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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yes brother! Hi, Dr. SEBI. I have a son who plays college football and if they if you were to stop eating protein that there’s that chance we might lose weight. So what’s your recommendation for athletes to perform better? It’s also maintain strength and size. My friend Mostel in Honduras used to be an athlete. I couldn’t be an athlete because I had asthma I never play sports he did and now he walked like this (demonstrates). So weight has nothing to do with strength. Strength doesn’t come from the muscles. It’s come from your brain. If the brain is able to produce enough electricity to supply those muscles you would pick up like the Russian did 635 pounds. 300 pound couldn’t do it. 325 couldn’t do it here comes a little skinny man and did this. How much did he weigh? A hundred and twenty-seven pounds. But he were receiving the maximum amount of electricity from his brain to his muscles. That is what gives you strength not muscles. Because you seen people with muscles walking like this (demonstrates). Right. They had a stroke, right? So the muscle isn’t receiving any electricity. Why can you just do this? You can’t because there’s no oxygen it is oxygen to your brain. Thank you, iron. Iron again. Maya and that Green Food Plus he will run till tomorrow. Yes.

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