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One of my viewers Little Voice asked me
to make a comment on a video by Sam Robbins
called sumo wrestlers gaining weight and intermittent fasting so I thought I’d do
this comment to clear up some of the confusion and misunderstandings that
resulted from that video coming right up hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For
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so that you don’t miss anything so dr. Sam apparently got the question how can
sumo wrestlers gain so much weight when they are doing intermittent fasting so
Dr. Sam did a video trying to explain that and he said number one they skip
breakfast which slows their metabolism and this does not happen if you are fat
adapted it does happen if you are insulin insulin resistant and
carbohydrate dependent because if your insulin resistant then your body is fat
storing so you have lots of fat stores but you can’t access the fat store
because the insulin keeps it locked away so now if you skip meals your body
perceives that as starvation because it’s starvation in the midst of plenty
insulin resistance is the early stages of diabetes and diabetes is the
full-blown starvation in the midst of plenty they have hundreds of thousands
of calories of fat stored on their body they can’t get to it because insulin
locks it away so if you’re not insulin resistant then skipping breakfast is not
going to slow your metabolism as long as you’re not completely emaciated if you
have at least a few pounds of fat on your body that’s not a problem number
two exercise in a fasting state increases cortisol and stress hormones
which leads to fat conservation so this is to almost the same answer as
the first one because this happens the cortisol comes from you starving when
your carbohydrate dependent so if you are fat adapted that does not happen
unless you’re also at the same time if the exercise that you’re doing is an
aerobic meaning that it is at such a high intensity that you cannot keep up
with oxygen delivery because now in the presence of oxygen if you can’t keep up
with oxygen delivery you can burn fat if you can’t keep up with oxygen delivery
you can’t burn fat you need carbohydrates and if you don’t have
carbohydrates and you can’t get to the fat fast enough now you need sugar and
your body produces more cortisol so it has to do both of those circumstances it
has to be high intensity and you have to be not accessing the fats number three
they eat too large meals eight hours apart no argument that’s what they do
number four they sleep after each meal again no argument except why do they
sleep well if you eat large amounts of foods especially carbohydrate and your
insulin resistance now one of the backup mechanisms for the body to deal with all
that blood sugar is to convert it into triglycerides that’s why sugar drives up
triglycerides so a lot of the fat lipid profiles that people if they’re out of
balance and people are told oh you eat too much fat that’s not true they’re
eating too much sugar because that’s what turns into the triglycerides and
that conversion from sugar to triglycerides is very very energy
expensive your body uses up lots of energy to do that so you get really
really sleepy and with the amount of food that these guys consume there is no
mystery that they have to sleep after each meal
five they eat high carb low fat no argument there
that’s what’s gonna pack on the fat six they drink lots of beer that’s gonna
pack up pack on the fat seven they eat with friends which has proven to
increase food consumption by forty four percent so while that has been observed
we also have to ask what is it that makes people eat too much so think about
that Thanksgiving meal you had the turkey you had the really fatty gravy
you had some accessories and you are so full you’re saying I can never eat
another bite and then they bring out the sweet pecan pie and now all of a sudden
you can make some more room because it’s sweet it’s the sugar it’s the
carbohydrates that bypasses your normal regulatory processes your body says
you’re full and you won’t eat again if there’s only real food available but if
sugar is being offered you can always make another effort so it’s the sugar
it’s the carbs that trick your body into eating too much so if you only eat real
food whether you eat with friends or not if there is no carbohydrate or sugar
available if there’s meat and fish and vegetables and fat available you’re not
going to overeat so then he said this is why they gained weight
then he went on to admit that yes they do eat a lot of food we’re talking 8,000
to 20,000 calories so if we just take the mid portion of that range not the
least not the worst then we’ll end up some around 15,000 calories and he also
said that they eat almost all carbs virtually no fat and some protein so
that means they probably at least 70% of the calories from carbohydrates which
would put them at an absolutely astronomical 2,500 or more grams of carbohydrates per
day and he said that they also go and scout these people based on who is gonna
get fat who has the big thick structure already so these are the real reasons
that they get fat not so much that they skip breakfast or they exercise or that
they eat too large meals that has virtually nothing to do with it and this
is the healthy lifestyle this is just insanity no matter what you eat to eat
20,000 calories to be so insulin resistant you have to sleep to eat high
carb low fat to drink lots of beer so we have to look at at the whole
picture we can’t just say oh well these people do this so that’s why they get
fat you can’t look at someone who wears the blue hat and is mean to dogs and say
oh if I wear a blue hat I’m gonna be mean to dogs doesn’t work like that you
have to look at the big picture you have to look at what is it that they’re doing
so poorly so crazy that it throws off everything else so based on this he drew
some conclusions and he said that because they do this and get fat it’s
better to eat several small meals rather than two large meals and again has
nothing to do with it what has to do with it is how much carbohydrate are you
eating and how much total food are you eating are you insulin resistant as a
result then he says they do eat too much carbohydrates amen he suggests that you
eat somewhere around a third of your calories from each fat protein and
carbohydrate and that’s certainly better than the official guidelines because
they recommend 60 to 70 percent from carbohydrate and low-fat however this
might work a third from each if you’re already healthy if you’re not insulin
resistant if you have a normal body weight if you stay physically active
if you eat whole food I think you might get away with that but if you have some
health compromised if your insulin resistant if your if you don’t exercise
every single day then this is gonna make you insulin resistant or keep you
instantly resistant then he says calories matter total calories matter
and that’s not really true it is the carb calories that matter because you
couldn’t really eat whole food without carbs you can’t eat enough meat and
vegetables and fats if you turn it into a contest I suppose you could stuff down
a lot of calories but you couldn’t keep it up because your body would just
eventually say hey you know I’ve had it I don’t want more food it’s the
carbohydrates that creates the storage that makes you able to keep eating that
amount of food then he concluded that fasting exercise leads to cortisol and
that really is consequence is reduced muscle and increased fat and it is true
that cortisol causes that but like we said above it really only happens if you
do high-intensity exercise or if you’re not fat adapted if you do aerobic
exercise meaning you keep it at a intensity low enough that you’re not
huffing and puffing now that exercise that fasting exercise does not result in
a lot of cortisol there’s going to be a smidgen with every amount of exercise
but it’s not going to trigger a lot of cortisol and now you get fat burning
it’s one of the best ways to burn fat is low intensity exercise while you are fat
adapted he says to keep the workout short and intense and totally agree with
that then he says to do it 45 to 60 minutes
that’s not short if you do high tensity exercise like and check out this
video right here on high intensity training you want to do a warm-up and
then the intense portion of that should be no more than five to ten minutes
because that gives you all of the hormonal benefits it gives you all of
the good hormones like human growth hormone and BDNF brain-derived
neurotrophic factor and it does give you a lot of cortisol on high intensity but
it’s of such short duration it doesn’t have much of a long-term impact the
cortisol half-life is very very fast whereas the growth hormone half-life is
very extended so that level stays up 24 48 72 hours even and he says sleep is
important no argument there so we can’t just look at what someone is doing and
saying oh because they do that it’s it’s gonna cause this if they do something
that’s absolutely insane that’s going to override anything else that they do so
yes intermittent fasting is not going to work if you eat 20,000 calories but it’s
not going to make it worse either however intermittent fasting will work
wonders if you are fat adapted and you keep your carbs low because now the
intermittent fasting helps further reduce your insulin resistance that’s
what it’s really all about you start off with low carb maybe even keto to reduce
insulin resistance and then you add intermittent fasting to it because any
period of time that you don’t eat helps your body get less insulin in the system
so it has nothing to do with intermittent fasting their weight gain
it has everything to do with the carbs and the insulin resistance that they
have so if you’re doing intermittent fasting do yourself a favor and do it
with a low carb or even keto diet because if your body is carb dependen
then you’re not going to be able to sustain these long fasts very well
you’ll be starving you’ll be hungry you’ll be cranky because your body says
give me some blood sugar because you’re not fat adapt it you can’t access those
fat stores very well your body will we’ll get to them
eventually if you fast long enough but you make it so much easier on yourself
if you get your body fat adapted because then you’re more balanced and level to
start with hope that this was helpful if you enjoyed this sort of content where
we learn how the body really works then make sure that you subscribe and hit
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content with as many people as you can because this is about health it’s not
about treating symptoms or losing weight it’s about living and thriving for as
long as possible thank you

