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This guy.. He comes out of his gym in Birmingham, goes to a contest, devastates everybody. He’s not an extrovert.. He doesn’t tell everybody how great he is all the time. All this stuff that people expect.. Just goes to the contest, win it, dissapears… And everyone is like who’s that guy? where does he come from? All this enigma.. And then he dissapears in his gym for another year or two years and just trains and doesn’t let anyone see him And then pops up again and just blows everyone’s mind and dissapears again.. Like a shadow. I just outworked them. We’re talking about the results of consistency of 10 years of dedication.. Day in day out. Absolutely getting the most out of each day, every workout to be as good as it could be. The athlete that’s been recieving the most attention in the press is an english gentlemen by the name of Dorian Yates. Dorian came in to the Olympia last year, it was his first Mr. Olympia.. And he was actually able to beat Lee Haney in one of the prejudging rounds. As result he came in second place as a final finish. Dorian has been able to add about 8 pounds of lean body mass in the past year. He’s been sending pictures about every six week to the Muscle & Fitness office back in Los Angeles. And giving us a continues update of what his status was. And it’s very rare that you see an athlete who has achieved that level of extreme body mass and muscularity Make those types of improvements. Dorian is gonna be one to beat so to speak in this competition. I heard a lot about Dorian prior to the ’91 Olympia. I hadn’t seen him, and then when I saw him for the first time in person.. Man, he was a monster. Something that I never seen before. The whole 12 years I was competing was living like a monk. Everything had to work around, so.. It was almost like I was trying to create the perfect environment all the time for me to get the results from the training. That’s the thing with bodybuilding.. It’s not just the training when you go the the gym and then forget about that and go home… No, it’s with you all the time. You got a regime, and everything had to fit into that.

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  1. He is doing all reps with the help In each and every set what kind of Mr Olympia was he and it seems that was the perfect steroids abuser

  2. Nobody will EVER reach that Mass and quality low Bodyfat Level again. And Nobody will ever train that hard again. Boys born after 1998 are just doin it for Instagram and Facebook.

  3. anyone that has actually attempted Dorian's Blood and Guts workout quickly realises how much of a beast he was. I tried it, quickly realised I was not ready for it and started to train to get myself to a stage where I was able to actually do the workout! When you walk out of the gym panicking because of the pain you are already in, knowing full well it's going to get worse and already looking forward to the next session you start to get some idea of where he was mentally! Looking at the blood and guts footage of Dorian, seeing the agony that he was putting himself through you understand that there will never be another Dorian because no one these days has that level of masochistic intent!

  4. "LETS GET NASTYYY"! …is what is tell Rosie, then commence the loud grunting screaming. clanging and banging

    Rosie Palms and her five sisters get me every time

  5. Best bodybuilder of all time is dorian yates purely because of the physiques and potential champions he beat in his day…..

  6. What a adrenaline rush , only one other person can do that for me Bruce Lee, motivation ,like a valcano.

  7. I love bodybuilding since childhood years, use to watch cartoon show he-man and the masters of the universe. as a kid when you see a beefy guy as a kid it quickly puts an image, hey its he-man. Your physique is one in a billion , a different view than earlier and other bodybuilder's. Hats off to you that you re-arranged Bodybuilding to a new level !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger w

  9. this man is my greatest inspiration in the gym. hard working, humble, genuine. dorian brought honor to bodybuilding

  10. He physique was so different from everyone else. That pullover machine along with his going to failure philosophy created a sculpture of pure granite!

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