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Hey, what’s up guys? Today We’re going to talk about something that I know is [going] to help a lot of you at home And it’s how to deal with bicep pain and recover from a bicep injury Now for those of you guys who don’t know I injured my bicep like eight months ago. I was lifting atlas stones I had 225 pound Atlas stone [I] was lifting it over the bar And it slipped out [of] my hands And I went to grab it like this and that sudden jerking movement Caused me to catch the stone and every single muscle in my arm. My forearm my shoulder Just tightened up And that’s what happens when you guys get an injury is all the muscles in the area. They Tighten up to try to protect the area that’s under the heavy load And so what happened to me is everything tightened up, and then I was dealing with this injury I couldn’t even do a hammer curl. Which is doing this with a dumbbell I couldn’t even do this with 15 pounds it get just hurt so Much and then it gets to a point to where it’s just like dull pain in this area the whole time And I’ve talked to a lot of people who have had an injury like this before [and] they all do the same thing They just try to like get into this area and massage this [area] out Thinking that that’s you know that the pain is here So thinking that’s where the pain is that’s where I need to massage, and it doesn’t work like that I actually go see a professional massage therapist who you know My wife gets jealous when I tell her I’m getting a massage, and I tell her I’m like well You wouldn’t really like this massage because I usually screaming the whole time on the table It’s really funny my massage therapist will be like digging into a knot and she’s like. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m like screaming on the table because it hurts so much Anyways that that didn’t sound right, but you understand what I’m saying It’s because she’s trying to Dig deep into the muscle tissue and release all this tightness that’s going on and one thing that she taught me is this thing called anatomy trains And it’s super important. You guys should google the [term] and Anatomy trains and what that basically means is like your muscles are all connected So you could have an injury in your shoulder, but that tightness in your shoulder could have also Could also be pulling from different parts of your body as well. You could have tightness in your hip that’s pulling through your back That’s pulling through your show, but it just happens to be causing most of the pain in your shoulder So if you have tightness [here], and it’s pulling [to] all these different areas But you’re only massaging your shoulder to try to get rid [of] that pain You’re never going to get rid of it because you’re not getting to the source of the problem and so in my case Yeah, I definitely Destroyed this area right here But I also pulled a lot of the muscle tissue in my forearms and my upper arms and in my shoulder as well and so Basically what was happening to me is this area hurt But it’s because there was all kinds of tightness [here] kind of pulling at that area and all kinds of tightness [here] pulling at that area so everything’s kind of [going] like this and the pain is just Resonating all throughout here and even got to the point that whenever I would stop my workouts I do shoulder breakers where I take a bungee, and I go up and [over] like this every single time my elbow would just pop so loud And it’s because of how tight the area was and so anyway She taught me this and obviously she worked on my arm for a while And then she introduced me to the anatomy trains and told me that I should be you know [trying] to massage area myself At least you know every other night and so that’s why I have this this is called a theracane And this is relatively cheap you can buy it online But it’s basically just a massage tool that I can use to dig into certain areas, and so if you have bicep pain This is what I want you to try first off if you’re going to use something like this I recommend getting some oil or some lotion because Doing this on your bare skin is [gonna] burn and hurt like crazy You want it to be like a smooth gliding motion so [that] the focus [can] be on attacking the muscle strands and Following the line as far [as] you can and you don’t want all that friction from the from the theracane To stop you and your tracks or cause you to suddenly like push forward too fast or anything So let’s take a take a step back and put a little bit [this] lotion on my on my chest But what I was been doing for the past couple months every single week And I do this usually before bed as I’m watching TV is I’ll spend like 20 minutes 15 or 20 minutes and I do this on both sides too guys don’t just do the area that hurts Make sure you’re doing both sides because you want obviously to make sure that both sides are loose You could have some pain in the other arm [to] that you maybe don’t know about yet or something that’s festering there It’s always good to do both sides don’t just work on one side anyway It’s got some lotion on the side now so it’s not going to hurt but instead of Attacking the area where the pain is which is here because just doing this and even if I get this knob in there and I Like Dig in and I dig in and I dig in it might feel good it might feel like you’re loosening things up But yeah, you’re loosening this area But all the tightness here and here is eventually just going to keep pulling and get that area tight again, [too] So what you have to do is kind of [start] from different points and then follow the entire line So follow the anatomy train and so what I have been doing is starting in my chest And I didn’t even think [that] I had this tightness in my chest that was pulling through my