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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, It’s another bodyweight Wednesday video. That
means it’s time for me to help you get more out of your bodyweight training. Now, don’t
tell me you’re not training with your own bodyweight. I don’t care if you’re a huge
iron addict. You’d better make sure you’re carving out
at least a little piece for bodyweight training because there’s nothing that can replicate
the command of your own body and space. As a matter of fact, we’re going to up that command
right here, today by including an overlooked element of your training. That is isometrics. Now, I’ve talked about
isometrics here on this channel before, but I think people overlook their importance.
They think of isometrics as ‘easy things’, right? I’m not contracting, or I’m not shortening
a muscle, I’m not lengthening a muscle; I’m just hanging out. It doesn’t have to be that easy. As a matter
of fact, where and how you incorporate your isometrics – especially in the bodyweight
training – can make all the difference. So here’s what I’m suggesting: take a look
here at a standard pushup exercise. Now, we’ve talked about before how a push
up may not be the most challenging exercise for your chest for somebody that’s capable
of bench pressing and lifting a lot of weight. However, you can make it much harder by inserting
isometric holds into the normal set that you’re doing. So I can decide to pause here after a few
regular repetitions in the bottom portion of the rep, or the middle portion of the rep,
or as I’m demonstrating even on the top portion of a rep. what I’m doing here, though, is
not just hanging out. I’m actively engaging as many muscles as I can to hold this position. So what you might not be able to see here
is I’m actually squeezing and dragging my hands together, like this, on the floor to
try to engage more activation of my chest. And believe me, I can feel it, but I don’t
just stop there. Then I try to resume my normal repetitions. If you haven’t tried this technique before,
you’re in for a rude awakening because you may not be able to get that many more regular
repetitions. Remember, who cares? Because we’re not counting. All we’re doing is measuring
the other and the ultimate effect that this will have on you and your body in this set. Taking it to failure, taking it beyond failure,
making sure you get enough out of it. The same thing here applies to other exercises.
I can go up on a pull up bar – which is already a difficult exercise for some – but
for those that don’t find it difficult enough and that don’t have access to any weight to
put on their body for an overload; try the isometric holds intermittently. Again, try them in the bottom, try them at
the top, and try them in the middle; wherever you try them, try to then resume normal reps
after it. Like I said, it’s a much different effect. It will dramatically shorten the length
of your set if you’re used
to doing rep after rep after rep, but with the ultimate goal of getting you more from
that set. We can even take it to the extreme with a
more difficult exercise. A handstand pushup. Again, look what happens even here. I’m still
doing the same idea of pulling my hands together when I’m in the low, isometric hold, but on
top of that, you can even see muscles in my back that wouldn’t necessarily have a chance
to activate, become activated because their role as stable items becomes that much more
important when I slow down the rep. So when I get it in here and I actually want
to stop and hold, now, all of a sudden, their job becomes that much more imperative to kick
in and allow me to maintain my stabilization in this position. It’s not easy, but guess
what? The ultimate effect on my entire back and my shoulder girdle is enhanced. Finally,
we’re going to actually hit our abs here in a new exercise to wrap up this whole video
and also drive home this concept. It’s a modified L-sit. Really, just a suspended
sit. But here’s the cool part. It’s difficult enough to hold an L-sit. It’s still difficult
to hold this bent-knee sit. But it’s even more difficult to hold it in either reposition;
the bottom or the top. We’re going to do just that. We’re going to provide our body with
this elevated hip tuck. That’s the dynamic portion, but at any point
in time we’ve got to be able to stop and hold it and maintain our four or five second hold.
Then come, what do we do? We resume the reps. You’re not going to be able to go for that
much longer, but as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter how long you last. What matters is
how much you make it count. That’s what makes muscles grow. That’s what
makes all the difference when you’re trying to get more form your bodyweight training.
If you’ve found this video helpful, guys, make sure to leave your comments and thumbs
up below. If you’re looking for a complete bodyweight
training program that utilizes no equipment at all, not even the benches that I showed
here, not even the pull up bar that I was on and trains your entire body with the main
goal of helping you to build muscle by incorporating advanced techniques like I just showed you
here; head to to get our ATHLEAN0 program. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days. See you!

