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It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for
creatine supplementation. The performance benefits are well-documented
and most consistent out of all performance supplements. But, there’s one thing that people are concerned
about. Will creatine cause you to lose your hair? Unfortunately, there might be some level of
truth to it. And, it boils down to one key hormone:
Dihydrogentestosterone, aka DHT. DHT can act on local receptors causing a shrinking
effect of your scalp follicles, eventually closing out said follicles from producing
any more hair. One study back in 2009 found markedly high
increases of DHT with creatine supplementation. Rugby players given 25 grams of creatine monohydrate
per day for 7 days as a loading phase had a 56% increased level of DHT. At maintenance of 5 grams of creatine per
day for 14 days, DHT levels remained elevated by 40%. Interestingly, it also increased DHT to T
ratio, T for testosterone, even though testosterone levels did not change. This suggests an accelerating effect of DHT
production since DHT is metabolized from testosterone and the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Outside of this study, though, not much else
in research exists. And, even if it creatine does affect DHT levels,
it remains to be seen if this has any direct effect to actual hair loss, considering that
DHT levels do rise naturally. Exercise itself can increase DHT levels by
as much as 30 percent. But there’s one caveat bearing the most
importance: The only time that DHT might lead to hair loss is if you’re already susceptible
to hair loss or Male Pattern Baldness, which has a strong genetic factor. If you have a family history of hair loss,
then sure, you might want to think twice about taking creatine if you want to avoid accelerating
your hair loss. Otherwise, chances are, creatine won’t affect
your hair at all. For those of you that are concerned but want
to continue taking creatine, you might want to consider looking up DHT-blocking interventions
like Finasteride, which inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase mentioned earlier. Of course, make sure you check with your doctor
before anything else. But again, there still needs to be more research
on this and more importantly showing a direct effect on hair loss when taking Creatine. For now, after knowing the potential risk,
whether you should continue taking creatine… is completely up to you. If you have a creatine hair loss story or
think the research is right and you should skip your next creatine purchase, share your
thoughts in the comments below. As always, thank you for watching and get
your protein!

100 thoughts on “Does Creatine Cause HAIR LOSS?

  1. Thank you very much .
    small correction : finasteride is not a DHT blocker , it is an 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor and thus it prevents DHT production rather than blocking it's receptors .

  2. I've seen this "family history of hair loss" argument over and over again…. Is there really a family without even a single bold guy? I really don't know of any families without at least one bold guy!

  3. What if it's only my dad's side of the family with the bald genes? Do you believe it mainly comes from just the mother's side?

  4. The only true sign that you are training hard enough is when all your hair falls down!! Doing 100 push ups, 100 situps, 100 squats and run 10 km everyday for 3 years also helps

  5. Speaking of hair loss, does workout itself can cause that?Been workingout since july and my hair keep falling off since then, i thought It's because my hair is too long but last month i take a break for a week because i'm on vacation and i noticed there is no single hair has fallen and now i already started to workout again, my hair is also started to falling again. so is it because of workout or something else?
    Btw i don't use any suplemen

  6. I was going to order creatine today but this video made me not to do it i dont have bald people in my family but i have noticed that i have been losing some hair im 17yr old and if i took creatine i would probably go bald the only things i ordered are – iso 100 protein and some fish oil omega 3 for my starting supplements i never used supplements before but im sure i wont be using creatine any time soon

  7. scare me tigger baldness. well i decide not to buy and use Creatine… i love my hair so much bro…. DHT just kill me softly

  8. I was in college and on creatine… bad mix. I think the stress and creatine combined may have accelerated my hair loss. I graduated and my hair is better now. I also use more natural products. Watch out for nasty chemicals people.

  9. 1:58 Bad advise. As DHT actually causing serveral tasks of testosterone, the intake of finasteride makes you more female. Actually, testosterone generelly works most of the time by going into the cell, transforms itself into DHT and only then the effect of "testosterone" gets triggered, such as growing bodyhair or keeping the funcion of the prostate gland. If you block the transformation into DHT, you're practically blocking a lot of the essential functions of testosterone.

  10. I asked my GP today what he thinks about creatine and he said that I should be ok if I take 3-5g per day, because he had only one patient that took 20 grams, which caused kidney failure. He also said that it should not cause baldness nor prostate cancer, both of them consequences of too much dht. This is probably cuz even if your dht levels rise by 40%, you still won't have too much of it in your body.

  11. Depends on genetics, for some reason some hair follicles are more resistant to DHT. The hair follicles on the sides and back of head of almost all men is resistant to DHT. Some guys all their hair follicles are resistant. But unfortunately for others just hair on sides and back of head are resistant. Thats why hair transplants move those " resistant follicles" to the areas in the front that are not resistant. Once they are transplanted to the front they will remain and are still resistant to DHT.

