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hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just muscle so i used to be a big stickler on pre-workout supplements i used to promote it and you sell that stuff online and i used to love it right I you can really believe in it because I was like oh it’s all these ingredients all of one and it cognitive enhancers and it’s just amazing stuff right well I stopped taking it for about two and a half months now three months and I gotta tell you I feel awesome and I want to share with you the reasons why I really like not taking a pre-workout supplement any more like five really good reasons why don’t like pre-workout supplement or I don’t want to take him anymore number one is first of all I don’t get that morning hangover anymore from not taking a pre-workout supplement it for all you people out there taking a pre-workout supplement you probably realize that you might not know this this book Giants Travis wake up in the morning and see if you have that morning hangover anymore but I mean by that knowing how those like you just feel like this and you need something scrub the pre-workout boom you’re up again I was starting to take pre-workout supplements first thing in the morning just to get myself out of that anymore it’s ridiculous and I wasn’t even working out that day it’s called pre-workout not free life and then you become dependent on it just even feel good and that’s where the supplement companies get you hooked on right because they want you to keep buying take it every day so you feel good in whatever it I was like crazy so I just I’m not dependent on any more to actually wake up and do anything anymore and i’m also not dependent on it to go to the gym and work out an awesome workout so this is probably going to be more than five reasons but anyway let’s go through member to remember too is I think my skin just looks better like my skin just looks better in a sense if it doesn’t look so flushed out doesn’t have all this like niacin or like there’s Argentina or such human malate that kind of gives you that pump and watching your skin I’d always wonder why I look so like deep bland like after i was done what working out like mike it just looks I don’t work out as much anything like that so I just feel like I look better 3i have more money it’s not that much more money in the long run before somebody is on a budget like maybe a college student yes it’s looking you you’ll save more money you know you can do buy a book now you’re not spending 40 + 50 bucks on supplements anymore every single month to get those that little rush of yours or anything like that so I think you could save more money number three it just these things are life like a lot more simpler you know much more simple you just go in there with a cup of joe cup of coffee or maybe no coffee and then you work out none of it’s like you got to carry around your mixer shaker you gotta pack your powder in especially if you’re traveling put a scoop in there shake it up with a bartender get into the gym go sit on it for 30 minutes or slug it down and then you’re like all like weird and shit like that and then you go in there and boom you’re like wow I’m done number four look at that crash at the word I don’t care what supplements is out there you crash now some just don’t crash as much you know like some of them that really crashed otherwise i’d be like Bradley stop say and then like it was like that like three or four hours after i was done work out or taking that supplement then i just love them like hopping out for me to feel better than everything so i just don’t get that anymore it’s just really i really hated that I hated that crash now the other thing is I need to look at level is because this is the big one actually not forgot about it cuz it’s been a long time since it happened well three months not that long let’s agitate it I’m just left agitated without a pre-work upward probably because I’m not having a crash in the morning i’m also not overly height and anxious it’s just so much caffeine in there I just left agitated things just put a little bit better in my life and I just have a better focus on whatever you know I’m not dependent on that delight or anything like that I know like some people almost ago either debris workout I’m sorry you are a little and then if you depend on a pre workouts and go to the gym most people do that like I will out of a thousand shoot maybe I’ll just work up tomorrow I might pre workout supplement of me you know this what happened because like I’ve been taking pre-workout supplements my whole life and after they first came out back in my 2006 maybe it was around that time I don’t know don’t quote me on that guys I don’t know exactly what your pre-workout supplement came out but the thing is I’m just what’s agitated from not taking that kind of stuff so if this is a much stuff came back it did come back to dipped a little bit because you know there’s no creatine in my system anymore so I lose my strength it but it did come back one hundred percent and like my love for the gym came back again so don’t worry about that it will come back so please dress my youtube channel hope you guys got something from that and if you’re gonna do the same like kind of crap up the pre-workout supplements i recommend please talk to me contact me you can go to my eat my home address wwk r ider calm and then you can eat MIT you can find an email just for me to get in touch with me from there and you can also download my free intermittent fasting handbook which I really contributes to being able to get the awful pre-workout supplement expense so much energy anyway to work out that the pre-workout supplement with extra agitation actually this is way too much energy that anyways please subscribe my youtube channel and I’ll see you guys in

55 thoughts on “Don’t take pre workout supplements – 5 reasons why I quit

  1. Thanks Buddy…I am from India and spend lots of money on fancy preworkout supplement…now I am addicted to it…but after listening to you I will never buy it again…let's hit the gym with Coffee..Thank again..
    one more I workout in morning at 8 so as per your another video my fasting window will be 6pm to 10am…so what do you think will be the last meal like…high carb/protein or fat

  2. wow! Kevin, thank you! I'm so glad I watched this! I'm almost finished with my pws… I won't be buying anymore! #$saved

  3. Best message I've heard regarding pre workouts! Thanks for sharing your message. True strength comes from within not a bottle or pill. Definitely something to think about, easier said than done about kicking the habit for most people. I'm glad you came out on the other end feeling better than being on it. Did you drink coffee or green tea to help curb your withdraws at first?

  4. I´ve been working out for 15 months now and i´ve never feel the need for pre workout supplements. When i´m working out in the morning i just eat oatmeal and i´m set, during the afternoon i eat a small meal and take my bcaa because i also play soccer twice a week which helps with fatigue .

  5. Haha I haven't got to that point where I can toss the pre workout aside. what do you think about pre workout while your in the fasted state? it says it has no sugar and no calories?

