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Difference between 100% Gold Standard Whey
and Platinum Hydro Whey Todd: My name’s Todd from Sporty’s Health
[dot] com [dot] au. I’m here today with Dale from Optimum Nutrition. We often receive emails
on our website and questions from customers in regards to different things that they would
like to know. One question that we’ve had recently is Optimum Nutrition sell 100% Whey
Gold Standard and they also sell Platinum Hydro Whey, Dale; what is the difference between
those two proteins and when would you use one over the other?
Dale: Pretty question actually, I get asked that often. The 100% Gold Standard, I suppose,
is more of a blend of protein. It’s basically containing predominantly isolate, so whey
protein isolate, concentrate and there’s also hydrolyzed whey protein. There is a small
amount of lactose that is a whey protein concentrate as opposed to isolates. So basically the Hydro
Whey is a protein that’s been through a few extra processes where all the lactose and
fat has been removed. Technically there is a very minute amount of lactose in there but
the Hydro Whey is probably more suited to A – those people that are really serious about
their exercise, male or female, because it’s in very, very quickly. It’s higher amounts
of branch chain amino acids. And then the 100% Gold Standard is probably
better suited to a person who could just at any time throughout the day, in between meals,
breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, that sort of thing.
Todd: Even night time? Dale: It’s very fast, it’s very fast digesting
so if you’re looking for something to sort of sustain you for that eight hour period
then it’s probably a micellar casein might be a better option to go towards. Both those
products would be in and out too quickly I believe. So the Hydro Whey definitely has
some benefits over the Gold Standard. Athletes it might be suitable for, people with gut
issues that don’t do, have a lot of problems with lactose and things like that, they need
to step up to a Hydrolyzed Whey Protein. You pay slightly more for it but depending on
what your requirements are and your goals, your training goals are, it’s probably worth
every cent. Todd: Great. Thanks very much for that Dale.
Dale: No problem.

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