  12. my father and 1 of his tow brothers and father lost their hair but on my mother's side my grandfather died with a full set of hair and both of his sons still have hair today. Does this mean I have a history of hair loss?

  13. The 89% of men is susceptible to hair loss. Infact the 75% of men lost half of their hairs before becoming 40. So I suggest you to just eat meat Wich provides to the body enough creatine for building mass. Furthermore if u think to fix DHT levels taking Finasteride, you should think back because it decrease not only DHT levels but also Testosterone levels.

  14. Hi, thank you for your video
    I use Pre workout and it contains 2g creatin
    is 2g creatine is it enough for my body to make DHT?
    and 2 days a week i do not take pre workout because i take pause

  15. Ive been taking creatine for about 2 weeks……today I took a shower, I lost some hair and I never seen this before, and I'm only 17!!!!!

  16. I started losing my hair because of hormone issues,after i got my hormones back in place my hair started to grow back.
    2 weeks later I stared taking creatine 10 grams a day.
    After about two weeks my hair started to fall again.
    So I guess it depends on the person.
    But for me It did make my hair fall out.
    I stopped taking it and my hair is growing back now.

  17. Damn, every male in my family is bald except 2, me and my cousin. The other 6 males (from my father's side) are all bald. I was thinking of using creatine as I struggle a lot to put on weight but I guess I won't use it at all after all..

  18. Yes it accelerates the process because it increases dht levels, my hair fall more with it and stop failing when I stop the use .

  19. Maybe you are not prone to mpb but if you increase a little bit the dht (more than 30% ) you can began lose hair faster .

  20. I take creatine aswell, looking at my family my moms family have hair and if i look at my dads family they all have hair aswell but my dad is the only one without hair. And i am loosing hair since 2015 at that age i was 13 but they tell me it will grow again where the hair fell out idk what i should do tho

  21. I love that you don't mince words in your videos. Sure, a lot of things in fitness are relative to individuals. But you're not afraid to just lay down hard facts.

  22. My friends took creatine with no effect but creatine didn't agree so much with me. Over time my hair started to thin and fall. I stop taking it and my hair grew back

  23. My hair became brittle and started falling out and thinning, ive stopped taking creatine and my hair looks brilliant and back to normal now.

  24. But there’s creatine naturally in meat. So eating meat will lead to a rise in dht aswell. Well I’m fucked either way it seems.

  25. My grandfather didn't start loosing his hair till his 50s I'm told and here I started thinning in the back at 22. I'm thinking twice about creatine.

  26. Personal experience: tried creatine about 10 years ago and DEFINITELY was shedding hair. Went off it and it stopped, I’m now almost 40 and baldness doesn’t run in my family and I never had a issue again. I would say it def can cause it even in people not genetically prone to it so watch it.

  27. I have scalp psoriasis and is nicely hidden under my hair. I stopped taking creatine a year ago when I started noticing a receding hairline. A year later I'm still seeing hair loss. So in my experience creatine doesn't seem to make a difference towards hair loss

  28. kinda dissapointed about your verdict. 50% of people being suseptible is not to be taken lightly. we need to find out if an increase in dht creates more hairloss in these people or if the dose in thatt case doesnt matter.

  29. Basically if you have baldness in your family gen don’t take it. If you don’t have baldness problem in your family gen take it get it.

  30. After 6 months of taking it and i still have hairs long hair. Whey protein is also bad for kidney. Anyone have kidney problems? Ir you take it in normal ways 3g a day nothing bad can happen and it's only one study with 20 people done on it stop wasting your time watching this s*it

  31. I'm an 18 year old male, my family is susceptible for hair loss, I'm making gainz as it is with just hard work and diet. Going to stay away from creatine until more research on hair loss is completed

  32. First of all… Hair loss and male pattern boldness are TWO TOTALLY different things. When you suffer from male bold pattern you do not shed hair like a dog, it simply goes through a process on miniaturization of the actual hair ( only certain areas of your scalp ). Male bolding pattern is produced by excess of DHT ( Dihydrotestosterone ) and it is purely genetical and hereditary. Hair loss ( shedding ) can be caused by a great number of reasons : Stress, fungal infections and various diseases as well as treatments ( radiotherapy, chemotherapy and so on… ). Creatine is present in the body and is found in foods such as red meat. Thus my conclusion. If creatine had an effect on DHT levels, every man would be bold except for vegetarians and vegans. There is ONLY one study suggesting this connection conducted on only 20 individuals. Smells fishy. Hair shedding is a very normal and natural response, it happens seasonally! Sorry but I agree to disagree. Creatine is a great supplement. Why do you think silver era bodybuilders eat pounds and pounds of red meat? Food for though guys.