100 thoughts on “Do This on Non-Workout Days (NO GAINS LOST!!)

  1. I'm trying to lose lots of weight and I'm doing a 3-day-a-week weight training routine in the gym coupled with a new nutrition plan. On my off days I try to do a stretching session or calisthenics routine so I can get a sweat on and keep my goals in mind. I have the motivation to want to be in the gym 24/7 but I know I can't do that because of work and sleep obviously. I was wondering if doing these long stretch routines (10-20 minutes) twice a week and calisthenics routines twice a week like pushups, burpees or wall sits are potentially harming me or not allowing me to fully rest/get gains? I've only been doing this routine for about two weeks now but I made a goal to be active every day, so that means if I'm not weight training I want to be doing something like calisthenics or a good hike or other physical activity. I feel wonderful now that I'm not eating the same crap and I'm more aware and in control of my fitness, and I suppose the best way to tell is to listen to what my body is saying to me, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me why that may or may not be a good idea for me to have no "off-days". I'm 22 years old, 5"10 and 225lbs (down 10 lbs already).I want to be muscular and lift heavy and I also want to get rid of my gut/man tits. Should I try stuff like Jeff mentioned in the video? Are activities like burpees/pushups too intense for days in between weight training days? Thanks.

  2. I'm a small skinny guy (175cm 65kg) and i've been doing full body workouts 3 days a week for about a month. I would also like to get my endurance up a bit would doing some conditioning excercises like jumping rope, burpees, box jumps, etc be a bad thing to do for me?

  3. Just coming off of nightshifts. Usually up for majority of the day after my last one to get body clock back to normal but feel bad just sitting around and when I do go to the gym I'm not sure how I should be attacking it. What sort of workout do you recommend for those trying to work out around night shifts?? (I already incorporate yoga into my routine)

  4. I am a hard gainer, I take the post workout and recover supplements (screw the pre-workout, who needs that much god damn caffeine). I've been seeing gains, but also a pretty noticeable fat gain in my stomach and hips. I wanted to include some cardio to get rid of that extra fat but hope to not lose any muscle gain in the process. Jeff's supplements make my recover really fast so I came up with this weekly plan. Just a note before you look at it, I'm not doing the bulking then cutting strategy because I don't want to be a body builder. I just want to look healthy and be healthy. What do you guys think?

    My weekly workout:
    S: Rest
    M: Chest, Triceps
    T: Rest
    W: Back, Biceps
    Th: Rest
    F: Legs, Shoulders
    S: Cardio

  5. Hey Jeff, could you do a video about the effects of smoking, drinking and drugs on muscle gains? I know, and everyone knows, that it's obviously better to not do any of these but what the actual effects are for some might be a little vague. Thanks for the videos, you're helping me out a lot!

  6. What type of workout would you consider Tractor Tire Flipping to be? If someone flipped one for a quarter mile, in around forty five minutes, would that be considered as LIIS, HIIT, or Heavy exercise?

  7. Jumping jacks, simple ab workouts, mountain climbers, and planks would all be safe I'd imagine on a rest day?

  8. I have some friends who frequently invite me to do 5k run events – I'd like to join them but I'm also looking to continue gaining muscle mass as a priority.
    Am I actually hurting my gain potential by doing long distance training? To be clear, I'm not substituting my weightlifting workouts to run, but running in addition to them.

  9. I swim 600 yards freestyle. 400 yards backstroke. Admitted it's a workout, but it can be a "day off" done at a slower pace.

  10. I like the sled … would be nice to get your take on it.should I push half my weight .. what's the best and I know intensity is everything. … thank you for your time.

  11. My non workout days are usually full day of bed day. Cant even work and move off the bed due to very sore legs. huhhuhuhuhuuh

  12. Jeff, please do a sled conditioning workout! I'm an MMA guy and I've been really thinking about getting a sled for some conditioning on my own.

  13. i know my comment is kinda too late considering your video is 2 years old..but… can i do some kick boxing/shadow boxing on non-workout days?

