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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I want your hair launched me so it’s winter again am I going to dirty ball again and that’s the question of the video I’m off to go meet my boy Gigi I am going to transition into a voiceover a live voiceover haven’t done this in a while I’ll be training back and I’ll be discussing my bulk or what I’ll be doing exactly sorry than that I just wanted to show you guys the dedication it is snowing it is a lot but we’re on our way to the gym and I am walking in the parlor slow catch you guys bulking 101 dirty bulking clean bulking everything you need about bulking is gonna be in this video so what for you guys who don’t know what bulking as bulking is building a lot of muscle mass gaining some fat on the way and this is the core this is the base of every body builders transition going from bulking to cutting and repeating that cycle so it is winter time in Russia as you guys know I did my competition prep and I shredded down I got as lean as I could unfortunately I couldn’t compete that is in the previous video if you guys haven’t seen it but you have to talk about bulking am I gonna be dirty bulking again hey you know didn’t no no no now why I’m not gonna be dirty bulking again it’s amazing you get to eat all this food dirty food and you make insane amount of gains I make crazy amounts of game guys and I don’t think I could have made that amount of gain in that short amount of period of time of like three months is what I did for my dirty book but why am I not gonna do that again because it is absolutely insane when it comes to cutting it takes longer it takes so much longer and why I feel is that you have all this crazy amount of saturated fatty acids in your adipocytes and those are much more harder to burn when it comes to the dirty bulk and I found myself at lower calories at a certain body weight and that’s what I’ll never do it again although I’m a crazy amount of muscle gains so what’s the problem with that is that it takes very very long to cut and it’s very very stressful there’s a lot of cardio involved and it’s just a lot of work it’s mentally stressing it’s very hard so this time around I’m going to attempt my leanest vault that I ever have and how I’m gonna do that is that over this time I’ve been eating at maintenance and I’m going to slowly increase my calories I don’t feel like I’m in a deficit anymore but I am still eating all the same foods that I was with the occasional extra four Oreos here and there and occasional 50 grams in my ride so I’m keeping it as lean as I can and I’m still doing all the cardio work that I can so the essential idea is that you’re eating in a caloric surplus and I’m also eating clean foods on my way reverse dieting from my cut I don’t feel any binges I don’t feel hungry or anything and I don’t feel like I need a splash off but I’m very very comfortable with where my body’s at you guys gonna see a short physique update of that but I’m super happy the way my physique feels the way my strength feels and let me actually add this here you you should do a lot of reading when it comes to bodybuilding but let me tell you guys the 10 steps to a successful clean bulk this is all bodybuilding calm I’ll put the article link in the description given pick your goal bulking or cutting tip 2 is track your progress or track your weight number 3 this is tip number 3 guys eat enough calories to grow but don’t get sloppy and that’s what I did in the dirty book and the dirty book you eat anything in sight and you have no you have no conscious of what your calories are you just put in a lot of junk into your body and yes it is a great way to build muscle but it’s extremely hard to cut down and it is not recommended but I mean I did it and I mean I don’t regret it it’s an experience but it was very very hard to do do some cardio while bulking and that is exactly what I’m doing as well I’m still doing 4 to 5 sessions of cardio a week I feel that your track to a successful cut to get as lean as you can is an excess ‘full bulk so tracking amounts of calories that you’re doing and then cutting that down over time so you can you’re tracking your calories you’re tracking everything you’re eating on your bulk so when you go back and your deficit it’s very easy for you to manage because you know exactly what you’re doing in terms of going down and you’re both up your metabolism to a certain level number five let’s go to number five if you’re getting strongly will get bigger that’s exactly what I said if you’re getting stronger so if you’re pushing more weight you are getting bigger because you’re having enough muscle fiber recruitment to be able to push the weight you’re putting and then number six get adequate of rest and recovery time that is for cutting and bulking you need rest for your muscle to build for every digit or any generation number seven is e 1 to 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight I do maintain that on my cut and bulb one gram to 1.5 grams that is Michael and then don’t neglect your fat and carbohydrate intake so do be very cautious of everything eat so watch your carbs and watch your fats obviously watch the amount of foods that you get that is very very fatty because it’s very easy for that to be stored directly into your adipose sites in a caloric surplus but that is the end of the video I’m very happy making videos because I feel like it’s the it’s the foundation of the channel and that’s how I started and I love making these type of videos so guys give the video a thumbs up subscribe if you naturally just want to see something quickly with regards to the channel haven’t I monitored in a while forgive me a second let’s see connect the internet and I think we ma can you see if I can catch this reaction live come on come on come on okay we’ve just crossed over into fourteen thousand subscribers that as well some actually have a look we just crossed over into 40,000 subscribers my god that is amazing guys and at this stage and everything with YouTube and just the insane amount of support thank you guys so much I’ll see you next one you

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  1. Пожалуйста дай друзья попробовать Allpen Gold Oreo,Kit Kat и Milka babbles на видео

  2. Братан! Ты хороший блогер как и твой друг с канала KING Black!! респект вам

  3. I was dirty bulking but now I'm slowing the train down hahah. I live in California and it's suppose to be winter already but it's still sunny.

  4. awesome stuff bro I'm loving your channel! Where you at that its snowing that much already hahaha oh man time to head south !!

  5. Have a good time! You are definitely decided to be a bodybuilder? Just your form more suitable for aesthetics. In bodybuilding now put a huge emphasis on big form. Just a huge. I play sports, too, wanted to go into bodybuilding. But I understand that this is a very expensive sport, and has decided exactly what's i going in powerlifting. Progressing – your form has to be big. 🙂

  6. Видосы хорошие 😀
    Но если бы оставлял названия песен в конце видео цены бы тебе не было :DDDDD

  7. ) Блин, нравится когда вы у нас тусуетесь….Есть с кем поболтать на английском.

  8. Great vid bro.. How many times a week do you work out man? What muscle group on what day? What protein shake are you taking? Whats the best time to take a protein shake?

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  10. DIRTY BULK FTWWWW!!! Then you go on the OMAD diet (but eat 1 g protein per lbs bodyweight), sprint 3-4 times a week, and you'll lose all the gained fat in less than a 3 weeks

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