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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Are you doing everything right in the gym
but still find yourself struggling to get rid of that body fat? Well, maybe it’s time that you start focusing
and putting those crosshairs on how you’re eating and who you’re believing. I’ll talk to you all about it today. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Ever since I released my video last week showing
you guys how to get a 6-Pack regardless of what body fat level you were starting at,
that step-by-step plan, we had a lot of questions. I figured they’d be coming, following up specifically
on nutrition because nutrition seems to be the topic that still gets you. You know, it’s still the part, you’re killing
in your workouts, but for some reason you’re not looking the way you want to. And I would, I would say you are accurate
in blaming nutrition as the culprit most of the time. We are talking about overtraining and that
being the major culprit from the training side. But when it comes to the way you look, a lot
of times nutrition is what is going to get you . Now the problem is, there’s a lot of different
way to eat. Just today someone sent in an article, a guy
from Team ATHLEAN, wanted me to look at an article that just
came out where someone basically said that intermittent fasting kills muscle. That was the title. Intermittent Fasting Is Killing Muscle. And they went on to support their claims with
a study that showed that intermittent fasting, while it can be a short term effective method
to lose some body fat, it is certainly not an effective method for putting on muscle. And they’re actually saying that it actually
costs you some muscle along the way. It got me to thinking here, the different
things. Right here squarely in the crosshairs, intermittent
fasting is there. Now I’ve done a video on it before. I feel that all of these methods of eating
deserve to be right here in the center of the crosshairs. Ok, no fat diets, right, restrictive things,
elimination type diets. Juice diets, the Atkins diet or low carb diet
approaches. If it fits your macros. Intermittent fasting. Guys these are all fads. And I know there’s going to be supporters
out there that are basically going to sit here and argue what I’m saying. I’m not saying that these don’t work, ok. What I’m saying is for a long term approach,
a lifestyle approach. Because that’s what I’m interested in, a lifestyle
approach to eating. These guys are all, they belong to be called
diets. Because remember what I always say, If you
are on a diet, that means that you are going to be off of the diet at some point. That’s why we call them and say that we’re
on diets. Because we know we can’t sustain them for
long term but I think that’s the wrong way to approach nutrition. If you took the time to actually start following
a healthy eating plan, right. We don’t even call it a diet. You could understand that there are definitely
options that you could have that would taste great to you, that would qualify as healthy
eating options. And I think that’s where guys get tripped
up. They think that in order to get lower body
fat or look a certain way, that they have to eat in a really painful, uncomfortable
way, right. They have to sit there and suck on, you know,
steamed carrots, and broccoli and egg whites. And that’s not the truth guys. There’s so many good tasting healthy options,
you need to have that respect for good nutrition. So in looking at these options here. Again I would counter and say what is the
long term practicality of it? And if you could answer me that you could
stay on an intermittent fasting plan from now and if you talk to me thirty years from
now, you’re still doing intermittent fasting. Then I would give you a lot of credit. Because I don’t think that there’s a single
guy that can stay on a 6 hour eating window from now until thirty years from now. But I will show you many many guys who eat
well and eat properly for twenty, thirty, forty years without having issues. And I can tell you that I am one of those
guys. I started off as one of the worst junk food
eater you would ever ever meet. And a lot of guys are surprised when they
hear that. but I used to eat, I used to make daily trips
to the candy store. I used to eat Eminems every morning, the crumb
donuts, right, cheese filled crumb cake, I think is another thing that they had. The cinnamon donuts they had. I used to eat their Eminems cookies, the little
chocolate chip. I craved all that bad food. I started to realize I didn’t feel so good
and I started to realize that as an athlete, a guy that was participating in sports, that
my energy levels were no where near what they needed to be. Especially for a young kid, ok. So I started to make changes to my nutrition
approach way back then. And was it easy? No it wasn’t easy because I was going from
having some foods that tasted great, bad foods, to foods that didn’t taste as great but what
I did was I identified certain things that I could live with. Certain things that I actually enjoyed. I enjoyed Oatmeal in the morning. So I had some cinnamon and I had a little
bit of brown sugar, I made it taste good, a little bit of nuts, right. And I started to find things that actually
would fit into a healthful diet plan, nutrition plan and I stuck with it. and I continue to
make, refine it over time. That’s the way I’ve been eating, that way
guys now and that’s what I prescribe to you guys in ATHLEANX, for twenty years. And the fact of the matter is, it is not difficult
for me to eat. And I eat healthy, now heres the thing, it’s
the level that you want to dedicate yourself to. I follow my ATHLEANX Meal Plan to a T. Ok, I never stray. I don’t have craving for other foods, right,
things that you might deem as cheat foods. I don’t have cravings for them. That allows me to keep around a 4-5% body
fat year round, 365 days out of the year. You don’t have to be that rigid. Ok, you can have some occasional splurges. You can be more of a human than I am. Ok, and you can have that and wind up in a
8-9% body fat range. But that’s not where guys are, as I went over
in that video last week, most guys are sitting in the 15-20% range. And most guys are continuing to look for these
types of things to lose that fat. They’re continuing to look because these things
don’t sustain an effective approach for them, long term. So diets guys, again I’m not here to pick
on intermittent fasting because if you’ve done it and it’s worked for you and then that’s
