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ISO100 is unique because it’s made from hydrolyzed 100% whey protein isolate. Hydrolyzed means the protein fractions are broken down so that the protein can be more absorbable and easier to digest. ISO100 does not add supplements or amino acids to its protein powders. With each serving you’re getting only 25g of Hydrolyzed Isolate protein with no other hidden ingredients, amino acids or unnecessary fillers. And because ISO100 is fast absorbing, your body gets the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle quickly. For those committed to building a stronger, leaner physique, ISO100 can be a vital sports nutrition supplement. ISO100 Has been voted isolate of the year for 5 years in a row as well as the woman supplement of year in 2017. ISO100 is a delicious, smooth protein that mixes easily with water.  At only 110 calories, 1 gram of Sugar and 0 grams of Fat, you get only the high quality protein your body needs and none of the stuff it doesn’t. What’s better, ISO100 has NO artificial flavors, colors and is sweetened with stevia. ISO100, Perfecting athletic nutrition.

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