  33. My dad started to loose his hair when he was in his early 20’s, and was bald before 30. My moms dad is 80 and still has basically all his hair, which is pristine hair genetics for him. Apparently your hair comes from your moms dad and your dad, so I’m just wondering wtf will happen to me

  34. so wait, if creatine is created by arginine, does that mean taking creatine gives you argenine? Cause I read somewhere that L–Argenine is actually GOOD for hair not bad.

  35. (Please Translate)
    Creatin'in saç dökmesi hakkında herhangi bir bilimsel kanıt yoktur.
    DHT erkeklik hormonudur.
    Creatin kullananlar da ; sakal çıktımı ? , ses teli kalınlaştı mı ? , boy uzadı mı ?
    Steroid kullananlar o zaman PCT için neden Creatin kullanmıyor ???? 🙂 (Madem DHT yükseltiyor , hormon seviyesini arttırıyor en iyi PCT olması lazım değil mi ?)
    Böyle birşey hiç gözlemlemedim. Bilimsel kanıt yok.

    From Turkey, good lucky.

  36. The research is true. I was starting to go back to the gym after about 2 years of not going. I am athletic and can produce pretty good muscle gain. I first time I used creatine, was for about a month when I was 17 years old and didn’t notice much difference from not taking it because I was pretty skinny at the time. When I tried it again 10 years later for about 3 months, I was definitely noticing my hair thinning and falling. It was quite scary. I have a nice full head of hair with no balding prior. I didn’t think about it at the time but when I was trying to figure out anything different with my diet, I realized I had started creatine. I did not know about the research. I stopped taking it and a few months later my hair became thick again. Some of the receding that fell, never grew back but I don’t care as my head is back to normal. I am writing this at 34 years old, 7 years after this incident and have not had any further thinning or falling of hair so it was not a natural falling of hair. It was truly the creatine. Everyone is different but that is how it affected me.

  37. Thats why Im so glad I took that ancestry DNA test 6 years ago. It keeps updating and recently I found out that I dont have the genes for male pattern baldness… glory hallelujah

  38. I am skinny and bald so I want to use Mass Gainer but it has Creatine that causes hair loss, then I want to use Finasteride but it lowers my libido and shrunken my penis. I want to gain weight but I got severe allergic of eczema for certain foods.. Dammit. Can any of em exist with no side effects?

  39. I’ve been taking creatine on and off for almost 2 years now and I started noticing my hairline receding it will definitely speed up the process but it depends on genetics. Either way I love the benefits creatine gives me and i will continue to take It.

  40. It for sure might makes you lose hair. I shed a ton while on it, it stopped when I stopped using it. 13 years later, have not lost anything since

  41. My uncle had long hair but when he shaved his hair wouldn't grow, so should i or shouldn't take creatine ( i want to keep my hair 😮 )

  42. I just discovered saitama’s secret. It wasnt exercise itself that made him go bald. He was supplementing with creatine!

  43. So here is my story
    I tooked creatine last summer about 6 months( 3 before summer) my pump and force was at the best moment
    I left it because in last month i developed a bad acnee and hair loss at my scalp looked bald whenever i pull it up
    I left creatine and in 2 weeks i was better
    When i taked creatine i was always horny and felt more alpha( i know sound wierd)
    After i left i didnt had that pump ever and the force.. many told me if i left the gym for some months.. others told me whst happend to my gains and my power..
    I tooked now from 2 weeks creatine again but only 9g/week
    I noticed that a little acnee came again( which i dont get only if i eat fast food to much)
    My power camr back and my force is again on top but i feel my hair more lifeless, without volume and kinda thinner than before
    That is my experience.. i dont know why but creatine really trigger your dht.. even in small doses

  44. our body itself produces creatine …and every non vegetarian is getting it from the food they are consuming ..if you are active and lifting it generally increases DHT anyways.. so how can creatine lead to hair loss and incresed DHT .only 20 subjects and even less than a month .how can this study lead to side effect of creatine ? if it had a hair loss causing effect every non vegetarian out there would have been bald..i don't think there is much to support this study..if you have male pattern baldness you will loose hair sooner or later..why to blame solid evidence on this side of creatine

  45. Don't take creatine brahs
    I took it for 3 months and my hairline started receeding on the left side,then I stopped it and its growing back after just 2 weeks
    It's not worth it IMO

  46. Going bald anyways so its whatever lol haven't noticed it speed up at all after a month of heavy creatine use.

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