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100 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Low Carb from a Doctor’s perspective’

  1. This is an excellent talk. Proves beyond argument that a high fat diet is a killer. Many of us baby boomers now in our sixties plus were brought up to believe the sugar industries lies and manipulation of so called impartial scientific studies (paid for by the sugar industry) that fat was the cause of obesity. This talk should be compulsory watching for people trying to loose weight and not achieving any weight loss.

  2. I would like a little more detail on the morbidity study: my first thought was, Did the high calorie group have a higher mortality rate because they were generally poorer?

  3. I’ve started my own diet similar to keto and I have lost 1st 1/2 in six weeks. I have more energy too, the hunger is not there. Carbs are fine in low levels but I think it’s mainly the sugar! That’s my experience anyway.

  4. Thank you Dr Mason for your clear presentations

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Does the Ketogenic diet increase acidosis?

    2) do we have any evidence on Lyme disease and coinfections being a factor of disturbance of cellular metabolism, insuline resistance and glucose intolerance ?

  5. Does this mean that insulin injections could be used as a breast augmentation method? Or would that be a major health risk?

  6. incredible video, explains so much, my only concern about this whole thing of the keto type diet is the saturated fats being ok to consume, it's something my doctors have been warning about for years, also will this type of diet give me enough energy for long duration mountain bike rides 100km+ etc?

  7. 29.28 Cyanide is 'natural' too, it is found in substantial amounts in certain seeds and fruit stones, e.g., bitter almonds, apricots, apples, and peaches…

  8. Excellent and easy to understand presentation. If you are interested in gaining knowledge about a low carb, high (quality) fat way of eating and living, then you should watch (and share) this video and view Dr. Mason's other work.

  9. Biggest problem I see with this guys videos is like everyone from the 1970’s says all carbs are the same. And therefore let’s just add sugar for carbs, and take out everything healthy and if you eat carbs you might as well be eating high fructose corn syrup.

    In the 70’s that’s what happened they tried to replace fat with high fructose and free sugars and health today is what we have to show for it . It only makes sense that people who are sick would rebel and come up with a contrarian philosophy. Yes free sugar is the problem. But all carbs are not created equal. 🤦‍♂️

  10. U can test this eat a boiled egg with sea salt and a half avacodaand ser how full and satisfied u are
    It's not the doctors is the schools and u know that mr doctor

  11. The medical and pharma industries dont want answers they want to sell more appointments and drugs and surgeries healthy patients don't buy beach houses sick people do Medicaid do

  12. Dr Mason is comparing the "Standard Australian Diet" (SAD diet) to a low carbohydrate diet, and finding that the low carb-diet is superior, and leads to weight loss, and the remission of type1 diabetes. This is true.

    But the SAD diet (high fat, high processed food, low fibre, high sugar, excess calories, low phytonutrients), is an appalling diet, responsible for a raft of common diseases, including heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Almost any variation of the SAD diet might be an improvement.

    Multiple well-regarded studies show that a low-carb ketogenic diet as recommended by Dr Mason is responsible for many health problems. In particular the high animal protein content of a typical low-carb diet is heavily implicated in cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

    Further, the claim that insulin resistance is caused (alone) by sugar has been seriously challenged. Current research heavily suggests that insulin resistance is mainly occasioned by fat blocking the cells.
    So while "counting carbs" gives temporary relief to the diabetic (no carbs means no need for insulin), a low-carb diet is a Highway to Hell, in-as-much as you are still ingesting high fat, and continuing to block the cells with fat. (Albeit less fat). The diabetes will still slowly progress. And you are also laying the ground for heart disease and cancer and osteoporosis..

    Despite decades of research, the basic mechanism of T2DM is still not well described.
    Until the bio-chemistry is better understood, we will have to also look to the epidemiological studies.
    Dr Mason's clinical work shows some positives; but he does not allude at all to the multiple well-structured studies indicating serious health consequences caused by a low carbohydrate diet. Why not?

    For a balancing view, I recommend referring to Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John McDougall, The China Study by Colin T Campbell, and others who are highly critical of the low-carb pathway, and who have had long-standing clinical success with a higher-carb "whole-foods, plant-based" approach. This approach is also sustainable in the long-term. Hunger is not a problem, and reversal of many diseases (including heart disease) is possible.

    It may not have escaped notice that an unnatural state of continuous ketosis, (necessitating heavy meat and dairy consumption) is not a diet that would have been available or consumed by early (evolving) man.

  13. When you say the word fructose, Doctor, are you referring also to the fruit sugar in apples, berries, melons and the like? Or just to sucrose and high fructose corn syrup? Help!

  14. Do you refer to the Seven Country Study at 20:10 ? That study is criticized to be heavily biased due to statistical flaws in the questionair and Ancel Keys methods. What is your opinion??

  15. I've been on a low carb diet for three years, absolutely the best thing I've ever experienced. I only wish I had known about 20 years ago. We need to get the truth out, great video.

  16. This is perfect for those people that base their diet decisions on trends or assumptions but have never looked at the science of it all. I was included in this group and still am TBH. Understanding medicine and understanding chemistry are not synonymous. Your doctors can be wrong if they’re using generic concepts rather than actual science in their advice.

  17. 7:50 to 10:52 excellent ‘triple whammy’ explanation of how insulin makes us store fat! Thank you Dr. Paul Mason.

  18. Ive been taking 2 litres of that almond milk every day thinking it is good for me, low kilojoules but I was constantly getting cravings. >_<.

