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it’s time to break out your cozy
sweaters and your ugg boots because the season has definitely changed it’s a lot
colder here and I don’t know about you guys that I am ready for a warm fire and
hot cup of chicken and dumplings the keto version that is so let’s get
started what I love about this recipe is that it’s easy to make I have few items
I use out of convenience it still tastes homemade and delicious but without
having to slave away on the stove for hours one shortcut that I like to use is
a rotisserie chicken this is already precooked chicken that I picked up from
the supermarket I’m going to shred it up to get three cups of chicken for our
recipe and instead of making my own chicken broth today I’m going to be
using a bone broth by bare bones (sponsored) I love this stuff because it is made with
really clean ingredients it just has organic chicken broth onion carrot
garlic parsley thyme bay leaf and sea salt has some of the best ingredients
plus it’s thick like regular chicken broth plus it has all the benefits of a
regular bone broth with the collagen and gelatin inside also to make the chicken
soup of the chicken and dumplings recipe I’m going to be using the following
vegetables I have a leek this is one leek I love the flavor that leaks
provide of course celery provides a lots of flavor and fiber too and then I’m
going to be using an onion you can decrease the amount of carbs in your
soup by just using a half of m onion if you’d like and then I’m gonna add some
zucchini and this is totally optional these just remind me of a potato when
you cut them up and put them in a soup that’s why I like to add them and then
another option is carrots now carrots are higher in carbs but if you just add
a little bit it’s really not going to contribute that much to your carb count
and I like to add them for flavor and because of the color now the dumping part of this recipe is
actually pretty easy to make it has some ingredients that you probably already
have in your keto pantry including almond flour keto protein powder which
is just an unflavored whey protein powder
xanthan gum baking powder some hot water and salt we’re gonna roll these up into little
tiny dumplings and pop them on top of our soup and let it steam until they
cook up I hope you guys end up making this
chicken and dumplings recipe like I said this is a great recipe to make when the
weather is a little chilly outside and you want some comfort food and don’t
forget to check out the bare bones bone broth I love this stuff whenever I’m
using the chicken broth in a recipe it’s really super convenient and has tons of
flavor make sure you subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up
if you like chicken and dumplings see you next time


  1. Do you have a marshmallow recipe or know of a good recipe ( that actually tastes like marshmallow) for this holiday season

  2. 👋👋👋👋👋 that is a strong recipe my Italian grandmother used to put zucchini in her chicken soup .Then the next day or the day after she would add Parma cheese & eggs and fresh basil. Into the leftover soup and serve it with hard cresteds Italian bread. I can't wait to try these dumplings living in the South I missed a good bowl chicken and dumplings. What I made homemade chicken soup now I'm using radishes instead of potatoes. Ho Ho Ho Go Keto 👍🎅🤙

  3. Garlic, herbs, spices, salt. How do you make soup without these things? Even a rotisserie chicken and box broth need flavor. Even your dumpling recipe sounds a little white bread. Plus, these things are incredibly good for you.

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