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Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
and and in this video I want to cover a somewhat strange topic,
and discuss why you really need to handle your nuts with care, and why if you get too
reckless with them it could very easily throw your entire muscle building or fat burning
program off course. Now nuts and natural nut butters have always been considered a staple
source of healthy fat in bodybuilding and fitness diets and I certainly think that they
are a worthwhile to include in your overall plan. However, this is one food source where
portion control is of the utmost importance. As I’ve said many times before, if your primary
goal is to alter your body composition, then it really makes no difference at all how “healthy”
you’re eating if your total daily calorie intake does not fall within the proper range
based on your goal. If you’re aiming to lean down but you aren’t maintaining a net calorie
deficit over time (15 to 20 percent below your maintenance would be my recommendation)
then you’re not going to lose any body fat at all. And if you’re aiming to bulk up and
your net calorie surplus shoots too high (again, 15 to 20 percent above maintenance would be
my recommendation there) you’re still going to gain muscle, but you’ll also be putting
on excess body fat at an excessive rate. It’s really as simple as that, and the plain fact
is that nuts and nut butters, although they are a healthy source of fat, are also very
calorie dense. You can only eat a very controlled amount of this stuff before the total calories
begin shooting too high without you even noticing it. Sit down with a bag of mixed nuts and
just start snacking away or start aimlessly piling peanut butter onto your toast or into
a protein shake, and in combination with a few other small dietary choices that you’re
making throughout the day, you could very well be completely sabotaging your results
altogether. For example, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter alone contains around 100 calories.
Most people end up scooping out far more than this at once though and end up with 200 or
even 300 calories just from one serving of peanut butter alone, and that’s a lot of calories
for such a small amount of food. Peanuts, almonds, cashews and other nuts are really
no different. For example, just one quarter cup of almonds equals out to 207 calories.
Go out and measure a quarter cup of almonds and you’ll quickly see what a small amount
that actually is. It might sound crazy but a half cup of almonds per day alone could
literally make the difference between consistently losing a significant amount of body fat every
single week, and making zero progress whatsoever. So the moral of the story here is simple and
that is, treat your nuts with respect. If you’re going to include nuts and natural nut
butters in your diet, that’s totally fine and even recommended, but just make sure that
you measure out your portions carefully and that it does fit into your total daily calorie
intake as a whole. In fact, for items like this, a food scale is probably going to be
the ideal choice. It might sound obsessive, but it really doesn’t take any more time to
weigh them out than it does to put them in a measuring cup, and it will ensure that you’re
not going overboard and that what you consider to be a tablespoon of peanut butter really
is a tablespoon of peanut butter. Hard training is important, making the proper food choices
is important, but if your total net calorie deficit or total net calorie surplus is not
properly in place, your results will definitely be compromised, or even worse they’ll be non-existent.
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100 thoughts on “Do Nuts Make You Fat? (Calories In Nuts And Peanut Butter)

  1. Sean have you ever taken steds or had any experience with them? What are your thoughts on them?… And would you consider trying them in the future or go back on them if you have already used them before? Cheers

  2. hahaha nice title.
    i like the fact that no one disliked the video
    no haters on this channel.
    love is in the air

  3. when bulking I eat 1200+ cal  of peanut butter….  i like that it doesnt take as much space in my stomach,with oats I have to force feed and I feel like shit with way too much stuff in me

  4. Did you understand what he was even talking about? Calories and macros. Not saying peanuts make you fat. There was a point to the video.

  5. I eat some before workout is that still good or do i need to eat somthing else like a banana or something?

  6. Everything you just said on this video I know for a fact is hearsay and not real world experience. At my times of absolute body fat Lena's are times when I include large amount of shelled walnuts cashews and pumpkin seeds also included are salt free peanuts. I am surprised you did not understand but the fats found in these sources are beneficial to burning body fat.

  7. hey I a type 1 diabetic amd have difficulty losing extra 5-6 pounds. can you please recommend shall I give up on peanuts or not ?

  8. Nuts don't make you fat. I eat about 100-160 grams of peanuts and walnuts a day, almost every day. And yet, I managed to lose about 13 kg (almost 30 pounds) in 6 months.

  9. No they make you skinny. You need to eat fat to burn fat. Carbs add fat to my waistline not fat.

  10. peanuts are not nuts. I don't eat them. I do eat lots of cashews, pecans and almonds everyday. I'm making muscle gains in the gym and staying slim.

  11. I'm doing a almond diet along with water and some yogurt. I'm 16 and 209 also a five foot 9 kid so I am fat 🙁 what workouts or other diet plans would you recommend.

  12. "treat your your nuts with respect" I like how he obviously knows he's saying something funny while keeping a strait serious face

  13. i'm eating a total of 300 grm of peanut right now and I lost 33 pounds after 3 months. Is it bad to eat a lot of peanut just for one day? does it gain weight?

  14. eat peanuts with greek vanilla yoghurt. i dont directly mix them, i eat the yoghurt and have a little cup of nuts on the side and down it with the yoghurt.

  15. Yeah but this peanut butter your talking about is from a jar. Real peanut butter doesn't do anything to your weight. The jar stuff is what makes you fat.

  16. does it still apply if ur net caloric intake a adequate but ur portion sizes of nuts are still large?

  17. shit…i just ate a whole bunch of almonds outside of my caloric allowance and i just wanted some consolation for my fuck up…now i feel worse.

  18. My breakfast of 1 to 2 bagels toasted with peanut butter and honey or sliced banana. Was a awesome and amazing breakfast really healthy and enough calories to give me energy but not to much😊

  19. I think people should stop thinking peanuts are "Nuts", they're legumes, and certainly the peanut butter product is not the same as chewing the peanuts by yourself and then swallowing the imperfect grind. Still peanuts are closer to beans but with way more vegetable fat. Almonds, Walnuts and other "true nuts" are a different kind of food for your body.

  20. Bro i really like your videos you know your shit,do you think im fine with 2 table sp of penutt butter in the morning with mu oatmeal ,thats basicly the strongest meal i have the rest i do a lot of vegetable and protein ,i dont reaaly burn a lot of calories in my job ,oh and olive oil in my salad ,im 5 11 18p pnds im where i want to be but im stock right there ,can burn that last body fat ,specially on tge sides mu abs are there ,dammm its frustrated jjjj

  21. Bullshit, you burn calories during the whole process of metabolizing protein in your body. Lets not use the calory count as a marker of gaining weight. The food you eat vs your exersice habbit will determine how much body fat you will have.

  22. Bullshit. I linked the below which cites numerous studies with the consumption of nuts and the positive outcome they had on diet.

  23. Ive been working out and eating allot of peanutbutter and nuts for snacks. This definitely explains allot. Lol thanks.

  24. Oh god even nuts are bad for you now. This is why people always give up and go back to dorritos just eat good food work out and ignore ass holes like this guy

  25. Carbs and sugar which is carbs. Is the only thing that gets a person fat calories is not what gets you fat its whatbi said above people

  26. Eat meat all day, eat low carb nutts all day like walnuts. Eat grren veggies all day you could eat 5000 calories of meat and if that was all one was eating and greens they would lose weight so fast. i havr already tested this its true believe it or not its not calories its carbs

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