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What’s going on Nation? Today We’re going to be discussing creatine and hair loss because let’s face it unless you’re already rocking the bald look because you like it nobody wants to have their hair falling out in their Mid-20s, and I bet the majority of you didn’t even know that creatine could even be linked to hair loss I will also be covering other topics such as excessive weight gain Kidney Stones cramping and water retention for example in Future videos as well now if you guys have missed any of my previous Supplement reviews you can check them out in my nutrition playlist here and also if you guys have suggestions for future Supplements, or products that you would like me [to] review Leave those suggestions below and be sure to turn on video notifications So you never miss a new video upload but before we dive into hair loss Let’s quickly talk about what creatine is and how it works because it’s one of the most scientifically proven supplements To help you guys make those massive gains, and you should know why so what exactly is creatine well creatine was discovered in 1835 and it’s a naturally occurring chemical compound found in meat more specifically in red meat And it’s manufactured at our body from three amino acids glycine Arginine and the Thiamine now creatine is mostly stored in your skeletal muscle [tissue] in the form of creatine phosphate And it’s necessary [to] produce the energy you need for high intensity weight training but just to be clear though guys high intensity and weight lifting means low reps and heavy weight and Typically a set duration of 10 seconds or less we’re not talking about endurance training here So keep that [in] mind, and what creatine does is it helps Resynthesize the ATP and our muscles for those of you. Don’t know what ATP stands for it stands for Adenosine triphosphate, and it’s essentially the power that drives muscular recruitment What happens is that when a muscle contracts forcefully so when you’re doing weightlifting ATP Molecules are used and split into ADP Molecules yielding the energy necessary for you to lift So when the ATP is depleted within your muscle cells that can no contract and that’s where supplementing with creatine Comes into play this is because it bonds with ADP Molecules turning it back into ATP therefore increasing the Muscles capacity of executing intense work during training But if all this is a bit too scientific for you Just remember that creatine is used to create more energy inside your muscles Allowing you to perform more reps lift heavier weights and train with an overall [higher] intensity now Let’s talk about the benefits of creatine how to properly take creatine and if I’m supplementing with it I prefer a good creatine monohydrate [in] short the major benefits of supplementing with creatine Monohydrate are number one improving your high intensity and aerobic workouts number two Decreasing your muscle recovery period So recovering faster and number three Increased brain function and better Bone health and if some of you guys might still be skeptical but after searching through loads and loads of studies it’s absolutely certain That all these benefits hold true in fact I’ll even link to some of the studies down the info section below in case you guys Want to check them out but to get all these benefits from creatine you will have to supplement with it getting it from your food is just not enough for Example [two] pounds of red meat contains approximately one gram of creatine So to take 3 to 5 grams of creatine which is the recommended amount you’d have to ingest 10 pounds of meat or more Which probably isn’t too meal plan friendly, right? But this does lead me into my next point Which is how to take creatine when to take it how much you should take and whether or not you need [to] cycle it So how much should [you] be taking well depending on your weight and more specifically your muscle Mass 3 to 7 grams of creatine per day is optimal basically if you’re on the low side [of] the scale go for 3 to 4 grams, but if you’re like a 200-pound Monstah go ahead and take close to 7 grams per day to make sure you’re keeping your muscle cells Saturated with creatine as for timing Creatine does not have an acute effect It’s not like you’re going to take [a] scoop of creatine Be like I feel the power and start like going nuts doesn’t work like that It actually takes about 14 days to slowly build up in your system and after that your muscles become saturated with it So you only have to maintain those creatine levels by having three or seven grams every single day Therefore since it only has [a] long-term effect you do not have to take it before or after your workouts It’s just a myth guys. You can take it whenever you want [early] in the morning or even before bed and now the big question do you need to load on creatine and the answer is absolutely Not as mentioned before 14 days is all it takes to get built up in your system [if] you just have three to seven grams per day and that [leads] us into our next [question] up Do you even need to cycle creatine and again Absolutely not there’s no significant evidence which [shows] that cycling creatine is better than taking it continuously or that continuous use has any negative effects and Can you guys take creatine when cutting that comes up a lot as well and see that a lot in the comments that Comment sections of my videos and the answer is yes people are often afraid Creatine might impede their ability [to] lose weight because creatine is supposed to make you retain a lot of water Which is [just] isn’t true If anything creatine will help you with your cutting because it’s going to help you keep your strength and muscle, Mass Which is a difficult feat for those of