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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And in this video lesson, I want to share with you a really great homemade weight
gainer shake recipe that you can include in your diet. Now, weight gain shakes are a really
good way to help you meet your total calorie needs for the day. If you’re calorie needs
are on the higher-end, and they also work well if you’re just looking for a convenient
way to get some good protein, carbs and fats into your diet without having to prepare,
you know, an entire whole food meal and go through the process of cooking and eating
and all that. So, this is just a really convenient way to get some high quality muscle building
nutrition into your diet. Now, a lot of people tend to go with the commercial weight gain
powders that you can buy, where everything is kind of just combined into a single powder.
The problem with that is that most commercial weight gain powders are really nothing more
than a very basic mix of whey protein with maltodextrin. Now, maltodextrin is really
nothing more than just a basic simple sugar. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s
consumed in moderation, and if it fits into your total macronutrient intake for the day.
But the problem is that if you’re getting, you know, 70, 80, 90, 100grams of carbs from
pure maltodextrin, you are going to be getting the carbs, but you’re going to be missing
out on a lot of the extra stuff that you want with it. You’re not going to be getting any
fiber, you’re not going to be getting very many — vitamins or minerals. And the commercial
weight gain powders also tend to be lower in healthy fat content as well. So, what I
recommend people do is to just supplement with regular whey protein on its own. And
then combined it with your own carbs and fats, and that where you’re going to get the fiber,
you’re going to get the micronutrients, the high quality protein, and you’re going to
get the healthy fats as well, and it’s going to taste better on top of that. So, there
are an endless number of different weight gain shakes that you could use. This is just
one that I really like myself. I’ve used this for many years. And any time I’m on a mass
gaining phase, I probably consume one or two of these per day. So, it’s going to be a very
basic combination. You’re going to start with whey protein. I’m of course using IsoM3 whey
protein from And I’ll link that in the description box below if
you want more information on that. This is a chocolate flavor. For this recipe, you can
really use any flavor that you want, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or whatever. I’m using
chocolate today though. The carbohydrates are going to come from oatmeal and a banana.
And the healthy fats are going to come from natural peanut butter. And I’m going to add
a little bit of cinnamon for flavor as well. So, the base of the shake is going to be 10ounces
of skim milk with a few ice cubes. If you don’t drink milk, you can also use Almond
milk or rice milk as well. Those are fine substitutes. And then you’re just going to
mix everything up and blend it together obviously. So, it’s a pretty easy way to go. It only
takes a couple minutes. So, we’ll start here with the banana. This is a pretty huge banana.
So, I may not use the entire thing or just save the other part. Then, you’re going to
throw the oatmeal in. One quick tip for oatmeal, you can use quick oats if you want, and that
will blend up fine. But if you’re going to use regular — regular oats, I recommend that
you pretty blend them in a regular blender first. That will turn it into kind of the
powder that’s going to mix up a lot better. If you just throw a regular oats in, you’ll
find that they tend to sink to the bottom and they get kind of chunky and it really
doesn’t taste very good. So, pre-blend them first. And turn it into kind of a powder where
we make sure that it mixes up easier. Oops, still in here. And we’re going to go with
a table spoon of natural peanut butter. You can also use Almond butter, that’s fine as
well or any other natural nut butter that you prefer. I would recommend staying away
from the commercial stuff though, and go with the natural kind. And you’re just going to
use one table spoon. Now, if you are on a higher calorie diet, obviously getting those
extra calories in isn’t as big of a deal. But you do want to make sure that you’re measuring
your peanut butter up accurately, because one table spoon of peanut butter is 100 calories.
And if you’re using a big huge glob like most people do, you’re going to be adding lot of
extra calories without even realizing it. Now, again, if you’re on a higher calorie
diet, it may not be as big of a deal. But if you’re on sort of a cleaner bulk or, you
know, you really want to nail your calories down, make sure you measure this accurately,
because if you use significantly more than an actual table spoon like most people, you’re
going to be sneaking in a lot of extra calories without realizing it. So, one tablespoon of
natural peanut butter, then we’re just going to put in like a pinch of cinnamon. You can
use as much as you want, but I just kind of estimate. And then of course, we’re going
to finish it off with two scoops of the protein powder. And that’s pretty much it. I just
going to blend it up. I prefer to use a hand blender. You can use a regular blender obviously.
So, that’s that, again, as you can see it only take a couple minutes to make. And it’s
a very easy way to get some high quality protein, carbs and fats into your diet. This shake
is going to give you about 800 calories, about 80grams of protein, 80grams of carbs and 20grams
of fat. And it tastes really good as well. And I’ve been using this particular shake
for probably three or four years. And I drink one or two of them every single day. So, give
that a try. Again, this recipe isn’t set in stone. There’s a lot of ways you can modify
it. If you want to increase the calorie content even further, you know, you can have more
protein powder, you can add in different kinds of fruit, strawberries, or blueberries work
well. If you want to increase the fat content, you can throw out some flaxseed oil or some
olive oil. You can even throw out some ice cream or some yogurt. You can kind of be creative
and see — see what you like. But this is a good starting point, give that a try if
you have higher calorie needs or if you want a convenient way to get your muscle building
nutrition in for the day. This is a really great way to go. So, I hope you found this
recipe here useful today. If you did enjoy the video, as always, please make sure to
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And I’ll talk to you again soon with more free bodybuilding tips.

