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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys cassey here now one [of] the most requested body parts for this video [we’re] inner thighs so I had no choice, but to trim down your inner thighs for this week’s challenge. Which is [to] trains Drive-Bys. I hope you [liked] that song and I’m [gonna] kill kill kill your thighs, and you’re gonna. Love it alright Let’s get down [alright] get down onto the mat hands forward slowly roll [down] with control Now as far as positioning goes if you have any lower back problems You’re going to want to place your hands underneath your tailbone as we do these moves otherwise if you have a strong core Make sure you press your belly button into your spine Shoot those legs up straight into the air hands right by your sides if they’re not underneath you and you’re simply going to bring the legs out as wide as you can [and] Cross them over let’s do this. Let’s go Three two and one let’s go out in premise This is going to work your air [in] outer thighs [wide] keep this leg straight Lower and lift all the way down don’t cheat yourself come on out and in out and live whoa Your thighs are ready [so] good squeeze that core. Oh I love it Very good many circles here. We go tiny circles right there keep it nice and high draw two circles in the air Very good Reverse it come on going back [pat]. No, that’s a little bit weird, [right] you guys [keep] [electing] [cause] a turn [are] you got it right after the course right back into scissors highways and Out and lift yeah criss-Cross Just like that so good come on. Do you like you mean it whoa? How do your legs feel every time? Lower and lift crossing those ankles going all the way down very nice uh-oh You know what’s up? There’s off of mini circles Love it here. We go circle pointing the toes diagonal right here, whoa If your hip flexors are done go ahead and make those tiny little even tinier, okay, good rebirth [move] total fight it [bottom] [line] is You’ve got it great [whoa] and – is there one And bring it up here. We go out it is oh So good reach it you got this Fight it you? [are] stronger than you think? Come on trancing guys or what? Makes me let’s go. How did it reach? Oh? What if your hips are dying pleased to hear that are you the but that’ll save you with make? and Fight it. I know I’m [very] concerning me to lift Down and fill up such a fabulous job here this is the other challenges turn up that whole body in No Time [-] [favourite] song – [oh] and Up bring those knees in and all the way out. Oh How do your inner thighs feel? Let me know in the comments below whether or not you like that challenge in what song and body part? I should do next I can’t wait We’ll have a new charge for you up next week, and make sure to tweet me at Blogilates or Facebook meat And I want to see pics pics and video responses Alright. See you guys later. I love you so much bags you

100 thoughts on “Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge Workout

  1. Here, I don't feel like such a loser when I can't make it more than 2 minutes. That's half the workout. Go me! 😁

  2. omg i have only done this today and yesterday. my mom just said that my legs look thinner!! whatt
    also I think they look thinner, i wore these really skinny jeans today and my thighs looked slimmer than they usually do in those jeans🙈

  3. I used this video to help slim my legs down around senior prom season of 2013, and here I am, 23 now and trying to get into a healthy, fit lifestyle and incorporating this specific video into my gym routine. It’s so good, I keep coming back.

    Also, I’ve seen so many people comment about their abs and core burning. I will say, this was my first day in forever doing this and I felt so nauseous an hour after doing it because my abs were worked so hard. I’m so excited to see results, though!! ❤️❤️

  4. Cassey : I hope u enjoyed ur workout

    . Me : I get up and almost faceplant as I try to walk to the door

  5. I know my abs hurt a lot every time I do this video so I put my hands underneath my butt, so that I can focus all my energy on my legs rather than abs. Putting your hands underneath helps a lot!!!

  6. I'm doing this (and the what makes you bootiful challenge) for 13 days straight now and it's Awesomeemmem!!!If you have a hard time choosing a song(😅😅), could you do any BTS song please!?!?😍😍😍

  7. so I did this exercise 2 twice in my basement, tried to walk up the stairs but nearly fell backwards.. wow this killed :))

  8. Love this excercise. But i began to have knee problem. Anyone can please tell me what I am doing wrong? I really do like this excercise and wanna keep doing it.

  9. goin to try this:
    measurements: thighs 23.5 inches
    day one: couldn’t do the whole vid through lol had to stop three times 😂
    day two: went through the whole vid w out breaks and sm easier if you close ur eyes lol. my hip flexors we’re dying bc i finally found out how to do the workout right 😂
    day three: same as yesterday
    day four:hip flexors plus abs were absolutely dying

  10. For anyone wondering if this works; I've only been doing this for 3 days and I'm already seeing results. My thigh gap got bigger and this is toning my thighs very nicely

  11. Holy mess!!! Just found this workout. I didn't think it was going to be anything major. Soooo wrong!! The burn is for real! LOVE it!!

  12. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now, once a day, and I can definitely see a difference in my box gap . Like it's an inch bigger

  13. I never feel my inner thighs but I really feel the front of my thighs and my abs also hurt a bit. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. This is one of the main videos I used to get into shape for my prom five years ago, I've not been too kind to my body since then (or I've been overly kind depending on your view point) but I have made the decision to take better care of myself. I'm going on holiday with some of my best girlfriends to Disney World in a year and a half and I know I need to start now to feel comfortable then. I thought I'd start with this and do another workout right after cause I could do that when I was 17…. I'm going for a nap now and trying again tomorrow. Wish me luck on my road to healthiness! (These workouts are going to kill me but I'm going to love Cassey for the pain!)

  15. May 25th, 2019

    Im gonna try this every day
    Good luck to every one trying this 🙌🏻
    We can do it !!❤️

  16. WOW!!! I never knew lying on your back could be so much hard work:)I will do this workout everyday(hope;pray)for thin thighs like hers.Love U r so beautiful girl!

  17. well i couldnt do this all the way, im just getting into trying to get fit and am VERY out of shape. but this was way fun. i made it half way, had to have a break, and came back for 30 seconds towards the end haha. super fun! i cant wait to try it again and eventually complete the challenge!!

  18. Ive been doing this exercise for 3weeks(with healthy dinners, walking 2hours/day) ….and finally I can wear 26inch jeans….(my heights:168cm)…thankyousomuch…sorry for my grammer…after finishing this.. I cant think well….

  19. Is it better for me to keep my legs straight but have them a lot lower or bend them slightly but have them higher?? Im just not flexible enough for this :/

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