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You know, one of the benefits of
being a YouTuber person is whenever you’re having a bad day or
you need a bit of a confidence booster, all you need to do is look through some comments from your viewers. and it will really put a smile back on your face. I feel a real strong bond with so many of my viewers through the wonderful and appreciative comments that I regularly receive It’s a bond that feels almost spiritual in so many ways. So every morning, just after I’ve had my coffee, I love to pop open the comment section
and just have a read through and feel that personal bond,
feel that sort of spiritual connection. Haha, you fat! Haha, funny guy. No, I’m not. A few years in Japan made you so fat. Ooohh…did it? Abroad in Japan christ
you gain weight you fat bastard. Chris you are gaining weight again.
Control yourself. I can’t control it. Is it just me or has Chrish gained a lot of weights? lol I have the Chris Broad body. Not smiley face. What happened to gym bro? You stopped going? Fat Oh my god I genuinely hate everyone and everything that’s existed ever Stupid people! No actually it’s quite expensive… Yeah, take that! Take that, pen!! Right, now I’m not denying I might have put on a little bit of weight recently but you and I both know that I can lose weight, I could lose weight just as easily as I’d turn the light switch on and off Why won’t the fucking light come on Anyway it’s not my fault that I’ve put on weight, it’s Japan’s fault. Until last month I was living in a tiny typical Japanese apartment with a kitchen so small the fucking Smurfs would have had a hard time cooking in it. Short! So I had to eat out everyday, I had no choice! And every time I tried to do exercise, fate stands in the way I could climb up that staircase Or I could take the patronizing small escalator! Yeaaaah!! It’s so difficult to burn calories in Japan! Even day to day tasks like lifting the toilet seat are taken care of I could lift the toilet seat up but it is quite difficult! I know! I’ll press this button! Yeaaaahhh!! How? How do Japanese people stay so slim? When they live in a world of automated toilet seats and patronizingly small escalators Still, I do take putting on weight quite seriously these days especially after my last frustrated experience of putting on weight in Japan two years ago When my waist line quickly came to define every interaction I had with the people around me Everyday for about a year A frustrating experience I wish to talk about in this video. But now, more than ever, I feel the pressure from society to not be fat Especially as a YouTuber where the only thing that seems to matter is the number of people who click the subscribe button as opposed to having videos that are actually good. You know I thought I’d be happy by now, having more subscribers than “Simply Red” But it’s still not enough And how am I gonna get more subscribers if I’m overweight and have a poor quality face? One idea I had was putting a cat in the videos You love cats I love cats everybody loves cats, right? If I’d got a cat I wouldn’t even need to get slim people would just enjoy watching these videos seeing the cat kinda run around in the background A cat would probably double the subscriber rate almost overnight But unfortunately like most apartments in Japan I’m not really allowed a cat So a friend recently bought me this out of pity Say hello to Mister Snuggles He may not move as much as a real live cat but once you put this stylish hat on him that I found at the 100 yen shop yesterday Look at that! He practically oozes charisma And if that doesn’t boost the subscriber rate Nothing will! Another thing I could do is just lie and pretend that I’m some kind of healthy aspirational lifestyle vlogger Everywhere I look on YouTube now most popular vloggers seem to be the ones who are showcasing some kind of perfect lifestyle Bragging about all the brilliant organic things they consume and all the bananas and yoghurt they free fully enjoy Whilst the rest of us just sit there watching along, stuffing our faces with fried diabetes So guys, I like to start my day with a coconut mango milk life shake! It’s so full of vitamines and minerals Zinc, Copper, Cyanide…everything is in this! Aaah it’s so….oh fuck me…so delicious!!! I read online it makes your skin 3 times less flammable so you should definitely get some from my online store in the description box below Yeaaah, something tells me I’m not gonna be able to pull that off! Now in the UK or most western cultures these days if you’ve put on weight