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what’s going on around welcome back to
another video now I give this question a lot so that’s why I want to do a quick
little video um different kinds of protein roll intro isolate whey
concentrate casein plant protein these are some of the terms you guys have
probably heard but not probably really familiar with well I’m going to touch
the surface of the differences in some of these proteins now the key one you
probably hear all the time is way way way and way so I’ll tell you way is
where it’s pretty much just a byproduct of milk which is and it’s a clear liquid
actually that turns into eventually turns into powder after some processing
and this is how they can transport it and it lasts longer when it goes into
these tubs now you’ll be like what flavor and what doesn’t weigh actually
taste like well we’re actually way itself has no flavor where has no taste
it’s clear once it becomes a protein and whichever brand that you consume I take
balanced sports nutrition I am response to that elite by then this
is no way or form paid or endorsed by them I’m purely making this video just
to inform you guys on different kinds of proteins so just a quick disclaimer so
back to the types of protein that they are let’s start off with the main one
which you’re going to publish here is way when people say way and as a purely
way they’re talking about whey protein concentrate which is sometimes it comes
in forms of this so 100% whey so this protein here is 100% whey
banana-flavored protein this is one of my favorites actually I really really
like the banana flavor this is 96% concentrate way and 4% isolate so that’s
a little blend and you can see over here as well that it will tell you that it’s
a way WPI whey protein isolate and WPC whey protein concentrate so you can get
these proteins over here like so the next one you probably have heard of as
Dell so I was talking earlier the whey
protein isolate is generally this one over here which is hundred-percent whey
protein isolate in this one over here as plant protein so it’s made out of
plant-based protein P proteins of peas there’s protein in some plants as well
so this does not come from a byproduct of milk this is purely coming from all
the solar plants are there a generally high in protein so this way if you’re
lactose tolerant if you need something that’s gluten-free if you’re vegan
vegetarian this is a great option for you to take if you can’t take milk
products or anything like that religious reasons reasons or purely for your
health benefits and also has some additional digestive enzymes in there to
help you with you a gut just in case you’re sensitive to digesting milk again
so that’s that and the next one as you’ll find proteins like I’ll be way
protein and it all says things like ultra ripped etc and or anything along
those lines that are generally different from like a whey protein hundred-percent
way or like a WPI away protein isolate so generally what this is this can come
in two things either it’s a blend of WPI or WPC and the reason why you’ll see
some fancy names like a cross it to give it a difference from the other protein
is because it generally has like green tea extracts in a additional caffeine
ahna which like your normal hundred-percent way will not have so
generally the the kind of name that the protein has if either will be a WPI
what are WPC more or less and it’ll be for a specific reason that’s the reason
why you’ll see something like that across some of the proteins now you’re
going to ask me the question that I get the most is what is the difference
between WPI and WPC so generally in summary
WPI is a protein that goes through more processing to remove any lactose or
additional fat and carbs so generally those proteins are higher in protein
itself the protein content within the protein is higher and that’s why they’re
a little bit more expensive than the WPC protein well
guys I hope this answered your cushion if you have stuck through to this point
of the video I have a surprise for you guys I am giving away this protein here
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