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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Do This After Every Workout

  1. HA! You got me man. I was gonna bitch about not being able to find the music after the app update yesterday. But cool. I guess ill download sound cloud or something. Keep up the great work outs.

  2. Instead of counting 1. 2. 3. 4. I tend to can't help myself and start getting faster just to count off rep 1. 2. 345678 but realistically the first ones holding longer do have the most benifits Chris excellent work out or tho this one's a bit out of my league I'll stick to your other awesome techniques for now love peace and harmony to you and all safe journeys infinity

  3. well now…another tattooed zombie looking like he just escaped from sing sing prison..we're in the age of degenerates…


  4. Wow chris thats a great tip … can u plz guide me how can i start calisthenics..lots of love from Pakistan ❣❣❣

  5. so i am a skinny person, also thinking that i eat more than the average person but am not looking any bigger. Is there any recommendations to what i should be eating daily?

  6. Okay im not gonna lie but i think like only 10% of your viewers can acc do the same things as you so that after the workout???!? Good fucking luck

  7. Yo! I love to watch his content and He Inspired me a Lot. So, I Make A move and I created My YouTube Fitness Channel. I Share regular videos About my experience If you want to be in good shape without working hard You have to look at least once my channel.

  8. i love these vids they have helped me so much in my weight loss journey, ive lost just over 8 stone(112 pounds) in just over two years😁😁 2 more stone to go😂

  9. I’m on my way to bigger and better things. Constantly learning everyday. I appreciate these videos bro 👊. Good shit as always.

  10. What would you guys suggest if I can't go back up in a slow push up (after doing down for 30 seconds)?
    Should I spilt the exercise into two parts? Or go for a shorter push up and gradually make my way up to a full minute?
    Thanks in advance, I'm still a beginner 🙂

  11. Oh god you are just a hero for me, i saw all your videos and i'm a calisthenic beginner, can you make a video of how to do a shrim flip?

  12. This channel has been my daily routine for 3 months and this has changed my life getting definition in places I never thought I would ever see and I dont even have back pain anymore as a result honestly wish i could support the channel more thanks so much👍

  13. I tried this at the end of my workout with wide grip pullups and dips, and could not get past thirty seconds 🤣 I plan to change that 😈

  14. Well Chris I don’t believe your human anymore you never run out of energy but thanks for recognizing we are and giving us goals to achieve.🙏🏾

  15. i still dont get it. so he means when im on my abs day. i will do leg raise for 1 rep for 1minute??? or shoulder day i do pikepush up for 1 rep. dor 1minute??

  16. When are you going to put the rest of the songs?
    There's a song, i was asking you for. Is the only one i want. Can you put it please.
    Is the song from the vlog 6 S1 the song start when the video start.

  17. We will know his training is complete once he'll be bald and he will be known to us as one punch man.

    Seriously tho the moment he said that was his first round of three I really questioned what I was doing with my life.

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