shoulder Which was then pulling through my bicep, but her name is Renee But Renee told me she’s like yeah you have some Strands that are tight in your chest that are there starting the pain and as soon as she went like this and just started Digging in I mean I could feel the tension like it hurt a lot But it works, so what I do is I take this point right [here] And I kind of dig in to my chest And I just look for where there’s tightness and I kind of just follow the tightness And I follow the chain and then when I get to my shoulder guys, I don’t skip it I push through my shoulder, and I’m going into the bicep and then what I’m going to do is fall down the bicep And I’m still pushing as hard as I can I’m trying to find the tension and I’m going to push through the area that hurts And then once I get here I’m going to continue to follow down my forearm All the way down, and then I’m going to go out and over my wrist And it’s kind of like when you squeeze a tube of toothpaste. You know how everything kind of pops out at the end It’s weird But you can that you can kind of feel the tension just Kind of being pushed out all the way down through your hand if you do that, and so I already started here And you guys can see the red line where I started so that the next time what I’ll do is I’ll start a little higher, and I’ll try and go [through] my shoulder a different way And then I’ll try to go over my bicep a different way, and then I’ll follow that line as best I can I’ll go through my forearm Maybe this time you know, it’ll take me down the back [side] of my forearm and then the down back side of my wrist And I kind of pushed through sorry guys I know what no wasn’t showing you but kind of [push] through here and then push through my palm And I’ll push it out or maybe I’ll get even more creative and I’ll use this to try to start In my back, and I’ll kind of use this to kind of go over my back and then I’ll grab it and go down my shoulder and Follow that line as best I [can] down my arm as well and basically I’m just trying to find as many points as I can To where there might be tension or roughness and who knows [maybe] some of these are pointless Maybe I’m attacking points that don’t need to be massaged, but at the end of the day I don’t really know [exactly] where the tightness is stemming from I don’t have X-Ray vision I don’t know exactly you know how things are pulled inside of here where the pain is stemming from but I will tell you guys That after [two] weeks of doing this myself. [I] went from having so much pain I couldn’t even do a hammer curl to [being] able to comfortably do my workouts I still have I still had a bit of tension in this area still Bothering me it took me a while to start getting back to my heavy deadlifts But if I wasn’t doing this on my own [the] pain would have never went away, and I guess that’s the biggest point I want to make with this video. So a few things guys number one. I want you to google search anatomy trains I want you to check out the theracane get it for yourself It’s amazing thing that have at home and when you have pain in your body Don’t just massage that one area I try to start at different points to go through the area and try to release as much tension as possible and That’s the main I guess main point of this video. If there’s pain if you have bicep pain It’s not because just the bicep hurts like I said when you have an injury the way your body compensates for the injury Your body tries to protect itself is to get as tight as possible tighten up all the muscles. So that nothing snaps or breaks but then unfortunately Those things remain tight for a long time, and it’s not just going to go [away] on its own It’s not the kind of injury like you cut [yourself] and your body kind of reacts and heals the cut and then you’re fine When you have an injury like [this] where you pull a muscle or a tendons tighter or anything to do with that It’s not going to go away on its own. It’s no amount of time is going to make it Go [away] like for [example] when people have back problems, okay. They’re like Oh, my back hurts my spine is out of a line my spine is out of alignment. I’m gonna go see a chiropractor [well], it’s great that [you] go see a chiropractor But as soon as you leave the office [the] chiropractor is going to adjust your bones and make them straight again But as soon as you leave And you [go] back home all the tight muscles are just going to pull them up pull there your spine back out of alignment again, so it has to be combination of Relaxing the muscle tissue and realigning the bones if you’re going to see a chiropractor, but I don’t want to dive into that stuff too much I wanted to keep this talking about how to get [over] a bicep injury and again Check out the theracane guys check out the anatomy trains And you [know] start in your chest start from your shoulders or even start the opposite [way] start from your wrist and kind of go Up and go through [your] bicep and through your shoulder and out over your chest Find as many ways [as] you can to attack that area in a couple weeks You’re going to feel like new so a little different video, but I had a serious injury This is how I dealt with it And I just wanted to share it with you guys be sure that like and subscribe button and if you haven’t already [turn] on video Notification, so you never miss a new video [upload] from me Hope you guys have a great week and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. i cant even do 90° using my arms, right now… triceps ,shoulder and chest hurt……..and the funny thing is, i got this pain just from doing push-up…haven't exercise my upper body for almost 6 months, so that's the result 😁..even though last year, 200-push up was no big deal, but now, 40 push-up leads to this soreness…hmmm