  14. Hey Jeff. Big supporter and lover of your channel from Australia. I would love it if you could do perhaps a battle-rope session or training regiment and perhaps even a kettle-ball routine. Thank you very much for everything you do. By the way, your 4 minute HIIT session is fantastic and I'm incorporating that into my workout routine.

  15. I know this example is for Gym purposes, but what if your at home working out with free weights and other gym-like equipment and you want to not loose gains and do some stuff on your non-working out days (other than skipping rope) in your household? Cause I do the farmer carriers 4-5 times per day and still want to workout with sacrificing anything at home. Is there any legit way without doing too much?

  16. Hey Jeff
    I have recently learned that test days are really important . I am just not sure how to take them .. I have a four day program for the week and was wondering if it would be better to have all my rest days in a row ( Friday , Saturday and Sunday ) or have a break between ever gym session ? I love your channel and will definitely incorporating some of these workouts on my off days .

  17. Sometimes my rest days are just that. I have a couple of injuries…But I will add riding my recumbent bike and abs on those rest days. Great advice.

  18. My abs are so sore it hurts when I sneeze. I'm listening to my body, so I wont train any abs, but I want to 🙁

  19. Can you treat these “off days” and rope work, ab work, as cardio days? If there’s long sets short rests, whatever? Like light or BW days as cardio, or are the two things totally separate?

  20. Jeff always says you can train your abs every day, but that’s if you’re in decent shape already right? Cause when I train my abs they’re sore for a couple days afterwards and I don’t think I should continue training them till they’ve fully recovered. Or is this wrong?

  21. I like to pay special attention to working my weaker muscles on days off, body weight or low weight. I'm sure everyone has weaknesses that need strengthening

  22. I like to run on Saturday mornings and I started the program this week. Not running will be a punishment. What to do??

  23. I got a question, and this is for loosing weight while building some muscles with the aim of a more fit body.
    How about high-intensity cardio but with no weights, only body exercises for max 10 min, like Burpies, jump-thrusts and mountain climbs repeatedly till 3 rounds?
    Does that kill gains?

  24. Any question that pops in my head , here is where I go and Jeff has an answer. Awesome dude! Going to grab a rope and do some abs !
    " My math sucks " lol quote of the day haha

  25. Searches Youtube for "What to do on Gym rest days…" First result is from Athlean-X. "Oh Jeff, how do you ALWAYS know what I'm thinking?"

  26. I have to watch this video every rest day just so I don't torture my body lol. So hard to gain good weight. 120 pounds a year ago now at 152 pounds still 9% body fat. Thanks jeff for all you awesome information and inspiration!!!!

  27. Do I need a rest day if my split allows each muscle group 3 days before it’s hit again.
    Day 1. Pull (without shoulders)
    2. Push (without shoulders)
    3. Shoulders
    4. Legs
    Then repeat.
    I definitely do not like rest days. I love hitting the gym every day. My goals are bodybuilding but also to look lean and be athletic, so I love these Athlean X videos. I try to workout as hard and as smart as possible! I would love more info than just a simple “yes” or “no” thank you so much! Look forward to your answer as well as whatever videos you post next.

  28. Careful with the extra ab work. I trained my abs every day and ended up really hurting them, now i can't do much for a few weeks. If you start to feel them really starting to hurt don't just push on like I did.

  29. I know this video is a few years old but could you do a video on the proper way to do battle ropes? If you already have could you direct me to it?

  30. It's pretty strange, the subtitles don't match with the video at all. After a little search, I found out that the subtitles were corresponding word for word to another video of Athlean-X called "Bodyweight Exercise Technique for Mass! (INTERMITTENT ISOMETRICS)".

    Just pointing that out if someone wanna fix this mistake. Maybe just deleting these subtitles would be good to leave a chance to a fan to put his own better subtitles on the video. It wouldn't take long to just delete those subtitles.

  31. Jeff Can we Have A video particularly for Battle Ropes Like A series For Particular how to use them efficiently and in the best possible Way

  32. Am I the only one that realized that the English subtitles made no sense? I was laughing through all the video.

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