  19. Outstanding lecture…well explained for A layman like me..
    Thank you and to ethical doctors for passing on this life saving message(s)…

  20. On a ketogenic diet, lost weigh, rarely feel hungry, feel fitter and better. Thank you, Dr. Mason for the science underpinning it.

  21. This has to be one of the best and logically thought out explanations of the effects of carbs and insulin. Well done Dr Paul Mason!!

  22. Same for me… I never lost a single microgram of weight doing conventional "healthy eating", but when I go with reduced carbs, suddenly I lose weight like crazy and feel like a boss at the same time (super healthy, happy, etc…).

  23. Great video! Guys please join us for the world's first ever Carnivore Retreat. You can also buy raffle tickets to win a free trip

  24. I started keto few weeks ago, and until now i am doing pretty good.
    However, all these videos present a picture of this diet that looks to me "too good to be true".

    Do you have any video of a competent person about the shortcomings of keto?

  25. can anyone point me to a simple list like 1. Things you eat. 2. Things you don't eat. Please?
    Pears for example.. can i eat them? as i understand, besides the sugar, pears are a carbohydrate.
    I'm confused.

  26. Brilliant explanation of mainstream diet problems to the lay person.
    I have been researching low carb, keto etc for weeks and this is the most interesting, thought provoking video Iv'e seen.
    Bravo Dr Mason!

  27. thus is a load of rubbish …you can not tell people that hoid quality unpricessed carbs increase weight via an insulin response ..thats not true ..just as there are bad fats thete are also bad carbs ….i eat a high carb unprocessed foids such as beans lentils fruits abd vegetables and ive lost 11 kg in 2 months ..i did keto and my lioids went thru the roof ..mnew research also suggests that low carb diets are deteimental to mental helth and many hormonal functions in the body ..ketosis is only a back up system ..the orefered fiel of thr body is good quality unprocessed carbs .

  28. Thanks Dr Paul Mason, these videos are gold. You present real research in a way that our family can understand. I’ll look out for your next public lecture in sydney!

  29. Glad some doctors have finally realized that your textbooks were produced by processed food companies that stuff everything with fructose and kill their customers.

  30. Fructose has unique toxic effects on body. Joints pain can be helped by losing some weight. Doctors give a wrong advice of eating low fat. People starve on low fat and don't still lose weight. Who is responsible? The doctors!

  31. CICO (calories in, calories out) advice ignores hormones. Cortisol aids weight problem. Leptin is another problem causing hormone. Insulin is another weight causing hormone. Fix the hormone problem, fix the weight problem! Diet changes help with the insulin problem. High level of insulin are caused by carbohydrates.

  32. Actually doctor, Italians and Japanese people live the longest and they eat breads, pastas and lots of rice! Lol.

  33. I enjoyed reading the comments section, lol. Yeah, go high fat and protein and enjoy your heart attacks and strokes! Lmao!

  34. I can break every rule you propose in a very major way and still be slim and fit
    You cant explain this .. but I can
    CONCLUSION : I know better than you do

  35. that example with the woman not loosing weight is bullshit. she was still eating more calories then she was burning in a day. I never saw anything about weighing all the foods and tracking every calorie to know she was actually eating low enough calories. I don't buy this at all. No actual proof or data saying these people eating carbs was what caused them to gain weight it was simply they ate too many calories.

  36. I would like to know how to contact Dr Paul Mason.
    I have a unique question to ask him.
    I have hereditary Hemochromatosis and insulin resistance and with those a high protein diet will put me into oron toxicoty. I cannot do blood phlebotomy due to the issues with my micro, collapsing, rolling veins which makes even regular blood draws needing a infant butterfly needle difficult. I also weigh 102 kg and need to loose weight. The doctors in the USA and Netherlands has been of littke help. I need an answer. I need serious help…. my life is on a tight rope and all the searching for answers since the age of 25 has made me broke and my conditions has caused seizures and other heath issues that made me dusabled. PLEASE HELP AS I FEEL THIS IS GOING TO BE THIS 53 YEAR OLD WOMAN'S LAST CHANCE IN NOT DYING!

  37. Gary Taube took the medical establishment to task for this 12 years ago in his book "Good Calories Bad Calories". Very interesting information about skin tags. That's totally new to me.

  38. Absolutely excellent! This presentation lays out the fat story better than any other i've seen. It is life changing! Great job Dr Mason!!

  39. When water fasting, blood glucose drops to mid 50s the second day and stays there for weeks. All from body fat.


  41. Why are there no keto-advocates over 100 years old? None, anywhere in the world. "Dr Paul Mason obtained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician" Yet, he is simply regurgitating others beliefs, not his findings. So, it's not his perspective he is presenting, its others perspectives. He has also 100% ignored the evidence at hand in the Blue zones and in the towns and cities where blue zone diets have been implemented. None of them are high fat, indeed they are all low fat. Some may say this Dr is, therefore, naive. He has cherry picked the datasets, there are MANY other studies he hasn't included.

  42. I’ve been on Keto for 2 months now and am down 8 kilos. I have been following Dr Berg on you tube and Dr Paul Masons name was mentioned. Nice to see a Dr here in Australia who understands Keto. Are there many Drs here who do? I would like to find one.

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  44. Fast and furious and so so good! Informative, entertaining….so full of new information , well knew to me..:-) Loved every minute of it! One of the best presentations I have ever seen on the subject. Thank you Dr Mason….:-)

  45. Dr Paul Mason, thank you for you presentation … would you kindly let me know what your take is on someone who has had a TIA and stroke, who wants to follow a high fat diet? Many thanks

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