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  3. I can feel my nerves folding in lower middle part of biscep.
    And it hurts a little bit. Would massage this help?

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  5. bro u are best I was not able to train from previous 3 month no biceps exercises..I was frustrated..I searched everywhere now I will try this hope this works…

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  8. It's been over 2.5 years since my injury. do you think this kind of treatment can still help me? it's as bad as day one of the injury, maybe worse.

  9. I got injured (well just a terrrible terrible knot in my neck) about 3 weeks ago. I'm a dumbass and because of this I jumped back into my normal workout. Now my biceps are so damn sore that i literally can't let my arms hang.

  10. Thanks for the video, Scott. So glad that I stumbled upon your video, I am definitely going to give it a try and see what happens. This method actually looks more promising than anything else that I've tried so far none of which seemed to have helped.

  11. Must have done something wrong at gym yesterday woke up this morning and first movement was agony in both biceps 💪 ⛹️

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  13. Hey scott, I learnt something today thanks. I've been getting pretty severe pain deep in the middle of my right bicep especially when I straight bar curl. I thought it was bicep tendonitis but I don't have any pain in my forearm or shoulder just in the middle of the bicep. Any idea what it could be? I haven't found much on google. I'm put off from training biceps because it's that bad.

  14. Thanks Scott I injured something 😕I had bought a threacain last year and hadn't learned to use it. So I get injured easy as a car acedent messed up ribs, breast bone awhile ago. And I forget what to do sometimes. I started swinging clubs just to unfreeze shoulders that worked and then did not judge weight over my head right bam, I googling injured shoulder joint I was the back and now front of my arm hurts😲😢 you helped me and I'm no weight lifter. I am just a baby lifting grandma. Thank you 🤗

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  22. I want to sincerely say thanks. I’ve been dealing with bicep pain for a year now and have tried every kind of stretch, rest, heat, cold, exercise tip or trick I could find and nothing worked until I saw your video. One week of doing exactly what you showed for 10-20 minutes a night the constant pain I was dealing with is almost gone. I hate going to the doctor for stuff like this but I was about to bite the bullet. Glad I saw your video first. Thanks again.

  23. Hey u saved my freaking life i massaged myself with a random tool at home and it workedddd by just 2 times doing it i could already move my arm quite far IT WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN I FELT LIKE DYING I THOUGHT I RIPPED A TISSUE OR SOMETHING THANK YOU SO BLOODY MUCH

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  29. I went to the chiropractor this Week after six Months of thinking I had a bicep injury.  I had inflammation in my elbow and forearms for Months.  Turns out the problem was my chest and back Lat.  The chiropractor used a message gun on me for twenty minutes and I have never been in so much pain in my life.  I was so embarrassed because a few times I yelled out and my eyes watered.  I am now resting for three days before I hit the weights.  I was told to put a tennis ball in a sock and throw it over my shoulder and roll my back lat out against a wall.  Wish I would of came across this video Months ago.

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