20 thoughts on “Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting, Weight Gain & Sumo Wrestlers Reply Video

  1. great video as usual dr sten. agree with everything you just said. i am so pleased today. i am now officially (according to national health service uk) not in overweight zone. i am classified as healthy weight for my height age etc. i only got 11 lbs to get to my target weight. i have had around 10 people not recognize me, or if they do, the first thing they say is i am looking amazing and ask what i am doing. keto and IF is the best thing ever

  2. Learn more about Intermittent fasting and healthy eating:

  3. Thank you for helping and clearing the confusion. The video on sumos and IF was really concerning as this is the pattern I follow

  4. Great explanation Dr. Ekberg. What about some of the top action movie stars like the Rock that do a Carb cycling diet? It seems like they eat almost Keto during the week and then extremely high carbs and calories for a day on the weekend. Is this ever a good plan and is it plausible in a natural state or do you need some pharmaceutical assistance to show those types of results?

  5. Greetings from KSA.. Thank you so much for sharing wonderful researched based content and giving us awareness of what Fad is actually. We are destroying our health and environment through modern civilization which is not so important to live on this planet but we can survive better, healthier with less food with non-Genetically modified, organic, Seasonal & fresh Foods. Nature made everything for humans accurately and in enough quantity. we are the only human who distributes lands and resources with the intent of injustice, distributed in nations to create boundaries.
    In my understanding Religions are not big issues we are suffering now but only Capitalism, industrialism and human controlling factors are devasting for humanity.

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