  6. Im actually thinking about getting off it. I've been taking it for almost 4 years now. What should I replace it with? I work from 7am-4pm .. I have no energy after work.

  7. About how long until you got your strength back after cutting out the preworkouts and creatine? Because I got really sick about a month or so ago and was hospitalized and when I got home and returned to the gym it felt like I lost 50% of my strength and it's been 2 weeks now and I can't seem to ever get the pump I use to prior to being hospitalized and in all honesty In losing my drive to hit the gym anymore. I don't wanna give up since I've had a pretty miraculous transformation but I feel like my strength will never return and I see guys I use to train with far surpassing me. Please help

  8. Did you ever think about adding in vegetables or fruit in the protein shakes you take? That's what I do it kind of helps me better.

  9. I'm not a Supplement user or promoter. But I figured supplements had Caffeine in it to boost awareness.

  10. Glad you mentioned this..I thought it was just me re the morning hangover..even taking the most natural preworkout out have convinced me to try stopping.

  11. Well that was quick and its a record I came to this video to find out if I should start taking pre-workout and i watched your video 2:30 seconds from that little bit of information you said I will never take a pre-workout ever in my life

  12. I fell into the same rut; taking it as soon as I got out of bed. So did you just cold turkey it or are there a couple tricks? Ive already been dabbling in intermittent fasting for months and I have 2 24hr water fasts/1 24hr dry fast under my belt. Already my system is cleaned up enough to where it feels TERRIBLE when I take it but somehow I keep going back to it which is pretty scary

  13. I don't know if you'll see this, but because of you, starting today, I'll never use any pre workout supplements ever again. Big thanks!

  14. Atleast tell us for how many years did you take them supplements. You are already shredded using those supplements and telling us don’t use it, don’t be a hypocrite and act cool with this channel of yours . Be more specific and rational. Tomorrow I will also get shreeded and tell someone please don’t take supplements it’s useless.common man grow up .

  15. i still use pre workout but this is good advice. i work 11 hours a day with no days off for 10 months I work in a cruise ship its not that i need it but i want to use pwo.. i still cycle off or use stim free pwo.. and I'm not working a desk job so this works for people working in the offices.

  16. Hi Kevin. Great video. Do you recommend taking a post workout supplement, such as a whey protein shake? That's the only supplement I take.

  17. Not just pre workouts but all of those supplements are bad for you. That's why alot of gym rats start having heart problems because of all the years of taking supplements which is are actually just drugs.

  18. Yeah bro i totally understand the message, I bought my first pre-workout some months ago and i think i'm not going to buy another one, def improves my sleep if i don't take it and i just don't see the point in taking a pre-workout

  19. I just didn’t like the itchyness that my fingers would get. I also didn’t like that I felt like I “needed” it in order to even get up from bed and go to the gym.

    Also it made it want to throw up especially if I didn’t hydrate properly. Also it would cause an upset stomach and made me run to the restroom a lot as embarrassing as it is to admit.

    Yeah. No. It’s not worth it.

  20. I want to attempt to get into better shape. I’m not really looking to put on pounds of muscle rather just a healthier lifestyle. I had only heard of pre workout and wasn’t sure if it was something I should be taking. This video is very informative so thank you for the advice.

  21. The problem with your preworkout use is you abused it. You used it as you would drink coffee. You should use it before workout, not after waking up and treating it as jumpstart for your day (1:25). No wonder you had a bad taste against preworkout. These products should be used accordingly and with caution. This video is a total fail right from the start. You are the problem, not the product.

  22. I think I still take pre workout because I'm clinging to the nostalgia of my "glory days" when I was in my best shape prior to all my injuries. I was young, naive, and making good money so I would always get a massive $200+ box of supplements in the mail every month. Felt like a kid on Christmas. I'm trying to chase that feeling every time I buy a new PWO, but honestly, I can't shake the feeling that not only are those days over, but I'm fucking poisoning myself. Sucks lol. Plus my anxiety is at an all time high now. Never used to have it. But maybe it's from 10 years of pre workout abuse.

  23. I stopped drinking this shit when I noticed I am having trouble breathing. Now, I am stronger than ever not with just lifting over all health I am stronger. I feel like I can last 12 rounds in a fight. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  24. This fuck has no idea what he’s talking about. Yeah you don’t take pre workout but I bet my life your downing coffee like water

  25. Every point is dead on. The worst thing I hate about per-workouts is that if you take them at home first and then go to the gym, the longer you delay going to the gym the worse the nausea gets.

  26. Was taking Pulse preworkout because it had no sugar,no creatine,cleanest one….Noticed though Alpha Gpc.a Nootropic…which is why I would mentally crash(this was not a caffeine crash) was a mental clarity crash….fing I needed this just to function….would love to get off it…roller coaster…Starting Intermittent fasting today to start the road there.Cheers

  27. I know a guy who went to rehab for pre workouts, that dude was a mess…. got kicked out of the gym cos he just went mental up in there (no roids), he over maxed his credit , emptied his debit car for that stuff cos he was like drinking that 3 scoops several times a day, he would always bring his shaker with him. When he went broke, he started to sell his stuff, like his bike, his PSP so in, borrowed money from his aunt but never paid her back that was like 20k, he ended up on the street corners doing tricks ,like juggling and flame throwers, but one day he accidentally swallowed some gas and fired him self up, went to the E.R. parents sent him to rehab after that….. he's now studying theology and planning on becoming a catholic monk in France. Just say NO guys!!

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