it’s regarded as being worryingly normal which is hardly surprising given that 60% of the British population is now classed as either overweight or obese Compared to Japan where that number is just 4% And if you noticeably put on weight in the UK or most countries to point it out to the weight gain would be considered to be a little bit rude or impolite Unless you’re maybe a close friend or relative Because perhaps there’s an underlying problem maybe you’re stressed, depressed, or have anxiety issues that need to be addressed sometimes on a professional level. And then there’s JAPAN!! Where everyone around you including acquaintances whose names you don’t even remember will prod you day and night in the stomach. And make remarks about how fat you are. Everyday for the duration of time that you are overweight. Back when I was woking as an English teacher about two years ago I started putting on some weight due to a poor diet and I was going through a bit of a tough time And all of the sudden my interactions with the people around me…my students, my colleagues, my friends even people I didn’t really know All these interactions started to change quite quickly I found these interactions went through 3 stages: the first stage was the look, what I call “the look” Its not like “the look of love” its more like “the glance of despair” You’ll notice that when you meet people they won’t look at you in the face, they’ll be looking at your stomach As if to say “oh my god what the hell is that?” I can’t tell if it’s a subconscious thing or it’s a deliberate thing but I found it tends to happen without the person even mentioning your weight or anything so it’s very subtle The second stage is the comment! The indirect comments Because Japan is a polite indirect culture, people don’t really say “you’re fat!” they’ll kind of make amusing subtle observations about it Three of my favorite comments were: “It seems you like food recently!” And “don’t you enjoy doing some exercise?” And then of course my personal favorite: “You became a big face!” And then finally there’s the third stage which is arguably the most frustrating of all which is the prodding! It’ll usually happen after you’ve talked about your weight with that person at least once. The next time you’ll see them, they’ll start prodding you in the stomach Like you’re a big walking fucking marshmallow And at the height of my fatness it happened from everyone: students, colleagues, friends, people I met on the street once or twice the guy at the fish market the woman putting the things through the counter at the supermarket If you don’t enjoy being prodded in the stomach, you’re absolutely screwed! And yet despite all of this, I’ve never gotten offended or I never found it rude because I know in Japan health issues are taken very seriously And this kind of collective action was to try and get me to realize I was being unhealthy and Japan actually has a fat tax called the metabo law where people aged between 40 and 74 have to have their waist line measured every year and if they’re considered to be over the limit the company or the local government can get fined So it is taken very seriously Then again it’s not all bad, if you do put on weight you’ll be eligible to join “Chubbiness” which is an actual pop group consisting of slightly overweight women Now I did eventually lose the weight that I’ve put on 2 years ago but not because I was being prodded or had 2000 people hinting that I was fat I lost weight for the right reasons Like a 10.000 yen bet I made with a friend to lose 10kg in 10 weeks A bet which I lost but nonetheless lost 8kg in the process and learned how to live a healthy lifestyle which I haven’t forgot But strangely all the prodding and comments actually made me want to stay overweight out of principle to show that I really didn’t care what other people thought After all, losing weight shouldn’t come from social pressure it should come from within Or in the form of a 10.000 yen bet So I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna get fit, not because of people prodding me in the street nor because of viewers on YouTube whingeing that I’m fat I’m gonna do it for me! Because from what I can gather when you’re in your twenties or your early 30s That’s supposed to be the fun bit you know before you have children and mortgages and death I wanna have fun, I wanna climb mountains, I wanna dive beneath the sea I wanna cycle around the world I want twice the amount of subscribers as Simply Red Then, then it will be enough! “Chris you’re gaining weight again! Control yourself!”