great, ok that’s great. I would just challenge the long term sustainability
of that. Or the long term health benefits of restricting
or following a no fat diet. That’s not good, not when you consider that
the makeup of every cell in our body is coated, surrounded by fat, lipids. Ok, you need fats. Carbohydrates are the same thing guys. Juice diets, we all know how healthy juices
are but not as an only constituent. Where’s the protein? I don’t know when diets got so complicated,
when nutrition got so complicated. It’s definitely not easy because we all have
cravings. It’s not easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. And I think unnecessarily guys start getting,
things start coming complicated because we try to market different programs. We try to market different ways to make money
for the guys that tend to fail on these things, right. I bet you one guy has dropped in money on
some sort of diet like this and dropped in money on a diet like this and dropped, the
same guy. So whoever the diet industry is or the guys
that continue to create these gimmick diets are basically, you know providing this guy
you know an opportunity to continue to waste his money. Here’s my point guys, again let’s not bash
any one way because things that get people to lose weight, it’s good for a step, ok. And if it’s helping you to realize that you
can achieve a more healthful way of living, just because you’ve found some success with
one method. Then that is great, ok that is good. But you’ve got to figure out how you can get
yourself to use that as a springboard to a healthier approach to eating. Ok, to have a respect for it. Guys that argue intermittent fasting it can
provide a more convenient way for them to eat because they’re so busy. I just got back from Vegas guys, I had extremely
busy days. Ok, between work and play, we were busy days. I used supplementation to help me get through
that. Ok, I don’t have to say, I’m going to eat
just for 6 hour. I’ll throw some protein from ATHLEANRX, I’ll
throw it in a bag, I’ll take it on the road with me, mix it up in a shaker bottle and
I’m good to go. Ok, so convenience doesn’t have to be that
I have to restrict my eating. You can still eat sensibly. You can still get your protein. You can still get your carbohydrates. You’re still eliminating your refined carbohydrates,
you know. You’re trying to eat your fibrous carbohydrates,
right, fiber, get your fiber into your diet. Don’t overlook that component. Get your fats, you need fats for fat soluble
vitamin absorption. Alright, these are all important components
but we tend to make it complicated because we’re looking for the catch all, you know
answer, in here. When it doesn’t provide it and it certainly
doesn’t provide it, long term. So what’s the answer guys? Start educating yourself on proper nutrition
and start making that transition now. Because if you can make that transition now
to proper eating, you’re going to be living and reaping the
benefits of it for many many many years to come. And you will find that it is the most sustainable
easy to follow way to eat of anything that’s out there. By adopting a respect for the right types
of food and then not. Here’s the last thing I’ll say, the one way
where guys get tripped up is, they’ll say to me, But Jeff, I eat great, my diet is so
locked in and everything is great but I just can’t lose the fat. And you know what I ask them, I have one question. The first question I say is, Do me one favor? Write down for me, everything you eat from
now until next, this is a Friday night, from now until next Friday night. Tell me everything you’ve eaten. Don’t, anything that goes into your mouth,
you put it down. You know how many times I’ve actually gotten
back that sheet of paper from somebody? I’ve probably asked that question over a thousand
times in my life and the number of times I’ve gotten back that sheet of paper? I think twice, I think twice. Once guys start to realize, oh geez, I didn’t
realize, oh man, I’ve got to write that down and hand it to him. Of course I shouldn’t had that donut. Or I shouldn’t have had, you know those three
beers on Friday, I didn’t think beers counted. You know, liquid calories. Guys, you know when you’re screwing up. You know what’s good food, you know what’s
not. You know what should be allowed, you know
what’s not. It’s the dedication to determining whether
you want to live that and how restrictive do you want to be. Again, my goals may not be your goals. I’m looking, this is what I do for a living. I have to make a statement when I walk into
a room because I’m surrounded by athletes that are already 10% body fat. Ok, I need to be able to command attention
and let them know that I know what I’m talking about. Just because I live this. Right, so for me my standards I have to be
lower, 4-5%, 6%. So again, my rigidity on my diet is different. But you can easily look great by just following
a modified version of that. But making sure that you’re following a healthy
eating plan and getting rid of these things guys. Again, use them as a springboard but get yourself
on to the way you know you should be eating. And guys I’ve already talked about it, ATHLEANX,
our whole system is based on a meal plan that gets you into that mode. It’s based on realistic eating. It’s actually based on eating good tasting
foods. Alright but we just know that they’re good
for you. And we’re not looking at doing any elimination
diets or anything like that. We’re looking to do a sensible eating plan
that you guys can live with. And that guys is over at ATHLEANX.COM, it
comes in our ATHLEANX Training System. And again, it’s something I think, I know
that you can follow because I’ve lived it myself for the last twenty years, alright. So that being said guys, I hope you find this
to be at least helpful to getting you on track. to getting you to be focus where you know
you should be focusing. To try to limit your focus on these types
of things to be nothing more than just a springboard to getting you back on the path and knowing
that you should be doing better. Alright guys, long winded answer to this topic
but I know you guys enjoy the nutrition information. And let me know below, let me know what you’re
biggest struggle is, let me know what else you’d still like to know about, about the
topic and we’ll continue to make some videos on them. In the meantime, I hope you’ve found this
helpful and I’ll see you guys over at ATHLEANX.COM. I’ll be back here in just a couple of days.CLE

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