want to say one shot of like vodka or something is like 100 to 150 calories so
I mean it’s pretty dense and it’s a lot of calories really quickly ending the R
and let’s kind of go over a nice overall view of what we’ve been over today so
I’m going to put that picture back up one more time boom we don’t even have to
keep it up there very long but hopefully now when I say what are you looking at
you won’t just say I’m eating a burger and fries then that’s what I mean you’re
not now you’re going to be thinking about it you’re going to be saying well
you know let’s look at this I’m eating carbohydrates over here in carbohydrates
over here you know this probably has standed this has a lot of fat and that
has a lot of fat man my dressings have a lot of fat in it
and I got this little protein patty so in your head you’re thinking okay well
you know then we talked about this and we’ll go more in depth in it later but
he said something about you know you want to have high carb low fat and high
protein and this looks like a high carb high fat low protein meals I mean not
the best choice for me that’s what I want you to get into the habit of doing
that’s how you’re going to be successful with dieting and that’s how you’re going
to just change your life when it comes to fitness so I mean I wanted to start
out with this because it’s so darn important to have diet locked in and if
you don’t understand what these are before we go into the diets and
counting’s and all of this other stuff then you’re going to fail okay you’re
going to fail so hard because I know so many people that say they’re tracking
their calories and then they say they eat all these different things that are
I didn’t know I thought I was a fad and what had fattening how am I supposed to
know come on man start using your brain learning about these things you know
these things now so this is how you’re going to be successful in this is how
we’re going to lead into the next video so beginner series this is video 1 the
freshness of beginner series numero dos or 2 we’re going to be going over diet
we’re going to be going over a high carb low fat diet we’re going to be going
over keto diet we’re going to be going over the VLC DS or very low calorie
diets and why they are our new way now really didn’t Spanish it real big but
anyway so we’re going to be going over those we’re going to be going over how
to calculate your tdee or total daily interview expenditure and find your kind
of calorie Plateau or a normality area and we’re going to be talking about how
to take that calorie number that we come up with and manipulate it to lose fat or
gain muscle we’re also going to talk about the percentages of what your
macros should be in your diet and just kind of overall nuances on how to track
it and do it and be successful so that’s the next video thank you for
sticking around I really appreciate it guys like you said I’m new to this I’m
not new to this but I’m new to the YouTube channel and everything else and
I would love it if you liked if you commented if you subscribed if you have
some knowledge that you think maybe I left out throw it in the commons oh I
mean these people are here searching for these videos to watch these videos
because they want to learn and I totally khomeini you guys for sticking through
listening to what I have to say and learning because you’re going to be so
much better off when you go through this whole beginner series especially if
you’re new to this so basically what I’m trying to say is just thanks thanks for
being here thanks for watching the videos I would love it if you subscribed
and kept up next videos coming out soon we’re going to be going over all that
diet stuff I talked about and then we’re going to be moving from there straight
into working out forms muscle groups human anatomy everything else so once
again this is Ben winters fresh as fit trying to stay as fresh as I am fit and thanks
for watching we’ll see in the next one

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