you currently in the cutting process Personally I like using BSN’s dna series creatine monohydrate and some of you guys might say that I’m not objective about this since I am sponsored by BSN and I’ve been a BSN athlete for seven years now But at the end of the day, I’m with BSN because I believe in their products, and you guys know me I’m not gonna bullshit you and tell you I use things that I don’t and if I tell you I’m using something and I like It it’s because I actually do use it and I do like it and this creatine in particular is 100% Creatine monohydrate [and] it’s micronized which is a fancy way to say that it easily Dissolves in water and one scoop of this is about three grams of creatine So I take 1 to 2 scoops every day so now that you understand everything you need to know about Supplementing with creatine and how to take it from now on when I make few videos talking about specific side effects I will just link back to this video So don’t have to repeat everything again and with that being said it’s time to talk about hair loss and by the way Did you guys see my amazing thumbnail image looks like I could give the rock a run for his money, right? What do you think babe shave it all [off] tonight? I would probably look like [ten] pounds bigger If I shaved my head But seriously guys Let’s talk about how creatine has been linked [to] hair loss because a lot of people are questioning whether or not this is true, or just a myth there have been Testimonies [of] males that swear that creatine is causing their hair to thin out or fall out altogether And I wanted to take some [time] to clarify this so first let’s talk about how males lose their hair male pattern baldness Happens on males who are sensitive to DHT which is a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone And your body converts testosterone to DHT and DHT is actually five times more powerful than testosterone in fact men with male [pattern] baldness have been shown to have higher levels of DHT in their scalp and DHT is thought to attach to their receptors on hair follicles and trigger them to shrink causing your hair to thin out and Eventually fall out and that was mouthful So what’s the connection? well There is evidence suggesting that creatine can increase your levels of DHT which could be causing hair loss in men in fact there was a study done on twenty rugby players that proved the correlation between Creatine and a rise in DHT levels in this study ten players were given a placebo and the other ten received Elevated levels of creatine for three weeks in week one they took 25 grams a day and then for the following two weeks they took five grams per day and the group that supplemented with creatine shows an increase of 56 percent of DHT levels after the first week on the following two weeks when the doses would reduce down to 5 grams per day DHT levels reduced to 40% so based on this study, you can make the conclusion that creatine does increase DHT levels Which can lead to hair loss but before you guys all start throwing your bottles of creatine in the trash for fear of being bald Let me make a few more points number [one] this is [the] only study I could find on the topic and it was only done with 20 people Now this doesn’t mean the study was bad it just means we don’t have other studies to compare it to and drawing a big Conclusion like this one from only one study is questionable at best Number to an increase in DHT levels will only cause baldness if you are genetically prone to it Male Pattern baldness is genetic guys which means it doesn’t happen to everyone and how do you know if you’re on the DHT Sensitive group well the suspect gene variation that causes this sits on the x chromosome Which is [handed] down to men by their mother this means that baldness comes from your mom’s side of the family So it might be a good time [to] go visit mom and have her bust out the old Family album to make sure your uncles and grandpa have a full head of hair [if] they do Chances are you’re okay now If there are cases of baldness in your mom’s side of the family that’s a sign that you might be sensitive the DHT Number 3 looking back at the study on the rugby play is you will notice that the drastic increase in DHT happened during the saturation phase when the players were taking 25 grams of creatine a day and You should all know by now that the need for Saturation or loading when taking creatine is a myth And if you want to be safe [just] stick with the lower doses of up to 5 to 7 grams per day and number 4 if You’ve been taking creatine for a while now [and] haven’t noticed any thinning of the hair or hair loss Then chances are you’re [probably] okay and at the end of the day if you prefer the bald badass look then who cares right? So to summarize guys if you’re not the high risk group you should be fine now I would also like [to] know that there are a certain number of people. Which is less than like 10% who are just Non-responders when it comes to creatine if that’s you, you won’t notice any effects after supplementing with creatine For a few months so therefore there really is no reason for you to spend your hard-earned money on it for the majority of people I believe creatine monohydrate is an excellent supplement to have as long as your meal plan is in order Remember [guys] a supplement is used to supplement your already existing Meal plan otherwise you just wasting your money And I hope you’ve learned something from this video if you have any questions about creatine [if] you have any suggestions [about] supplements I should cover in future videos be sure to leave those comments down in the comment section below and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “Does Creatine Cause Hairloss & Baldness? | ARE YOU AT RISK? – FULL CREATINE BREAKDOWN!