45 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Weight Gainer Shake Recipe


    800 calories, 80g protein, 80g carbs, 20g fat…

    Easy Homemade Weight Gainer Shake Recipe

  2. Perfect recipe!!! I'll maybe use ''quaker'' and not oatmeal, cause here in Greece we can find quaker easier than just oatmeal. You know…just like the olive oil in USA and Canada, which is a rear and expensive oil and in Mediterranean is everywhere…I'd recommend Sean, to make videos in which you are working out the A,B,C workouts programs, just to make us fully understand the technique, rep speed, etc…

  3. Most peanut butter sold in grocery stores are bulked out with cheaper fats like palm oil, and other vegetable oils, loads of added sugar, preservatives and other unnecessary crap! Once you start eating natural peanut butter with nothing else added you start to realise how much better it tastes and it’s much healthier in the long run. Still high in calories but that’s a good thing if you’re making a bulking meal/shake.

  4. Great stuff Sean….bought your body building program years ago and have always valued the concise yet thorough information you provide!!! Brilliant effort, keep it up and thank you 🙂

  5. I also have a hand blender, I was watching your veggie video – could I mix those veggies with this kind of blender?
    Also, how do I know if peanut butter is natural? In the stores in my country I can only seem to find the commercial kind.

  6. I've never tried with a hand blender – only one way to find out.

    The peanut butter will clearly state on the label that it is "natural". And the only ingredients will be peanuts and salt.

  7. Sean if i supplement with Eliteimpact Multivitamin do i have to bother getting vitamins and minerals from food sources?

  8. I notice that there are a lot of sugars in milk and bananas. Is that bad? I bumped into your channel by accident and realized that I read your article about ectomorphs several years ago and it inspired me to lift weights.

  9. Hey sean can I drink a homemade gainer two times a day with atleast 2-3 solid clean meals? And wats the measurement for the oats? Thanks and I appreciate it…

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  11. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people do it so easily with Lean Body Maximizer (check it out on Google).

  12. In my opinion 80 grams of protein in a service is redundancy. Using 2 scoops of pure whey protein isolate is really absurd and expensive. The point of using gainers is to reach increased calorie intake. Thus, you've to take both carbohdyrates and proteins in a certain ratio but it is not 1:1. I wonder how you are using your gainer twice a day because it means 160 grams of protein which is really excessive for your body and especially for your kidney health. Just use 1 scoop of whey.

  13. bro , y dont u do a video on multi vitamins , how much dosage and how much dosage of fish oil/omega 3 and flax seed supplement .. plss .. thanxx

  14. Fantastic vid man. Subscribed without hesitation.
    I was wondering, I'm 16 years old. I'm going to follow this recipe and take it every morning, and workout every other day. After my workout I plan to take 2 scoops of whey protein powder. I was wondering, since that would entail on most days taking a total of 4 scoops of whey protein (2 in the morning with my weight gainer + 2 after workout), would that be too much protein? And could that have negative consequences. Thanks in advance.

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    If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible

  16. The man's a genius, obviously skilled in anatomy and many other things that allow an informed and tested method to either adopt or note.

  17. People say that the body can't absorb more than 25-30 grams of if that is true than he of the protien in this shake is kind of going to waist…is this true or just a old myth…thank Ali by the way helped me a lot with your videos

  18. Hello Sean. I am lactose intolerant. What do you recommend as a substiute for whey protein powder. I drink two of these shakes a day(very easy to get my calories in and I am putting on mass) and make up about 2/3 of my daily calories so this is important to me. I have tried egg protein powder but it its like 2.50 for a scoop. I have tried whey protein isolate also but it gives me gas/constipation. Thanks man

  19. hello sean. when is the best ideal time to consume this shake? and how many times do i have to take this shake in a day? lookin forward for your reply thank you.

  20. oh yea by the way sean, do i really need to drink whey protein everyday? and can i mix my bcaa in my weight gainer shake?

  21. Replacements i would use are almond butter if you can afford it and a dairy free protein powder. little maple syrup as the sweetner

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