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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Do bodybuilders drink diet soda? Studies have found that diet soda consumption
is linked to being overweight. Yeah, because those who want to lose weight
switch to a no calorie drink. Actually, the artificial sweeteners shift
their sense of taste, so they tend to eat more calories than those who don’t drink
diet soda. And some people who drink a lot of diet soda eat more calories to offset the
few calories they gave up with diet soda. Do body builders drink it? One Diet Coke isn’t going to mess up a body
builder’s routine, any more than a single Big Mac would. However, it isn’t something
most of them drink very much. Given how much body builders eat, I wouldn’t
think it would make a difference. First, they know they need to stay hydrated,
and diet soda dehydrates you. Second, if they need to drink something, it will be a protein
shake or healthy beverage over empty calories. Diet soda is the definition of empty calories. OK, but it also has salt. That causes water
retention, which most body builders don’t want. I’ve heard some people say they should drink
diet soda because the caffeine raises their metabolism. Caffeine hardly raises your metabolism, nor
does it suppress your appetite like the suppressants in some diet pills. Too much caffeine increases
your anxiety and stress level, which makes people hungrier. I hadn’t heard that. That would make diet
soda counter productive. If someone is addicted to caffeine, black
coffee or tea would be a healthier substitute. If they love carbonated water, get flavored
water packs with zero calories. How is that much different than cola? No salt in most cases, and no acid to erode
your teeth. Diet soda sounds as toxic as sugar. Regular soda beats it by a mile.

5 thoughts on “Do Bodybuilders Drink Diet Soda?

  1. Dudebro says that the caffeine in diet soda hardly raises your metabolism. In the same sense, I doubt that the ~2% DV of sodium in diet soda contributes much towards bloat/ water retention but if you want to look lean as possible, go ahead and cut it off in favor of just water. Also, just after he says that the acidity of diet soda corrodes teeth and that sugar beats in by a mile, hello, sugar will cause much more dental problems and has the same acidity as its diet counterpart. As for the "studies" which have no source, correlation =/= causation and one would assume that those who start drinking diet soda already have a predisposition for being overweight and getting diabetes, which is probably why they are trying to cut down calories by making the switch to diet drinks. As for it being dehydrating, the 45 mg of caffeine in it is the only diuretic, which would take 11 cans to have a significant dehydrating effect.
    Don't let broscience stop you from drinking diet soda…

  2. A bunch of nonsense. Fucking broscientists ruining everything good. Diet soda has had no proven negative side effects outside of conspiracy theorists bullshit and fallacious claims.

  3. wow your an idiot how can the definition of empty calories be from aomething that has no calories. dumb ass … its like saying that meat is the definition of carbs … your clearly an idiot

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