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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Thank You Tube it’s Luis and we’re back in the kitchen today we’re gonna make a mute that I like to eat on a daily basis easy to make quick and it’s a good protein meal this is a meal for people have little time in the morning always in a rush it’s a school musical to work it’s simple it’s fast it’s easy so let’s get started a few things and are important that our our source of protein main source of protein today is going to be eggs we’re going to make scrambled egg with some toppings on our source of carbs in the morning than to be ugly so this is easy this is easy it’s fast you just put some almond milk for the oats let’s get started so your five minutes maybe less I’ll prepare myself EMU scrambled egg it deals with all new notes with almond milk is a good source of carbs and have five range it’s good to start your day with it and yeah the scrambled eggs I have it some turkey breast breasts again we always talking about breasts on this cooking variant of the channel and added some cheese just some regular tea that you combine the stroke I have roughly 10 grams it’s just for the taste just to make things tastier and yeah it just gives you another link to the the new my news 5 egg whites and one boy why did I use the over I mean it has pots who else has good vitamins and it just gives me preventive I don’t think you like to eat raw meat egg whites because the face is just so you can see it’s not that tasty but with the mole egg is some toppings this is really delicious looking for so this is a meal that you can make in like five minutes roughly when you’re making your eggs the almond milks in microwave getting in a warm and canal on the oats so basically in a few minutes you’ve got a meal done you can eat it and you can go to your work I’m going to enjoy my meal right now the one-way dog will probably get some of it as well you can probably hear them walking around but yeah that’s part of the fun Angus so one way I’m going to enjoy my meal have a blessed day

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