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94 thoughts on “Dwayne The Rock Johnson vs Terry Crews Workout Motivation

  1. La roca gana porque el que hizo el video lo hizo mal puso lo mas fácil que hace la roca y lo mas difícil que hace el tipo pero que ponga lo mas difícil que hace la Roca pa que tu vea como explota al morenito de Raputia

  2. The Rock is bigger but Terry might be more stronger or they both the same juys keep working on it 😁

  3. Couldn't work out with any of these dudes they would say something funny and you hurt yourself with the weights

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  5. The rock focus on every part of his body as you could see in the video but terry only focuses on his arms and chest

  6. Its like watching Rocky and Drago train. Terry is Rocky just seems the workouts a bit more manual raw not so many machines.

  7. Tom crew is weak compared to the rock because all he doing is lifting weights that just make u big rock doing push ups and shii that back your bone strong

  8. Parió metance más malditos hesteroydes parió por eso están pelones kiero verlos alzar un caballo como los k en verdad tenían fuerza en el pasado

  9. This not even fair yall know dam well terry cruse wins this easily, maybe do a terry cruse vs hershel walker video would be more fair comparison, terry dont even have to make a muscle and his muscles pops, i want terrys body nothing but cuts.

  10. It has been my dream to see these two in the movie together. I really wish they will make Terry Crews the antagonist and one of these Fast and the Furious films so he can have a fight scene with Hobbs and Toretto for that matter. But more so with the Rock's character Hobbs.

  11. I will take the Rock's approach over Crews. Train by yourself and keep the discipline and the motivation high….as opposed to having a bunch of screaming idiots surrounding me.

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