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Does way protein make you fat if you don’t work out the truth about protein powder and weight gain we protein has been making headlines for quite some time especially for those who are into bodybuilding anyone who wishes to bulk up or lose weight has probably heard of whey protein to thousands have already used it as a supplement to their daily diets to help them achieve the body they want however there are some who wonder if lee protein makes you fat some people are hesitant to use whey protein powder because they think they might gain unwanted weight if they use a supplement does way protein powder make you fat the short answer is yes if you use a lot of it and you don’t work out but it’s a little more complicated than that it is important to remember that any type of macro nutrient fat protein and carbohydrate when taken in excess will surely lead to weight gain the body is able to use a limited number of calories per day and if your caloric intake is more than what your body can use you will inevitably gain weight so although it is very useful to athletes and although it does help them sculpt their ideal bodies we protein is not some magic ingredient to produce and muscular athletic body people who wish to lose weight must do more exercise to burn away the fat however it is also important to know that there are no studies or scientific evidence that show that way protein causes a greater increase in weight gain compared to other types of food so there is no evidence to support the claim that way protein makes you fat asking whether way protein makes you fat is like asking whether pork or Turkey makes you fat if you eat more than you use no matter what you eat you’ll get fat still there are also some who argue that way actually encourages the body to store more fat because it causes insulin levels to rise more compared to other foods that are rich in protein however in terms of balanced diets insulin levels are dictated by the total amount of energy consumed to the total amount of energy spent when looking at the bigger picture the rise and fall of the insulin in the blood is not relevant as many of the carbohydrates that people consume cause insulin to spike more compared to whey protein as long as whey protein fits in your fitness program it will not make you fat however you should understand that you need to keep an active lifestyle in order not to gain weight there have also been studies that showed the source can help people burn fat a lot faster how to use whey protein to lose weight we protein has been found to increase fat burning when it is used as a protein source before working out if you consume whey protein before you work out it rapidly burns your fat a pro says otherwise known as beta oxidation in beta oxidation the fatty acid molecules in your cells will break down and generate a seagull co and important molecule in metabolism various cells and tissues will break down fatty acid molecules and give your body more energy way or a similar type of protein must be used as your source protein for beta oxidation to occur we protein also increases the number of calories the body converts into heat energy Irma Genesis during the process of diet based thermogenesis the body transforms calories into energy for exercise included therma genesis bustle cells will burn calories to so that the body will have more energy for muscle contraction a great amount of energy may be expended for contraction expended energy is ultimately converted to heat this explains why during an exercise or a strenuous activity you start sweating a lot in your body temperature increases in this situation you’re experiencing a fair measure nick process the more energy you put in during your exercise the more you waste your energy in the form of heat’s however this also means more calories have been burned along the way we protein intake leads to more calories burned translating to better weight loss we protein helps the regulation of cravings and uncontrollable hunger pangs by increasing the secretion of Cole says Tokai none CC Kay which is an essential hormone that is involved in hunger regulation CC Kaye is a peptide hormone responsible for regulating hunger by stimulating fat and protein digest and it is found in the gastrointestinal system gray line production or the hormone that stimulates one’s appetite is also suppressed we protein puts a stopper on grill line production so that the individual does not feel any ridge to eat grow line is also a peptide hormone found in the gastrointestinal tract alternately called the hunger hormone or animal in im and grow line functions as an appetite stimulator we protein is a mood enhancer and energy booster this helps to regulate energy and mood levels when a person restricts caloric intake by increasing the production of serotonin in this regard restricting your calorie intake than taking low calorie whey protein at the same time can encourage serotonin production serotonin is a compound which acts as a neurotransmitter you can find it in the blood platelets and blood vessel serums a large percentage of serotonin as much as 90% can be found in the gastrointestinal tract the brain also produces serotonin but brain produced serotonin is only used within the brain serotonin can affect behavior mood sleep patterns desire and memory types of whey protein we protein concentrate this contains low levels of fat and carbohydrates lactose protein percentage of WP see depends on its concentration levels between 30%90% we protein isolate this is a processed type of whey protein it contains 90% protein with no fat and lactose we protein hide release eight this pre digested form of whey protein has been subjected to partial hydrolyzed sys it requires a less digest and then the other types of whey protein this variant is usually added to medical protein supplements and infant formulas due to its better digest ability and low allergen potential properties what is way protein milk is made up of two proteins casein and weigh the way protein can be separated from the Casey nor formed as a byproduct of cheese we protein which is low in lactose is a complete protein and contains all nine essential amino acids high amounts of branched Jane amino acids are responsible for better muscle protein synthesis what makes whey protein different from other protein sources in is that it has the highest Bio availability compared to the rest helping your body absorb the biggest amount of total protein content there have been studies conducted that indicate that way protein as properties that help fight inflammation in cancer patients we protein is now considered to be a topic of great interest among many researchers who are studying its use in reducing the risks of certain diseases there are already reports that have shown way protein to be beneficial in regulating the metabolism and as a supplemental treatment for many conditions including unwanted weight loss due to certain illnesses nowadays we protein is commonly used and marketed as a supplement for the diet of have

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