100 thoughts on “DON’T GET FAT IN JAPAN

  1. I was called 'fat' a lot in Japan… I have a normal BMI… I have to say though the frequent grabbing in the groin was more annoying…

  2. I lost 20lbs in an 21 day August vacation to Tokyo. I just Japanese food with Japanese people who don't eat much at one sitting. Not quite sure how you are gaining weight in Japan.

  3. "But strangely, all the prodding and comments I received made me want to stay over weight out of principle."

    This^ my mom always would comment on my weight and if it ever had an effect on me it was the opposite of what she intended.

  4. RIP to current contents. This video was and will always be the peak of this channel 😂 just joking(i'm serious this is the best video) love you BROad

  5. Who gives a fuck if your fat or over weight or what ever the question is are you going to do a video of what it’s like to go to gyms In Japan

    This could be a whole new category to make videos on about japan

  6. I have some metabolism issues that lead to me being like 42-45 kilos at any given time and honestly I would love to be your size

  7. As a fellow YouTuber who’s been vlogging for about 12 years, I KNEW the beginning about the comments was sarcastic! 😂 good stuff!

  8. I don’t see it.. maybe it’s because I’m American 😆 but I don’t think he’s even close to fat let alone overweight… 🤔🤯 he’s perfectly skinny. Maybe Japan just has pretty unreal standards, or Americans do (or lack of), I don’t know

  9. 最後のねこちゃんのがとても面白いです^^

  10. 1:50 Dude my kitchen is twice as small and embedded in a damn cabinet. If I can cook with it, you can cook with that. Just an excuse for being lazy and fat man.

  11. Don't sweat it, Chris. With the different variations of sushi and every other bit of deliciousness that is Japanese food, I don't understand why everyone in Japan ISN'T fat. Another mystery for the ages.

  12. I went to Japan for 1 month and got 12kg fatter. the food is too damn tasty. at home i at 2-3 meals a day but in Japan i ate 7-12 meals a day, everything looked tasty

  13. もし、日本人が貴方のお腹をつつくのなら、それは貴方が好かれているからですよ!

  14. 4:40 that's a classic.
    skin three times less flammable..

    These are the sort of word mix-ups and non-sequeteurs I dread when speaking in a new language.

  15. When I was 5 month in Japan I lost around 10kg xD … because of walking very much all the time and especially in the summer heat. I felt so great and kind of sexy lol but back in germany it was too difficult to maintain that lifestyle and three years later I'm mostly back to being a fatass drop … My love for cooking and my body that gets chubby really fast is a bad combination.

    I tried to find some friends in Japan and met with a guy, he was really rude … we were sitting on some stones in a park to talk about different things. After some time I was saying that my butt hurts and if there is something else he want to do. He was like: "I'm not that fat, my butt hurts quite a long time." That was really hurtful and I never met him again.
    He was the only person I met that was rude to me, all the other people were so nice and I miss them very much.
    I did not notice that I lost so much weight, till my boss was like: "You lost weight! It looks great. How were you able to lose so much wight, tell me I need to know." He himself was a little over the top with his bodyweight^^
    I miss the time in Japan very much … sigh

    I'm very new to your channel and I don't think that you are fat. Not in 2016 and not in the new videos. It's good that you want to stay like you are because it makes you happy.

    That's a great cat lol I love it!

  16. 食べ過ぎると病気になりやすくなってしまうとみんな自覚してるから気おつけている人が多いのかもね!

  17. o_o so fat. how did you get soooo fat?
    Every country should be like Japan when it comes to fat people.
    There is nothing wrong with fat shaming. People who are fat should feel bad.
    Because it's not difficult to not be fat. Just eat less! And exercise a little bit. It's easy and good for you and your community!

  18. My first trip to Japan is on January 31st next year. I have been binge watching your content ever since I booked my flight. Your humor is the absolute perfect balance between sarcasm and just simply mucking around!

    So I'm a new subscriber for sure, and it would be pretty cool to meet up in Tokyo on the off handed chance that you read this!

  19. So the Japanese are too reserved to tell you if they have a cat…but they’ll call you a fat ass and poke your cut? Wtf Japan.

  20. 太ったら視線が変わるの!?日本人だけど初めて知った。

  21. I remember watching this video a couple years back when he had about as many subscribers as he said he does in the video but damn I like the quality. Too bad he's had to censor himself quite a bit, along with his comedy style.

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