Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Do bodybuilders eat Greek yogurt? On one hand,
it is high in protein, but on the other hand, they try to avoid dairy products. You have to be careful of the type you get.
Low fat Greek yogurt in moderation is fine, but a lot of full fat Greek yogurt will kill
your diet. Why do they avoid dairy in general? Don’t
they need the calcium for strong bones? Dairy causes wider swings in blood sugar than
protein sources like meat. And a lot of dairy is high in fat, which they want to avoid. I can understand wanting to avoid the fat.
That’s why a lot of them are body builders. They can improve on the Greek yogurt by mixing
in protein powder or fruit. But eating Greek yogurt won’t make you look like a Greek
god. Not in excess, though it does taste like ambrosia. Chobani Greek yogurt tastes like chalk and
has the consistency of sludge. What brand do you like that much? Cabot. Especially if I add fruit or chocolate
syrup. Now you have a lower fat substitute for an
ice cream sundae, but it isn’t appropriate for a body builder. The probiotics in it are good for your digestive
health. Body builders eat tons of complex carbohydrates,
which are high in fiber. So they don’t need the probiotics like most people. Eating fiber helps you lose fat. Fiber can absorb and push through dietary
fat. Only consuming fewer calories than you burn will let you lose weight. Or burning more than you take in. Same difference. You could use Greek yogurt to replace cream
in recipes or in place of ranch dip. There are plenty of low fat, low calories
alternatives to those things. Women need more calcium in general, especially
if they drink soda. Greek yogurt is a healthy source of that. And most body builders are men. Poor things.

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