  1. sorry, but english is not my main language.. what do you mean by load, cycle and continuesly? or give me an example?

  2. That's the opposite for me. My mother's side of the family no one is bald. My dad's side of the family are all bald. Somehow I didn't inherit my father side of the hair gene. I have my moms hair gene.

  3. Scott, do you use creatine today? How long have you been taking it? Would you say it has dramatic effects or if you're happy with your size in gym its not worth taking? Thxs

  4. I lost my Bob Marley dreadlocks, on my ass, using creatinine! Don't worry, about a thing, everything gonna be alright!

  5. My mothers side of the family has no baldness.
    My fathers side is the holy grail of hair loss.

    Hair loss is inherited by both your mother and father, not just your mother, this is a common mistake people make (thinking its only inherited by your mother).

    Otherwise i wouldn't be losing my fucking hair right now.

  6. What if one has male pattern baldness and decides to take creatine as well as a natural dht blocker like saw palmetto???

  7. The part about hairloss coming from the mothers side is a myth. I spoke to several hairloss doctors and they all said the same thing. You can inherit hairloss gene from either mother or father.

  8. Got totally discouraged. Was looking to use creative but my genes are shit and i have hairloss gene. I still have my hair but that’s cuz I use propecia. I can’t even juice!

  9. So guys, I have genetically hair lost. Just a bit on my forhead, not boldness. I'm thinking to use Creatine for at least 6 months, should I or shouldn't use it? It's necessary actually to use it. Even if I don't use it, still my forhead is gonna be like an airplane landing area. 😂 But slowly on time. 🤷🏻‍♂️😵 What y'all think?

  10. I just turned 20. My family’s hair genetics 🧬 are strong. Been taking creatine 4 weeks and when I take a shower lots of hairs fall off on my hands and I also get a lot of dandruff. Im quoting creatine keep u updated

  11. Does the hair fully recover after quitting creatine? I want to try it and the genetics of the men in my family are mixed, some are bald, some started losing hair in their 40s and some still have hair in their 60s. Do you think it's possible to try it and stop as soon as I notice hairloss and fully recover?

  12. Living to 30 years old can cause hair loss. Also getting old can cause hair loss.Cutting your hair can cause hair loss.Hair breakage can cause hair loss.

  13. so wait, if creatine is created by arginine, does that mean taking creatine gives you argenine? Cause I read somewhere that L–Argenine is actually GOOD for hair not bad.

  14. All my moms brothers went bald quite young…im 53 and have thick black curly hair, does this mean creatine wont affect me?

  15. I opened the video and the first thing i see is the link for buying creatine in the description, so i'll just assume creatine's ok for your hair 😂

  16. I tested it on myself 2 times and it definitelly caused hair loss on me.
    My hair in front area above forehead becomes weak and shed. And after I stop taking it hair goes back to normal.
    It pobably doesn’t affect everyone, but some people like you can also see in comments are definitely prone to hair loss from creatine.

    I tested this two times in 2 years to be sure. And my hair definitelly became weaker.

  17. Unfortunately, I'm in the high risk group for hair loss. I've been taking creatine monohydrate for over 10years.So I'm not stopping even though experiencing hair loss.

  18. i mean if you wanna look like Nappa then creatine is the supplement for you! that is, if it does actually cause hair loss lol

  19. Could you review 'Serious Mass' by Optional Nutrition?.

    Been using it for bulking and it's working good. The chocolate flavour is delicious too.

  20. Just subscribed to your channel because you actually know your shit. Thank You for your thorough explanation of the science behind your rationale. I can’t tell you how many douche-tards are out there propagating their bro-science.

  21. i am dht sensitive my mothers side everyone is bald and my hair is falling out now but not that fast. i want to take creatine but im scard my hairloss will go faster.

  22. I can guarantee creatine causes hairloss. I’ve tried it on and off with quite low doses, and without mistake my hairloss was receding. And I am NOT prone to hair loss.

    Fair warning

  23. All the males from my moms side of the family had full heads of hair into their 80's. On the otherhand my dads side were balding. I have been working out in gyms since I was 18' I am now 65 and still have a full head of hair albeit grey..😂

  24. I need to return my creatine now… Luckily I didn't crack open it yet haha. My grandfather is bald and so is my dad and my brother

  25. Creatine is 100% not essential, especially if you eat meat. I’ve never noticed a bit of difference and I’ve probably tried a dozen diff brands/types. Way better options for supplementation.

  26. if you're going bald stop looking for something to blame it's your genetics and you know it, baldy. coming from a baldy. no man should be afraid to go bald, it's not that bad.

  27. So basically: if you have the male pattern baldness gene, you are going to lose your hair with or without consuming Creatine. Thanks for taking 12 minutes to explain that.

  28. I shouldn't have to start half-way through the video to hear about how much hair im going to lose from a youtube guy thanks

  29. If you have acne prone skin specially hormonal acne then creatine will make you break out like crazy, tried it 3 times and stopped just too see if it was the creatine and IT WAS. If you naturally have clear skin then you should be good. It was not worth it for me since I've struggle with bad acne for years. I'll stick to beta-alanine.

  30. I never took creatine but my hair started thinning so I just shaved it bald. It's very liberating. Just have to wear a hat to protect from sun.
    Just keep your body fit, don't be a douche and you can attract plenty of sexual partners.

  31. You mentioned kidney stones, I got a massive stone which I had to pass a couple years after a phase of dosing large amounts of creatine. Not sure if it was related, but I don't use creatine anymore. I think some people may have issues utilizing high levels of creatine within their bodies.
    Anyone else have similar stories relating to kidney issues or stones?

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